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United socialist states of bonilika welcomes you!

28-05-2004, 23:38
The Bonilika congress welcomes all communist states to come and join the Alliance of Stalinist states. We are a strong, stalinist region and currently growing very rapidly. I speak for every nation in our region when i say we welcome all communist and stalinist states to come join us!

We can always be found at, We hope you come join us!

Hail Stalin!
29-05-2004, 00:12
Stalin was a mass murderer and killed more people then Hitler. In fact he ruined russia's economy with his short term plains and destroyed communisms reputation. He was not a communist he was just plain evil.
Communist Louisiana
29-05-2004, 00:35
OCC: Even though I do agree with Yugolsavia, please do not Hijack other peoples threads. I got mad when someone did it for The International's and it makes the thread look bad.