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Attemted terrorist plot foiled

29-05-2004, 04:41
[code:1:f0f45c4fb9]At Approximately 8:35(my time) a massive gun battle erupted in the middle of blehm city, after some police saw a massive Elerium Bomb. A group of 12 HTC dropped approximately 500 troops onto the ground, and in the firefight ensuing, 56 civilians, 23 Andmerican Marines, and 227 Terrorist were killed. We captured their two leaders however, and if anyone wants them, please TM us before 12:00 noon Tomarow(my time) at which time they will be shot publicly.[/code:1:f0f45c4fb9]
29-05-2004, 15:20
So nobody wants them? It is 7:20 right now.
29-05-2004, 15:42
29-05-2004, 16:17
A new firefight has erupted, I guess becuase they want to capture their leader. We have taken about four more prisoner, but they have begun killing civilians, and we may have to evacuate the area and start bombing. Additional help is requested.
-Major Katherine Grene
30-05-2004, 02:45
Prime Minister Sobieski denounces these terrorist attacks on Andmerica and hopes that they will be dealt accordingly. He also wishes to take the two captured leaders to interrogate them to see if there are any connections with the terrorist attacks occuring in FPC.