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Hendrik Rhodes slams FWS army conduct, speech to parliament

25-05-2004, 22:42

Hendrik Rhodes: “Countrymen, today I must tell you something. For the first time in my life, I must say I am ashamed to call myself a Fascian. Fascia has always had a proud history and we have always been a fair and just people. Our anti-slavery stance was well known, we had attended conferences on the matter in the past. But the recent disgraceful and disgusting conduct of the Fascian Armed Forces serving in recent conflicts has brought to light a burning issue. Where exactly do we stand on the matter? Until now, I thought that Fascians opposed slavery, as do I. However recent events might lead one not educated with the history of Fascia to come to the conclusion that all Fascians are supporters of the vile institution of slavery. Fascia prides itself on being a nation where all Fascians are treated fairly and justly. Our forefathers were the first people on this continent to do away with slavery, one of the lingering mistakes of their ancestors, it is only a shame that the institution of slavery did not die sooner.

However, it must be known that only a miniscule amount of Fascians were involved in the recent problems and atrocities in the foreign conflicts. There are many who will denounce some or even all of the recent conflicts as little better than “Slave raids”. I would have to disagree but I will not defend the conduct of the soldiers who fought in those conflicts. I will not defend them because their conduct was of such a nature that it might take years for the Fascian people to clean the tarnish that now stains Fascian national honor and prestige.

However things must be seen from the soldiers’ perspective. In Fascia terrorists blew up a 47 story financial center and killed over 1,000 civilians. Thank God most of the employees were out to lunch at the time of the blast. In Fascia terrorists released small pox and caused of 10,000 to get sick. Thank God that we have such great medical care. In Fascia, terrorists released Ebola. Thank God their dispersion method was very poor. As a result of those attacks, Fascia sent soldiers to Afghanistan. These soldiers were supposed to root out terrorism; they were not supposed to become that which they were intended to destroy. For one does not win against terrorists, by becoming a terrorist.

However the conduct of the soldiers in Afghanistan must be taken in light of the fact that a tactical nuclear device was dropped into the midst of one brigade, the result was that 2,500 soldiers were killed and countless more severely injured. The result was that Fascian soldiers became enraged at the death of their comrades. But their rage was misdirected and atrocities occurred. While these atrocities are inexcusable and despicable, I think it would be improper for outsiders to criticize our nation before they know all the facts. The soldiers who carried out the atrocities were by no means acting on orders of a higher authority. They had taken it upon themselves to extract vengeance against an Afghani based terror group. However, the way they went about this was entirely wrong, they attacked and in many cases murdered innocent Afghanis.

There were other conflicts to that were largely unapproved. When the army was ordered out of Afghanistan, they were supposed to return to Fascia… However somehow, they wound up in Pakistan. Sadly, yet more atrocities were committed in Pakistan. Then when the High Command told to get out of Pakistan or else, they wound up in Indonesia… The recent conduct by the Commander of what was designated ARMY GROUP AFGHANISTAN, is inexcusable and criminal. I am therefore ordering the High Command that the General of Army Group Afghanistan be tried for high treason, disobeying numerous direct orders, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against peace. Furthermore, many other officers in the command structure of Army Group Afghanistan are currently being investigated. A Military Tribunal has already been formed, and those responsible will be charged. And I must say, that those who are convicted will deeply regret that they disobeyed Fascian orders, and that they harmed innocent civilians.

Furthermore, I declare that until such time as I deem fit, all Fascian military units who recently served in foreign conflicts are hereby confined to their bases and are denied all pay, benefits, and any privileges their rank would normally bring them. They are not to take part in any operations, be it a training exercise or even cleaning a latrine. I can assure you members of Parliament, that this is not the last you’ll hear of this case, of that you can be assured. There will be hell to pay for those convicted.

Finally, I desire to see that reparations are given to those who were affected by the atrocities. Already, the vast majority of the people who were forcefully removed from their homelands by numerous rogue army units have been returned. I am pleased to announce that all the people are expected to be safely back in their homelands within a few days. Those who were affected will at least be provided with monetary compensation."
25-05-2004, 22:45
I realize that small pox has no cure... But there is a vaccine and it will greatly lessen the affects of the virus. Also, prompt medical care helps greatly.

We give the small pox vaccine to all of our citizens free of charge. Because

1) Our scientists are constantly experimenting with small pox.
2) We have very large supplies of small pox in various locations in FWS.
3) There is a large risk posed by terrorism. They have used small pox in the past, they may use it again.
25-05-2004, 23:49
26-05-2004, 00:21
In an office in the Central HQ of the Secret Police in Rhodes City.

General Walter Kruger I is sitting at his desk in an office on a floor between the sub-basement levels and the 1st floor. The phone on his desk rings. It is the private line.

General Kruger: "Hello."

Hendrik Rhodes: "General Kruger, I want to know what happened with the army."

Kruger: "Hendrik, I tell you, I just don't know. I wasn't the one commanding them. Sure I was overall leader of the army in Indonesia, but I never left Fascia during their entire operation."

Rhodes: "What about the officers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Where the crimes were committed... What do you know about them?"

Kruger: "Remember when the terrorists hit Task Force Hindu Kush with a nuclear tipped shell, they killed 2,500... Well the leader of the task force was quite possibly one of the key officers involved in orchestrating the mass hangings."

Rhodes: "Yes, well what about the slavery. I want those responsible dealt with."

Kruger: "Yes I agree. I don't know much about the slavery issues yet, we are learning more each hour though."

Rhodes: "Also, there are some accusations that your Intelligence Operatives in the TK and other Secret Police organizations are using methods of interrogation that are... How shall I put this, unethical."

Kruger: "Totally false sir, we are only use methods well within the confines of the Geneva Convention and other international law."

Rhodes: "Well yes I suppose so. Well whatever methods your using, I don't want to know what they are, if they're against international law either stop using them or make sure you keep it damn well secret."

Kruger: "Yes sir. Is that all?"

Rhodes: "Yes a few more things. Has Johann been stopping by the HQ lately?"

Kruger: "A few times a week."

Rhodes: "Well remind him not to do anything that might get himself in trouble. We have enough international problems right now. We don't need more trouble."

Kruger: "Is that all sir?"

Rhodes: "No... I want you to personally see to it that all the key officers involved in the atrocities in the recent conflicts are found."

Kruger: "I'll get right on it sir. Also, don't forget sir, as Emperor of the Teutonic Knights you will be present at the ceremony tonight correct?"

Rhodes: "Ah yes of course, I'd almost forgotten. It is that time of the year again. How many are we inducting into the TK tonight?"

Kruger: "Almost 10,000 sir. All of the lads are top in their youth militias and other youth organizations. They'll join the TK tonight and then later on they'll be Grenadier Guards or Intelligence Operatives."

Rhodes: "Okay Kruger, take care. See you in the woods of Central Province later tonight."
26-05-2004, 01:51
FWS Intelligence Services have detained 200 FWS officers who were involved in the Indonesian and Pakistan conflict. Many who were involved in the Afghanistan were killed by the tactical nuclear device the terrorists fired at their unit.

The General who was in charge of Army Group Afghanistan was caught by border guards as he tried to flee into Zambia. He has been turned over to the Teutonic Knights Intelligence Services. Apparently, he was a secret member of the Communist Militants Party, an ultra-radical left wing group in FWS that makes the FWS Communist Worker's party look moderate by comparison.

It appears that the general thought if he was able to turn world opinion against FWS, the left might benefit from it.

However, "following orders" is no excuse for the officers who carried out his orders... They could have gone over his head and contacted High Command. Trials are set to begin soon.
26-05-2004, 02:19
All detainees are now safely and happily back in their lands. They are all being compensated by FWS for their having been detained.
26-05-2004, 03:38
Fuhrer landw
26-05-2004, 04:00
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