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Occupation of Romakia

Soviet Bloc
26-05-2004, 05:44
OOC- Romakia officially bit the dust a week or so ago, not sure, and since we've always seemed to have conflict, here goes...

The premier sat back in his high-backed chair and glanced over his office... He truelly (sp?) felt at home here. But suddenly, his thoughts were shattered as the phone on the desk rang. 'No one usually calls... Unless its serious...' he thought to himself... He let it ring twice before he picked up the receiver...


"Premier, comrade, we have a situation in Romakia..."

The premier ducked his head a bit... "Now what?"

"The government... Just dissolved, mass rioting, the entire governing body is dead sir..."

"You mean the guy we put in power?"


"Shit... Take out the country, occupy it... We don't need a leaderless Romakia spawning generations of terrorists to kill our soldiers and friends in S. Romakia... "

"Very well. What units do you wa..."

"Just take over the damn country, I've had enough of them..."

"Alright. Dasvedanya..."

"Bye." The premier slammed the receiver down and rubbed his forehead... He had had enough of Romakia and the troubles they caused.


Through-out S. Romakia at ARSB bases, forces were quickly mobilized and aircraft lifted into the air...

CL-15s, C-71s, and An-225s lumbered through the air carrying four airborne assault divisions and two airborne armor divisions, all heading into Romakia...

At sea, the fifth and seventh expeditionary fleets patrolled the waters, their Adm. Vinogradov-class carriers sending dozens of F-57A Molniyas and DP-21s into the night sky. CL-19 airborne radar and early warning aircraft watched for enemy aircraft while CL-17s continually refueled the airborne aircraft. DP-02s flew high above, in the event any ground targets needed a good pounding, although that was doubtful, Romakia was in shambles from years of civil war and a half dozen different leaders, her military was underequipped and underpaid, half of the soldiers sat around getting wasted. Although there were a few who were die-hard Romakian loyalists and had attacked and killed numerous ARSB soldiers, killing nearly 400 so far in terrorist attacks and ambushes, they could easily be wiped out in massive coordinated strikes using the nation's special forces.

One Romakian army base was apparantly worthy of bombarding, but it was a loyalist stronghold and there were many SAM missile sites surrounding it. ARSB ROMCOMM (Romakian Command) didn't exactly want to risk the lives of its DP-02A pilots so it called in a few F-225As, which easily surpassed any Romakian active radar (many were shut down or so dilapidated they couldn't work). Within target range, the eight F-225As each launched two ASMIR satellite-guided munitions which slammed into the sixteen known SAM stations... After that, four DP-21G ground attack fighters launched their twenty four reconfigured CFAR XRAAMs (modified for hitting ground targets) at a range of nearly 120 miles, well within their limits. The 24 missiles slammed into their targets through-out the base, taking out two hangars, the runway, a command building, six barracks, the control tower, and a row of AA weaponry and tanks.

Over the country, the transports began depositing their paratroops across the country. With one of the airborne infantry divisions landing near the capital of Romakia city. The rest of the divisions were scattered through out the country, mainly on the opposite side then where the S. Romakia-Romakia border sat. The 25,600 men dropped and their 1200 assorted vehicles (from MMPWV-03s to T-05A Next Generation Air-drop capable Light tanks) were scattered through out the country and quickly took over the northern half of the country, with the one infantry division securing the capital.

Over on the west side, where their coastline sat, along with two of their major industrial cities, the two expeditionary fleets prepared their marine forces. Quickly and without warning, 4600 marines and 600 vehicles (MMPWVs, SIV-21s, FCT-17s, and ST-11s) along with 140 helicopters (HVC-03s, SAH-17s, SAH-04s) stormed ashore near the towns of Bemidji and Streeter, quickly capturing an area extending nearly 100 miles inland...

What was left was the southern and eastern portions of Romakia... The eastern portions were occupied by Crownguard but not the souther portion, bordering with S. Romakia (An ARSB territory). This area soon came under ARSB jurisdiction as 40,000 soldiers poured into the country supported by 3000 vehicles (MMPWVs, SIV-11s, SIV-21s, ST-11s, T-05Cs, T-08s, FCT-17s) and 600 aircraft (F-57A Molniyas, DP-02As, DP-21A, DP-21G), as well as 700 helicopters (HVC-03, SAH-17, SAH-04, Mi-24).

Within two days, the country was under ARSB rule... At this time, ARSB OMON intelligence operatives and SpetsNaz operatives began pouring into the country, finding and securing any Romakian loyalist. All loyalists were then brought back to the ARSB and put under trial for crimes ranging from conspiracy to commit murder to domestic terrorism. Some were executed, some were released, and most were imprisoned, but Romakia was now safe and experiencing life as a territory of the ARSB, benefiting from its well-off economy, its vast civil rights, and the stable leadership under the Premier. ARSB bases were set up across Romakia to keep the peace and there were a few small attacks, but the perpetrators were found and imprisoned.

Through-out the entire conflict, the ARSB lost 563 soldiers, 94 MMPWVs, 27 SIV-11s, 31 SIV-21s, 9 T-05s, 2 ST-11s, 4 T-08s, 5 Mi-24, 2 SAH-04, and a single CL-15 transport that was hit with sixteen rocket propelled grenades as it flew low over a drop zone to drop off supplies.
Soviet Bloc
26-05-2004, 08:46
After concluding talks with Crownguard, the ARSB has agreed to transfer some of the Romakian land to Crownguard. Roughly 30% of the country will then be under Crownguard's jurisdiction. The area spans from the far north borders of the country, roughly straight down (following the Sheyenne River) to where it meets the S. Romakia-Romakia border, and then following that border east. Everything to the east of the Sheyenne River is effectively their's. Within their new territory lies three major cities, Minnewaukan, Lisbon, and Enderlin also being a major industrial center.

The Armed Republic of Soviet Bloc knows that the territory will be in good hands after its change of hands to Crownguard.
26-05-2004, 08:48
I support your actions and propose an alliance to achieve world domination.
Soviet Bloc
26-05-2004, 08:57
OOC- Uhh... Okay then...

The ARSB would not mind beginning relations with Canales, but an alliance is a bit too far ahead. However, we will readily begin diplomatic relations with Canales that may, eventually, reach ally status...
26-05-2004, 09:01
OOC- Uhh... Okay then...

The ARSB would not mind beginning relations with Canales, but an alliance is a bit too far ahead. However, we will readily begin diplomatic relations with Canales that may, eventually, reach ally status...
The Emperor approves relations but does not believe in world domination.
The official who made that offer has been reprimanded and removed from his post.