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A shocking discovery!

28-05-2004, 17:55
2 Months ago, our great president Johnny Cash has announced a program to stop child pornography spreading over the internet. At first there was little succes but slowly more and more people got apprehanded for these nefarious crimes. Our new internet sniffing computer system carnivore has caught at this moment 2934 people red handed of the distribution of child porn around the world wide web.

But to track criminals in our own nation we had to track people in other nations too and what we found is truly shocking. A vast network was operating throughout the western world. In response, our president has ordered to arrest everyone who knew about it in our nation. But when the documents with orders where examined it was clear that also high ranked officials have something to do with it. They have all been arrested.

The most intriguing part of this all is that also people from other respected nations were aware of this and did nothing about it. Our many internet sniffers and our carnivore system have picked up much data which gives us enough incriminating evidence about several well-known and respected politicians in other nations. Not only that, we also have sniffed other computer sources and some of it goes straight to the top.

To protect our own interests we have decided not to tell who's who in this drama. We have already told you too much.
Thank you.