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OOC Profile: Oh My God, Terrorism!

Oh My God Terrorism
27-05-2004, 20:59
Important Note: This thread is entirely OOC, however finding out about the OMGT will require some contact with the OMGT, but don’t worry, they are blundering idiots so I can’t imagine it being too hard… however there is one condition… they will never be truly defeated… to be honest they will never truly to anything right but it will all be explained in a moment.



An OOC profile of “Oh My God Terrorism” – A Group of Dumb Terrorists.

Introduction: Welcome to my completely OOC guide to my new terrorist organisation, the OMGT, this organisation represents the remaining men few rebels from completely idiotic nations which have been destroyed as a result of their own stupid actions against others… an example of this may be when a nation takes on the world and gets pasted, or an alliance of nations who took on the United Nations and lost badly… basically for all those nations which started something stupid and got destroyed or deleted, another member of the “Oh My God Terrorists!” joined the cause.

These men and women are not professionals, they are not cunning and devious and they certainly are not the perfect example of terrorists… but there numbers are many and they never forget the actions done against their homeland because of their homelands stupid actions.

Background: Its always a good idea to start from the very beginning and this case is no exception. These poor bastards start life as normal every day citizens in small newly formed nations, they are true patriots who followed their nation to the end… however their nation did something completely and utterly stupid, it may have declared war against Automagfreek or tried to melt the polar ice caps. Whatever it did nations of the international community attacked their beloved nation to stop its stupid reign of idiocy.

These citizens are the loyal ones, those who agreed with their nations pointless actions, these are the guys and girls who listened to their nations leader and said “Yes, we want to destroy the UN!” but their nation was most unfairly attacked and annihilated by the international community, they only wanted to plot the worlds downfall and now they are part of some larger better nation and they are getting better pay and food.

They stood up against this new charity and stood by their fallen nation to become rebels, albeit the most idiotic and useless rebels in history, protected only by their own stupidity, no one believes that these fools can become terrorists… and they were right.

Motives: Like many terrorist organisations OMGT wishes to get vengeance on those who harmed their brethren, to get back at the world for its cruel justice and to highlight their cause. They don’t care if they have to lay down their lives to get back at those who would enslave their home nation and improve their standard of life.

Layout: Unfortunately the OMGT is never just one organisation, in fact they would be lucky if they can have two cells of “terrorists” working together… their organisation is poor and they have little concept of teamwork. Oh My God Terrorists are pretty much made up of citizens from the most n00bish nations around the world, annoyed at the harm done to their nation. They won’t be RPed in an n00bish way but they will inherently be stupid and thoughtless about a situation… if they succeed it will be by accident or with help from a reasonable organisation.

However, for what they don’t have in intelligence and guile they make up for in effort. There are rumours of an overall head figure who, unlike his underlings, isn’t an idiot and generally just uses them to cause chaos… however little information is known about this figure.

Support: Mostly the OMGT support themselves and get what little donations they can from the remnants of their nations sympathisers. However they are occasionally supported by real terrorists who use them as a cover for their own operations… it’s rare that a terrorist organisation has such a willing diversion and OMGT make for the perfect patsy.

However what many don’t take into account is the OMGT’s luck. They have it in abundance… otherwise they wouldn’t even get close to having equipment and cash. They never really achieve anything but they rarely get stopped either… they also have a tendency to accidentally ruin each others plots…

Final Note: That’s pretty much it for now, I look forward to RPing them and hopefully soon we’ll all be having fun with these idiots… I’ll generally ask for permission if something is serious but mostly this is a joke organisation of idiots for the amusement of myself and whoever I RP with, nothing like a light hearted joke at the n00bish terrorists we face every day right?
Free Outer Eugenia
27-05-2004, 21:04
Sounds like the FBI to me...
Oh My God Terrorism
28-05-2004, 15:27