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The Storefront of Renegade_Corporations [5/26/04]

26-05-2004, 22:02
Welcome Great nations, Welcome all little and large nations alike! At Renegade _Corporations, we enjoy producing products that everyone loves. We do not intentionally use the same pictures that other stores use , if you see and issue please telegram me, do not post it. This store also does not intentionally copy any others store's layout, if you see that I Accidentally copied your store's layout TG with your Url to your store. If I see enough evidence that my store looks similar to yours and you wish for me to change mine I will. But please give me a few days to think of a new layout and to apply it. If you badger me, then it will take me longer. (Don't TG me saying my store copies your layout, and your store is younger then mine. If this happenings then I will tell you to change your store's layout.) Thank you Please read the rest of the introduction, if you have further questions please don't hesitate to TG me.
Policy: All prices listed in United States of American/NationStates' dollars (USD; confusing phrasing, I admit). Using the Thrace-Tailteann budgetary calculator, a nation's purchasing power is assumed to be based on a standard rate of 5% of the national budget. Please do not order more than you can afford, unless we agree to spread out your payments over several NS years in accordance with a previously arranged payment schedule. Background checks will be made. Please do not order more than presented production levels unless you are willing to wait until the order is completed. This request goes for packages as well, for which I am very sorry, unless you are willing to accept barely used vessels (at a slightly reduced cost). I apologize in advance for this inconvenience.
[N.B. Listed tonnages are in long tons. Products may not entirely resemble the pictures. Some designs that have been copyrighted by other nations may be presented herein. Such misrepresentation is not intentional, and is merely intended to provide a guide for potential customers. Production capacity indicates capacity for export production. On certain vessels (i.e. BBG), domestic production capacity differs.
My copyrights: are for only for my versions of the vehciles, aircraft, and ships. Your variants must be different (Ex. Move 2 missile launchers to the front of the ship. Thus giving you more room for another helicopter or something.)
Picture Issue: If any nation wishes to use the same pictures of me, please telegram me.
Copyrights: All vessels, vehicles, systems, and other devices not manufactured by a RL or NS producer are assumed to have been registered and patented in by the Renegade _Corporations and/or its associated domestic suppliers [OOC: barring any forthcoming information] and fall under international legislation governing intellectual property. Production, reverse engineering, sale, and/or lease of the aforementioned vessels, vehicles, systems, and other devices not conforming to the express permission granted by a legally binding licence agreement between the licensee and the licensor (the RC) is an infringement of international law that shall be met with appropriate legal or other measures.
8 Real Hours=1 NS Day

Grand Opening Sale: 10% OFF
Orders over 20 billion : 5% OFF
Orders over 100 billion : 10% OFF

Renegade_Corporation: Production Line, Money MUST be Paid in USD
Main Battle Tanks
1)M1A1/M1A2 Abrams
2)Challenger 2
4)Leopard 2

Self Propelled Howitzers
1)Crusader 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer
2)Paladin 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer
3)AS90 Braveheart 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer

Field Howitzers
1)M777 155mm UltraLightWheight Field Howitzer

Rocket Artillery Systems
1)MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System
2)HIMARS High Mobility Artilerly Rocket System

Air Defence Missile Defense Systems
1)Patriot Missile Air Defense System
2)Bradley Linebacker Short Range Air Defense Vehicle
3)Thadd Theater High Altitude Area Defense Missle System
4)Avenger Low Level Air Defense System

Armored Fighting Vehicles
1)Bradley M2/M3 Tracked Armoured Vehicle
2)Stryker 8-Wheel Drive Armoured Combat Vehicle
3)BMP-3 Tracked Infantry Combat Vehicle
4)Dardo Hitfist Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Tank Destroyer
1)Centaruo Wheeled Tank Destroyer

Attack Helicopters
1)AH-64A/D Appache Attack Helicopter
2)AH-1W/AH-1Z Super Cobra Attack Helicopter
3)KA-50 Black Shark Attack Helicopter
4)Tiger Attack Helicopter

Reconnassiance/Attack Helicopters
1)RAH-66 Comanche Reconnassiance/Attack Helicopter
2)OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Reconnassiance/Attack Helicopter

Support Helicopters
1)CH-47D/MH-47E Chinook Heavy Lift Helicopter
2)S-70A Black Hawk Multi-Mission Helicopter
3)UH-1Y Huey Utility Helicopter

Fighters Airplanes
1)F-14 Tomcat
2)F-15E Strike Eagle
3)F-16 Fighting Falcon
4)F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
5)F/A-22 Raptor
6)F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Attack Aircraft
1)A-10 Thunderbolt II
2)MIG-21 2000
3)AC-130H/U Gunship

1)B-1B Lancer
2)B-2 Spirit
3)F-117A Night Hawk
4)B-52H Stratofortress
5)TU-70 BlackJack

Flying Tankers
1)KC-135 Startotanker

1)C-17 Globemaster III
2)C-130J Hercules
3)KC-135 Startotanker

Main Battle Tanks
M1A1/M1A2 Abrams (
Price= M1A1=4 Million USD
M1A2=4.3 Million USD

Challenger II/IIE (
Price= II=3.6 million USD
IIE=2.8 million

T-90S (
Price= T-90S=2.8 million USD

Leopard II (
Price= 2.6 million USD

Self Propelled Howitzers
Crusader (
Price=2.75million USD (includes both XM2001, XM2002)
XM2001 Self Propelled Howitzer= 2 million USD
XM2002 Resupply Vehicle= 750,000 USD (XM2001) (XM2002)

Paladin (
Price= 2.1 million USD

AS90 Braveheart (
Price=2 million USD

Field Howitzers
M777 (
Price=400,000 USD

Rocket Artillery
Price=2.35 million USD

Price=2.4 million USD

Air defense Systems
Patriot (
Price PAC-2= 1.1 million USD
(Upgrade, lvl 2) PAC-2GEM+= 1.8million USD
(Upgrade, lvl 3) PAC-3= 3 million USD

Bradley Linebacker (
Price= 2.9 million USD

Thadd Theatre (
Price=1.5 million USD

Avenger (
Price=800,000 USD

Armored Fighting Vehicles
Bradley M2A3/M3A3 (
Price= 1.8 million USD

Stryker (
Price=875,000 USD

BMP-3/M (
PriceBMP-3= 900,000 USD
BMP-3M=1 million USD

Dardo Hitfist (
Price=1.1 million USD

Tank Destroyer
Price= 1.5 million USD

Attack Helicopters
[url=]AH-64A/D Apache (
Price=14 million USD

AH-1W/AH-1Z (
PriceAH-1W=5 million USD
AH-1Z=5.2 million USD

KA-50 Black Shark (
Price=12.5 million USD

Tiger (
Price=9.5 million USD

Reconnassiance/Attack Helicopters
RAH-66 Comanche (
Price=15 million USD

OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (
Price= 8.5 million USD

Support Helicopters
CH-47D/MH-47E Chinook (
Price=13.5 million USD

S-70A Black Hawk (
Price=10 million USD

UH-1Y Huey (
Prcie=4.25 million USD

F-14 Tomcat (
Price=45 million USD

F-15E Strike Eagle (
Price=31 million USD

F-16 Fighting Falcon (
Price= 18 million

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (
Price= 48 million USD

F/A-22 Raptor (
Price=90 million

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (
Price= 75 million USD

Attack Aircraft
A-10 Thunderbolt II (
Price=10 million USD

MIG-21 2000 (
Price=12 million USD

B-1B Lancer (
Price=200 million USD

B-2 Spirit (
Price=1 billion USD

F-177A Night Hawk (
Price=45 million USD

B-52H Stratofortress (
Price=50 million USD

Tu-160 BlackJack (
Price200 million USD

Flying Tanker
KC-135 Startotanker (
Price=25 million USD

C-17 Globemaster III (
Price=75 million USD

C-130J Hercules (
Price=25 million USD

AN-225 Cossack (
Price=125 million USD (I know this is not a picture of a AN-225 Cossack
**************************************************************************************************** **********************
Comming Soon.........
1)YAL A1 ABL (Airborn Laser)
2)Unmanned Aircraft
3)Missles, Rockets, muitions, weapons.
4)Recovery Vehicles
5)Cargo Vehicles

Grand Opening Sale: 10%
Orders over 20 billion: 5%
Orders over 100 billion: 10%
The first 5 orders get: 10%OFF