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The Farbini Alliance

26-05-2004, 02:42
The Farbini Alliance has been around since feb. '04, however, all nations have ether left the game or just stopped taking part in the alliance, so I guess I'm the last one, and I just joinned it a week ago. So I am asking of any nations who wish to be part of an alliance, post here or Telegram me.

I would like to explain everything about the alliance, however, I just got done typing it and such on the Alliance forums, so go to here and check it out, it has everything needed!

We will also have a Region too soon, we are looking for good active members, I am online at least once a day, and I am the 'leading nation' I guess since everyones gone. Also, the Farbini Alliance is friendly, and allows a lot, also, we ask for non-agressive nations join, for security purposes of other nations, Noobs and Vets alike are free to join today!

We currently looking for these possitions of council:
Minister of War
Minister of Trade and Revenue
Minister of Innovations
Minister of Survailance
Co-Lead Director

More possitions will open as they are needed by more people joinning!

28-05-2004, 02:15

The region is now up, still being held by Driggerville but he will soon leave and I'll go in.

The site is mentioned at the information of the region.

Region Name: