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New Weaponry developed in the Steel Legions

The Steel Legions
15-06-2004, 22:03
Today the Leader of the Steel Legion Lord General Dresk, announced that they now have viral weaponry and the ability to launch these weapons from land, air, sea and orbital gun platforms. The U.N. is concerned at the development of such weapons. No details have been given about the exact nature of the viral bombs. Some nations have called for disarming of such weapons but the Steel Legions remains steadfast and refuses to get rid of such weapons. The only statement issued concerning these weapons was mady by Lord General Dresk himself, "These viral weapons are a potent and dangerous weapon. We have it to protect our nation, we would only resort to using it as a last resort after all other things have been tried. We will not disarm and there is nothing the UN can do about it." With that Lord General Dresk and his staff refused to speak anymore on the issue. These viral weapons are being manufactured at a undisclosed location. Along with these new weapons a new series of orbital shipyards were built and made operational today. The 73,000 man shipyards are a fully self reliant habitat where shipyard workers will live and work and rotate in and out in duty sections. These yard are defended by a armada of ships, groups of soldiers aboard the shipyard facilities and orbital gun stations. At the moment a large force of ships are being built up, and a new flag ship is almost complete, the main hull was being built at a smaller orbital shipyard but has been transferred to the new large facility. The Steel Legions at the moment are not open for trade or commerce with other nations at this time. These great warships are causing much strife in the UN, it has set them to wonder why the Steel Legions are suddenly amassing weapons of mass destruction. The Steel Legion minister of diplomatic relations could not be reached for a statement. More to come.