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Terrisan conquers nearby nation!

26-05-2004, 02:39
*June 3rd, 1940*

First Lord Kelvin McNash stood before the assembled cardinals of Terrisan. He had spent hours trying to come up with a long and inspirational speech, but to little avail. Finally, with the meeting so close, he decided to go for a simple, and short address to his own nation, and the small nation of three hundred thousand that would soon become a part of Terrisan.

"Today is a great day, for ourselves, for the lord, and for the people of Heridan. For today, we shall bring God's glory to them, and the sinners shall perish in the flames of war and the fury of the Lord as they have condemned themselves to. And the blood of the dead shall cleanse the souls of the living, and they shall the see light that we bathe ourselves in. Today, Heridan shall fall to us!" McNash's voice had been raising throughout the short address, ending with a resounding cry as the cardinals cheered. The message was transmitted across Terrisan and Heridan on every radio station as the Terrisanian fleet crossed into Heridan waters and engaged the Heridan fleet.

A trio of MACs (Merchant Aircraft Carriers), bulk freighters converted to carry aircraft, launched squadrons of TPF-1 Angels as they soared through the sky and engaged the older, less advanced fighter forces of Heridan.

The cruiser Left hand of the Lord opened up with its guns on the chosen landing zone. The six destroyers followed suit, having sunk Heridan's two armed merchant ships and driven off the small patrol boats without difficulty.

Landing craft carrying infantry stormed the lightly defended shores, even as a hundred Angel fighters soared overhead. Soon, the infantry had taken the nearby port, and freighters unloaded tanks and other armoured vehicles. The Terrisan advance was going well, the sudden strike, and continuing bombardment had driven back the tiny Heridan army, and its entire air force and navy was long gone. Angels carried out light bombing runs on Heridan camps and the capital city.

By the end of the day, Heridan President James Keran offered the unconditional surrender of Heridan.

A new age of expansion for Terrisan had begun, even as fifty thousand more conscripts were being trained, and more ships were being built, while factories were established to pump out more fighters, tanks, artillery pieces, and other weapons.