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Viral Outbreak in Kiwilander (RP closed)

Lex Terrae
25-05-2004, 22:00
To: The Alliance of Independent States
From: Crassius Magnus, Lex Terrae Minister of War

As of 0900 this morning, the nation of Kiwilander has ceased to exist. A viral outbreak of unknown origin has desimated the population. It seems to be a hemoragic fever virus of the Ebola type. From what we have gathered through various sources, the incubation period is approximately 5 to 8 days in length, unlike ebola in which the incubation period is at least 21 days. It is highly contageous and thought to be airborne as well as spread through contact with bodily fluids. People are contageous from the point of infection to well after death. We know very little at this point except Kiwilander is in complete chaos and the people are getting sick and dying in droves. Latest estimate puts the population at 65% infected. There has been 100% mortality rate among those infected.
The Kiwilander situation is completely unacceptable as is. Though we do not know the identity or source of the contagion, we do know it is highly communicable and extremely fatal. So much so that the nation of Kiwilander has completely ground to a halt, with no government or leadership in charge, no public utilities or services. First responders and health care providers were the worst hit since the nature of their professions put them in greatest contact with the unknown virus. Needless to say, we cannot allow this virus to spread. Quarantine of that nation will not be enough. We cannot risk even the slightest contact with those infected. I propose strikes on all major population centers (cities) and all refugee and relief locations that have sprung up outside the cities in the country side. The virus is racing through the population and it is only a matter of time that the sick will make a push into our lands to escape. Instead of mowing them down with machine guns at the borders, we mercifily put them out of their misery and suffering in large, devastating explosions. I suggest thermobaric bombs for the refugee and relief camps and carpet bombing with high explosive and incendiary bombs for the cities. I would suggest low yield nukes as a last resort.
Since the territory of Kiwilander is only 90 miles from the shores of Lex Terrae, this nation has already instituted step to protect from infection. Citizens of Kiwilander are leaving by the thousands in ships and boats. Most are infected. They should come into contact with the Lex Terrae Naval blockade within an hour. Every ship or boat that does not turn around and head back to Kiwilander will be destroyed. No survivors will be taken on board for fear of infection. The Lex Terrae Air Force is preparing for massive air strike. We prefer not to go at this alone. But we will do so. We do not like slaughtering people who need help but there is no help to be given them. In order to prevent what happened in Kiwilander, Lex Terrae must take this action. May God have mercy on them and may God forgive us.
25-05-2004, 23:05
25-05-2004, 23:05
25-05-2004, 23:06
From: The MMI Department of Defense and MMI Department of Health and Human Services

This is a sad day for the Alliance of Independent States. We are in the process of losing a beloved nation under horrible circumstances. For all of our technology, MMI does not currently have a vaccine for this Ebola variant. We are in the process of transporting a specialist team into Martinutopia. We are hearing that there may be reports of refugees slipping into their border but this is unverified at the moment. Our specialist team needs at least one infected individual (alive preferable, dead if necessary) so that we may be able to sequence the viral genome and construct a vaccine. The problem, however, is that Marinutopia has very little to no military resources required to prevent refugees from entering their country. We fear this could be a rapidly degenerating situation and it must be contained at all costs. Unfortunately, we must support Lex Terrae's initiatives for containment.
Teh ninjas
25-05-2004, 23:52
The Democratic Republic of Teh Ninja's wishes to release this world broadcast:

"As many of you know as of 0900 today, the fellow AIS nation of Kiwilander drove into chaos. A Ebola strain virus outbreak, whether an attack or accident we do not know, has effectively killed nearly 65% of the nations population. Our doctors who've read the reports cannot seem to develope out a vaccine, or some sort of cure. The virus continues to spread to the population, and will go on to neighboring AIS nation if we do nothing. Due to this we are calling up our air force, and 3 Divisions of Ground Units to secure borders. The nation of Lex Terrae seems to have the waters effectively secure, but we will also put our navy on stand by. We also ask the nation of Lex Terrae permission to launch strikes from air bases inside their nation. We are greatly sadden to take to such extreme measures, but if this is needed to perserve the AIS, and protect our fellow nations then so be it. "

To AIS Nations:

"We are currently preparing to send the following units to Marinutopia if accpeted:

The 1st Para Division
15,000 XM-8,Carl Gustav
1,000HMWWV(250 Stingers, 300, 450 .50 M2)
200 RNI-Buford Light Tanks

The 1st Marine
15,000 OICW,LAW
100 AAVP7A1 Amphibious Assualt Vehicales
200 RNI-A27 AFV 105mm /w extra armor, rough water kit
170 RNI-A27(104APC;17ACV;12RRV;7MDV;15ARV;15AOC)
100 Dodge 215 Medevac
100 M1A2 MBT
200 RNI-Buford Light Tanks
100 M3 Bradleys
50 T-90 MBT
1,000 HMMWV(250 Stingers;250TOW;450 .50 M2)

1st Armored Division
18,000 XM-8,Carl Gustav
210 M3 Bradleys
180 BMP-3
270 Crusader Self Propelled Artillery
120 Type 99 Artillery
210 Type 90 MBT
60 Challenger 2 MBT
30 T-90 MBT
100 M1A1 MBT
100 M1A2 MBT
2,000 HMMWV(250Stingers; 300 TOW; 450 M2 .50)
100 M6 Bradley AA
100 Raytheon Hawk Mom-23
50 Patriot Missiles
200 Type 90 MBT
150 Tiger Light Tanks
100 Buford Light Tanks

These forces will help secure the borders.

The following will be sent to Lex Terrae once he have acceptance to use AirFields:
20 Gripen Fighters
20 Worthhogs
20 B-52 Bombers
20 F-16 C/D
30 SU-34
20 MIG-33
40 F/A-18
40 AH-64 Apaches

These aircraft will conduct the bomber raids. More will be sent if needed be.
Again we are deeply disturbed by this action we must take.
26-05-2004, 00:15
MMI commends Lex Terrae and Teh ninjas for their rapid mobilization.

Our biohazard specialist team has successfully landed in the country of Martinutopia and are being transported to its expansive western border. Our team's initial accessment indicate that Martinutopia is woefully prepared for this emergency. Indeed, it's government does not appear to be taking the situation seriously. Sources within their military have told our specialists that the countrie's expansive western border is loosely guarded. What is more worrying is that our source was unaware of any orders to fortify this front. We are deeply worried that an outbreak might occur through this region, as well as sounthern Kiwilander regions.
Josh Dollins
26-05-2004, 03:22
we have taken measures to protect our citizens from this disease/outbreak and we will do what is absolutely needed of us to deal with this issue let us know and we will consider and then decide what to send but in the mean time we are on the defense of our nation from this threat.

We are saddened by this loss and suffering of life that has taken place.

-JD leader of USJD
Lex Terrae
26-05-2004, 14:51
To: The Alliance of Independent States
From: Crassius Magnus, Lex Terrae Minister of War

At 2130 hours a 6000 ton Kiwilander freighter was the first vessel to breach the quarantine zone in the waters 40 miles of the shore of Kiwilander. The vessel did not turn back when requested. Surveillence from the air revealed the ship was packed with people on the decks. The captain of the ship kept asking for safe passage to Lex Terrae. "The sick need your help," said the captain. Captain Cicero Agustus, of the Lex Terrae Navy cruiser Ardent contacted Lex Terrae Military High Command with the information and request permission to fire. We granted permission. At 2204 hours the cruiser Ardent launched one Harpoon anti-ship missile at the Kiwilander freighter. 45 seconds later the missile struck the freighter amidships, breaking her in two. The vessel sunk minutes later. Several lifeboats were observed in the area the ship went down. Helocopter gunships were dispatched to mop up the area. Unfortunately, the other Kiwilander vessels have not heeded the warning and have begun crossing into the quaranteen zone. Several of the ships are Kiwilander Navy warships. The Lex Terrae Navy Destroyer Warspite was severely damaged when a Kiwilander cruise missile struck her port bow. The LTN Frigate Gladius was sunk with the loss of 58 crewman. Various elements of the Kiwilander Air Force are patrolling Kiwilander airspace. However, the first wave of refugee ships have been sunk. Approximately 24 large vessels and 31 small craft. But a larger second wave is about to depart from various Kiwilander port and harbor cities along the cost. Intelligence indicates this second wave of refugees makes the D-Day Invasion Fleet pale in comparison. The problem is the small craft (as small as a row boat with an outboard engine) are exetremely difficult to detect. It is only a matter of time that one, two or several will slip through the blockade and land on Lex Terrae shores. As a precaution, we have evacuated the southern costal region of Lex Terrae to a depth of 30 miles. But we are not willing to let it come to that. That is why we request of the Alliance to give its blessing for nuclear weapons release. The plan is to hit the port and harbor cities where the majority of refugee ships are massed before they set sail. We need to do this. They are taking to ships, boats, yachts, tugboats, rowboats - anything that floats. And they will soon overwhelm us. The Air Force is stretched thin as well - everything in Kiwilander that can fly is being used to evacuate. We've shot down everything from jumbo jets to hanggliders. It is only a matter of time before the infection spreads here if the tide of refugees is not stemmed. We need help immediately.
26-05-2004, 18:01
It is true that we are not adequately prepared to handle such a large scale outbreak here in Martinutopia. Our police forces and military forces have been asked to seal our borders but we do not currently have enough man power. Our military budget is actually quite sizable since our economy is strong but our nation's leader has yet to actually sign the approved budget to allow us to upgrade and expand our military. We will glady accept any assistance from fellow AIS members in effort to contain this outbreak and prevent its spread into our country.

From what I understand our leader has just not taken the time to read how to buy military forces and has chosen instead just to role play to a limited degree and to answer questions from the staff, congress and senate regarding changes in our government policies. Perhaps someday that will change, but for now I must hope that our existing police and military can stop this threat with assistance from our fellow AIS members.
26-05-2004, 21:37
The MMI biospecialist team has made it to the remote western portions of Martinutopia. It appears that the Martinutopia government has scrambled some forces to the border but they are still woefully deficient to stop all crossings. So far, our specialist team has not identified any outbreak among the people living near the borderlands but they have not surveyed the area completely since it is so large and we only have a limited amount of manpower there. The team is hearing of multiple, unsubstantiated rumors of disease outbreaks in the warlord dominated lands in the southeastern borderlands of Martinutopia. It appears that the citizens of Martinutopia are scared to death as they try to flee the area or lock themselves in their homes. Our team will continue to monitor the region. However, they need to get an infected individual (dead or alive) to find a vaccine. We need advise on where to obtain one. We are not sure of the current military activities ongoing in Kiwilander near the Martinutopia border.

Also, due to the emergency, the MMI DoD are flying one light infantry division into Martinutopia to support their activities as requested.

Also, do we have to employ nuclear strikes? Can this be done with weapons that do not create huge fallout? The region will be significantly affected and I'm sure fallout might even blow into your own country affecting wildlife, food sources, and cancer rates.
27-05-2004, 05:08
The MMI biospecialist team reports terrible news to us. It appears that citizens fleeing south out of Kiwilander have spread the disease far south and southeast of the country. We do not yet know how far this is spread but this is getting bad.

The MMI infantry division has landed and is being deployed throughout Martinutopia to secure the borders. Everything will be destroyed within miles of the entire borderlands.
27-05-2004, 19:10
Our military is deployed throughout the Martinutopia borderlands and have "dispatch" several groups of unidentified citizens entering the country. Our units also had to dispatch several "questionable" Martinutopia citizens that appeared "sick". We regret the loss of life. Our biospecialist team has collected several samples from corpses but do not yet know if these were infected. We have not yet found an alive infected individual and cannot pass through the border since it is not safe. We will just await any possible discovery of a confirmed infected individual for sample collection.

In other news, we are afraid that this situation is still out of hand and getting alot worse. Reports are trickling through Martinutopia communications that the virus has spread well south and southeast of Kiwilander. In fact, it appears that much of the southern lands south of Martinutopia are infected. EVEN WORSE, WE ARE GETTING UNCONFIRMED REPORTS OF INFECTIONS AS FAR EAST AS THE REPUBLIC OF BARKO. This is a terrible situation. We call on more of the AIS to help in this matter as we are all at risk of this lethal viral outbreak.
Teh ninjas
27-05-2004, 20:53
OCC:Might as well RP A little.

The calm sky was disturbed by the thundering sound of 10 F/A-18 figheter bombers. They flew in the standard V formation.
Maj:"HQ this is X-Ray Whiskey we have secured our sector over the ocean, request permission to launch land sector search."
HQ:"Roger, you have confirmation to search. Report any contacts out"
The F-18's drew left, and steadied out. They continued heading straight for sometime.
LT:"Leader, we have contact 300 miles east. Some sort of activity, can't tell if hostile."
Maj:"Roger, let's check it out."
The Fighter group veered left, they hit afterburners until they could see some activity in the distance.
Maj:"Group, this is leader, we're gonna try a low fly by. Reduce speed."
The F-18's slow their speed, and head straight toward the movement. What they saw horrified them. The most notable was a large pile of infected bodies lying on the side of a major road. Also noticable was a small port city, a meduim size vessel being boarded, and a convoy of SUV's, and trucks forming up.
Maj:"HQ, this is leader X-Ray Whiskey. We have contact with a small port city. Non-hostile, but they look obviously infected. We have a convoy of civilian cars, and a meduim size vessel being boarded. We await orders."
HQ:"Roger that X-Ray Whiskey hold...uhh Ok, you are to engage all personel, the city, convoy, and naval vessel. 20 Apaches, and 5 B-52's will clean up. Out."
The Major's face grew into disgust. He was going to kill nearly 500 innocent people. They were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Maj:"You heard'em boys. Engage personel with cluster oradanance. Target the town, and ship with AtG missiles. Break."
The group broke formation, and began the cleansing. Two runs of dropping cluster ordanance completely destroyed the convoy, and elmininated any personel on the ground. The ship went down in only 2 minutes, sinking right by the harbour.
Maj:"Group leader, target town. After run head back to formation, and return to base."
The F-18's streaked through the air dropping nearly 2 AtG missiles each. The town was nearly completely destroyed.
Maj:"HQ, this is leader, Whiskey X-Ray has complete bombing runs, we are currently returning to HQ."
HQ:"Roger, well done. Out."
The F-18's returned back, with the thought of what they have just done. The flight back was with dead silence.
Teh ninjas
27-05-2004, 21:13
Teh ninjas
27-05-2004, 21:34
Teh ninjas
27-05-2004, 21:35
The Democratic Republic of Teh Ninja's wishes to release this official statement to all AIS members:

"Good day my fellow AIS brothers. Many of you know of the horrible situation at kiwilander. We currently have deployed in the region 48,000 soldiers, and around 210 aircraft. Today I will be adding on the ground force at the border of Martinutopia. We will be adding the 1st Mech, 2nd Mech, 2nd Armored, and Corp I, and Corp IV of the Home Guard force. This force will be deployed with newly developed bio/chemical gear. They will be sent in with enough surplus amounts to give to current units deployed. The soldiers will maintain the border, and prevent any attempt to enter. They will also if necesarry conduct military police actions in Martinutopia. We will be also adding onto the aircraft currently deployed in Lex Terrae. These will help conduct "mercy" bombing within Kiwilander. We wish you the best, and hope that this matter will be solved quickly."

1st Mech
15,000 OICW LAW
30 Jaguar AT
150 Merkava 4 MBT
100 T-90 MBT
20 Vickers AS90
20 Vought MLRS
40 Warrior APC
20 Scorpion Recce
60 Marksman SpAAgs
10 Chieftan AVLB
10 Engineer Tractors
20 Spartan AT
10 FV-432 Mortar Carriers
350 M3 Bradley's
100 BMP-3
1,000 HMMWV(500 M2;350TOW;250Stingers

2nd Mech
20,000 OICW ;Carl Gustav
350 M3 Bradley's
150 Merkava 4 MBT
200 Challenger 2 MBT
100 BMP-3
50 T-90MBT
2,000 HMMWV(500 M2;350TOW;250Stingers;1,000 Support)
100 MIM-72/M48 AA
50 Patriot AA
50 Raytheon Mom 23 Hawk

2nd Armored
70 RNI-Stormers
200 M3-Bradley's
100 BMP-3
250 Crusaders
150 Tiger Light Tanks
100 T-90 MBT
50 Leopard 2 MBT
150 Merkava 4 MBT
40 Challenger 2 MBT
1,000 HMMWVs(500M2;350TOW;250Stingers)
100 MIM-72/48 Chaparal
100 Patriot Missiles
100 Raytheon Mom 23 Hawk
200 Type 90 MBT
100 RNI-Buford Light Tanks
50 T-90's

Corp I
50,000 Home Guard G-36,LAW
2,000 HMMWV(500 M2;350TOW;250Stingers;1000 support)

Corp IV
50,000 Home Guard G-36 LAW
2,000 HMWWV(500 M2, 350 TOW;250 Stingers;1000 support)
*Home Guard units are fairly lightly armed, and are a basic combination of US Reserves, and Nation Guard

Additional Air Support will include:
20 MIG-33
20 Gripens
50 F/A-18's

This will be our limited contribution to this effort. We have pushed our resources heavily. We are at our limit of assistance. All other Army units will have to arm the currently undefended bases in Ninjania.
Total forces:200,000 Soldiers
300 Air Units

Thank you and good day
Green Moon
28-05-2004, 01:44
Before you start to bomb the place 3 divisions of Green Moon Bio-Infantry are now crossing the borders of Kiwilander. We have rounded up 20 citizens who we believe are infected. We ask permission to bring them via X3-Banshee class transport to Green Moon. There we will found out how the virus spreads, its life cycle, how it travels host-to-host, and how long it can survive outside a host. Also we can work on a immunity vaccine to issue to all AIS nations with these people after a varification confirming that they are infected. Plus we would be able to refine for use in a weapon and perhaps give certain "abilities" to Reptilicus.

Also we are asking permission to Therma-bomb a populated mountanious region on the border areas of Martinutopia. We have seen migratory game animals exibiting strange beahavior in the region. An estimated human population of 10,000 would be in the area. True it would be a terrible loss BUT it is migrating season for the animals. This is the only way we can guarntee extermination of the supposed infected beasts.

We await orders.
28-05-2004, 09:05
Before you start to bomb the place 3 divisions of Green Moon Bio-Infantry are now crossing the borders of Kiwilander. We have rounded up 20 citizens who we believe are infected. We ask permission to bring them via X3-Banshee class transport to Green Moon. There we will found out how the virus spreads, its life cycle, how it travels host-to-host, and how long it can survive outside a host. Also we can work on a immunity vaccine to issue to all AIS nations with these people after a varification confirming that they are infected. Plus we would be able to refine for use in a weapon and perhaps give certain "abilities" to Reptilicus.

Also we are asking permission to Therma-bomb a populated mountanious region on the border areas of Martinutopia. We have seen migratory game animals exibiting strange beahavior in the region. An estimated human population of 10,000 would be in the area. True it would be a terrible loss BUT it is migrating season for the animals. This is the only way we can guarntee extermination of the supposed infected beasts.

We await orders.

Excellent! We would also like to work with a couple of these infected individuals. Our biospecialist team is in the vicinity and, if you don't mind, we'll take a couple back with us to MMI and continue some work there. Please take all possible precautions with these individuals. We recommend full biohazard air-contained suits along with containment chambers and vehicles.

I suggest that you, Teh Ninjas, and Lex Terrae finish up the rest of this country. Turn it into a wasteland. Let nothing stand alive. We got what we need and will return home.

Unfortunately, the virus has spread all the way east and in beginning to decimate the Republic of Barko. We must keep up our containment of Martinutopia to ensure it's survival. So far, I don't believe there are any reports of outbreaks within Martinutopia borders. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

You all may begin Operation Slaughterhouse in the former Rebublic of Barko. May God have mercy on our souls.
Lex Terrae
28-05-2004, 15:13
B-1B bomber, Archangel 64, 20 miles of the cost of Kiwilander, commanded by Major Titus Bendictio.

Communications Transcript ....

AWACS - "Archangel 64, this is Valkrie 7. Stand by for a priority action message from Strategic Command."

Archangel 64 - "Roger. Standing By."

Strategic Command - "Archangel 64, this is STRATCOM. Prepare to receive authorization codes and target package for nuclear weapons release. This is not an exercise."

Archangel 64 - "Roger that. Retrieving authorization code cards. Wait one ... ok, go ahead."

STRATCOM - "Authorization code as follows ... Golf ... Sierra ... Charlie ... Alpha ... Foxtrot ... Echo ... Echo, over.

Archangel 64 - "Golf, Sierra, Charlie, Alpha, Foxtrot, Echo, Echo. Message received. Codes authentic. The release of nuclear weapons has been authorized."

STRATCOM - "Target package Zulu 8-2. Repeat, target package Zulu 8-2, over."

Archangel 64 - "Zulu 8-2, roger."

STRATCOM - "Good luck, Archangel 64. God Bless. STRATCOM, out."

Archangel 64 (Major Benedictio) - "Target package entered. Total five targets. All major port and harbor facilities along the coast. First target, Landerburgh, ETA 5 mikes. Arming number one B-83 bomb. One megaton yield. Delivery will be a retarded laydown with a 120 second delay."

Co-pilot (Lt. Flax Darius) - "Will that give us enough time?"

Benedictio - "After weapons release, we'll punch it up to 1.2 mach. 45 seconds to a minute for the weapon to set down from 6,500 ft, another 2 minutes before detination. We'll be over the horizon and halfway to the next target by the time she goes. Don't worry."

Darius - "I'm not worried."

Benedictio - "Target coming up. The aim point is the dock yard. Stand by for weapons release."

Darius - "Jesus. Look at all the ships down there. There practically on top of each other."

Benedictio - "Weapons release in 10 seconds."

Darius - "All those people down there, just trying to escape."

Benedictio - "It has to be done. Better them than us. Release in five ... four ... three ... two ... bombs away. Let's get the hell outta here."

The B-83 bomb dropped from the bombbay of the B-1B. At 6,000 ft a parachute deployed from the weapon and slowed its decent. The people below were either too sick or too scared to look up. Approximately 41 seconds later, the weapon came to rest on the roof of a warehouse. The timer then began to count backward from 120. Two minutes later, everyone and everything in a five mile radius was heated to ten times the temperature of the surface of the sun. Ten miles out, the heat and blastwave destroyed everything in its path. Twenty miles out, older buildings were knocked down and and people suffered third degree flash burns. The city of Landerburgh and all its inhabitants, sick or well, ceased to exist.

Darius - "One down. Four to go."
Green Moon
28-05-2004, 19:03
We are sending 10 of the confirmed 20 to your forces MMI. As of today the mountanious region we had talked about has been decimated. All bio-mass has been reduced to plasma. It should take 2 days to cool. Our field scientists have been present on the site and have disturbing news. The virus is spread through the air. After the host ceases to pump blood to the heart the virus leaves the body. We are not sure yet what PARTS of the body it houses itself in but when we bring the infected to our home labs we will be sure to find out. But as a warning: BURN ALL INFECTED BODIES. This is the only way we know of that the virus can be slowed.

Also on a lighter note the Pope of Green Moon has givin the AIS his full support in thier actions.
Teh ninjas
28-05-2004, 21:33
In a large conference building inside Lex Terrae, 4 seperate rooms accomodate all fighter, bomber pilots currently inside. They are being briefed by their superiors, on the escalating issue in Kiwilander. All pilots are to immediately conduct bombing runs throughout Kiwilander. All avaliable aircraft currently stationed in Kiwilander will be used. All 300 aircraft will conduct this runs throughout a weekday peroid. This should completely annihilate any infected personel left. After being informed of the current mission the pilots were told of the signs of infection in The Republic of BARKO.

Message to AIS Member nations
From:Ninjanian Department of War
"We are currently aware of viral infection in BARKO. We must contain this country, and are sending in the Royal Ninjanian Fleet inside BARKO waters to watch the escalating issue. We will follow any suggestions any member nations can give. Though our small fleet isn't comparable to larger ones, we can surely make do with soldiers in neighboring Martinutopia, and Lex Terrae.

In other news we have began conducting ground operations near the Martinutopia border, with bio-suits. They will not go farther than 400 miles outside the border due to the nuclear hot zones inside Kiwilander. These forces are classified as Special Forces, and will conduct recon missions, and if necesarry elimination. They will preform their missions with the utmost care. If any of their bio-suits become torn, they will be shot on the spot as to not spread the disease to our military bases in Martinntopia. "

Royal Fleet Consists Currently of:
2 Nimitz Carriers(10 A64-Intruders 2 EA-68 Prowlers 63 F-18 Hornets)
4 Astute Attack Submarine
2 Province Destroyers
3 Halifax Patrol Frigates
3 Arleigh Burke Missile Destroyers
3 CG-47 Ticonderoga
28-05-2004, 21:36
The Emperor of Lorkhan had this to say considering the tragedy in Kiliwander.

"We regret the loss of life and the innocent that have fallen these past week due to the horrible outbreak. While it is a sad and unfourtinate task, Lorkhan supports the erradication of the nation and it's population. We can not send our troops in to the nation due to our own internal conflicts with terrorism and securing our boarders, however we will send a team of scientists to investigate the virus and it's nature with permission from Green Moon and MMI."

Emperor Erik Kain
28-05-2004, 22:58
With BARKO now fully infected, RNI's Supreme Chancellor is holding an emergency meeting of his highest level of advisors. The goal is three fold... Protect R.N.I., preserve Martinutopia, and finally, prevent the virus outbreak from spreading throughout the entire region.

As of this time, there are reports from three separate RNI medical facilities, that three people admitted in southern disctricts of the Nation may have conracted the deadly virus. They have not died, but are in critical condition. It is theorized that since he virus can survive past death of the host, debris from sunken refugee boats may have infected marine life that was ultimately ingested by these citizens. However, Doctors are further theorizing that if this is a variant of the deadly Kiwi virus, it may be a weaker strain not necessarily resulting in death. There is some hope that if these patients pull through, they may hold the key to some type of vaccine or even treatment. Thenagain that is only a theory, as we all hold onto every shread of hope we can.

RNI scientific community has reached out for medical scientists throughout the region, specifically inviting MMI and Josh Dollins to participate in this intriguing research.

Meanwhile, 50 Cyclone Class Patrol Coastal Boat and 25 Pegasus Hydrofoil Boat, the whole of the RNI Coast Guard patrol fleet, have concentrated their focus on the southern and eastern water bodies, in an effort to prevent refugees from decending upon Inyurface.

Capt. Gilbert B. Goode, RNI Coast Gaurd, Capt. of Pegasus Boat, "ICGS Stallion": There's no way we can permit the refugees to sail outside of BARKO or Kiwi waters. We are under orders to give them one chance to turn back to their port of origin. After that, if they do not turn back, we are ordered to coordinate with AWACS and C-130's, which will drop high-yeild "daisey cutters" on them. They should completely and immediately incinerate every man, woman and... ehh... [pauses and wipes what appears to be tear fron his left cheeck] ... child. We are confident that the virus will not survive the heat and fire from the blast. [he takes another pause] May God forgive us... for we murder in the name of humanity.
Teh ninjas
29-05-2004, 01:18
Inside Kiwilander, 263 miles from the Martinutopia border

The Desert Patrol Vehicales quickly cover ground in the desert lowlands of Kiwilander. Though their bio-suits are quite clumbersome they can manage to fire their weapons and drive the DPV's. The soldiers have been driving for quite sometime, seeing the same thing, barren lands with little or no vegitation. The bio specialist in the rear seat mumbles with some of the readings he's getting. Eventually satisfied he puts his hand held reader back inside his backpack. They continue driving until the leading DPV comes to a screeching halt. The other vehicales do the same. A tall, thin Captain walks quickly toward the lead vehicale where a Sergeant looks out into the distance.

Capt:"what's the hold up Sergeant?"
He looks up from his binoculars and points out towards the distance.
Sarge:"Look there sir. Looks like some sort of activity. "
Capt:"Impossible. No activity is reported here. Let me take a look."
He grabs the binoculars and takes a look. He sees what seems to be an old truck. Then slowly he sees a couple of cars behind it closely. Then in the rear a pickup, filled in the back with bodies.
Capt:"sh*t. Looks like you're right. Contact the rest of our boys. Tell them to get to our coordinates ASAP. Order them to abandon positions at flanks. Direct Order."
Sergeat:"Yes sir."
The Captain jogs back to his DPV and clicks on his radio.
Capt:"HQ, this is lone wolf we have contact with a possible Kiwilandian convoy. Request orders."
HQ:Roger that lone wolf, hold...Ok lone wolf you have orders to identify then engage. Do not. I repeat do not tear your vital gear. I cannot stress this enough. Be careful. Report back with updates. Out"
The Captain put down his radio and thought for a moment. No, he thought. He had to do it. This outbreak could devastate the region. Just then he heard a rumble behind him. He turned to see the 10 DPV from the right flank just arriving. The LT jumps out of his vehicales and walks toward the Captain.

LT:"Sir, I hear we have possible contact?"
Capt:"Yep. Possible refugees fleeing. We'll wait for 1st Platoon to arrive before we move in."
The LT nods, and walks back to his DPV, and orders them into line formation. A few minutes later 1st Platoon arrives. The Captain informs teh LT of his orders, and walks back to the Sergeant.
Capt:"What distance are they now Sergeant?"
He looks ups
Sergeant:"Bout 1,000 meters. Maybe a little more. We moving in?"
Capt:"Yes. Go back into formation."
The Seargant orders his driver to drive back towards the long line of DPV.
The Captain mounts his vehicale, and clicks on the radio.
Capt:"Group this is Captain Ellensmore, Lock and load the 50's, prep your firearms. Follow my lead."

All 40 Desert Patrol Vehicales come swiftly down towards the convoy of civilians. Within a few mintues they have surrounded the convoy, and had blocked it up front. The Captain walks out and levels his TM-93A on the driver of the lead truck.
Capt:"This is Captain Ellensmore of the Ninjanian Special Recon Group, 74th Special Forces Battalion. We order you to exit your vehicales, with your hands up, and identify yourself."
The doors of the 7 vehicales open slowly. Each person was severly sick. Each had a combination of radiotion sickness, and ebola. Some worse than others.
Civilian:"I am the leader here. Names Kevin Frizben. We've been driving for nearly a week. We have a lot of dead, many more wounded. I'm feeling horrible myself. Can't complain though I've favored better than most. My whole hometown of Zinna was completely leveled. We didn't know what the hell was going on. Can you help us?"
Captain:no we can't... Under orders of my government, and for the protection of the AIS, we must cleanse the Kiwilandian population."
With that he focused his rifle on the civilian and shot a single bullet, into his left eye it went killing him instantly. His soldiers followed suit. Each aiming carefully, trying to elimate them with clean burst to the head, or chest. The .50 MG tore up any inside the vehicales, and finished off with shoot the tires off the vehicales. When the job was done 32 Kiwilandian civilians lie dead. The captain observed the rear truck, which was carrying the already dead bodies, and counted 23 dead bodies. He returned to his Desert Patrol Vehicale while his soldiers secured the area. He clicked on the radio.

Capt:"HQ, this is lone wolf, we have confirmed 54 civilians elimated. 22 already dead upon arrival. We have destroyed vehicales and await further orders."
HQ:"Roger that lone wolf. You can return to HQ, Beagal will continue recon missions. Well done. Out."
The Captain accounted for his 160 men, then order them back into formation to return back to HQ. They boarded their vehicales and headed back to base. Job accomplished.
29-05-2004, 01:28
The Maharajah reclined upon the Peacock Throne, drinking a glass of brandy and relaxng. A messenger ran in with a small packet. The Maharajah thought it must be more information on the FWS outbreak. The packet read one thing under the TOP SECRET stamp- KALI UNLEASHED.

KALI- Named after the Hindu goddess of death, it was a project to create a strain of Ebola with a 100% mortality rate. The project had created five samples, three of which were under excessive guard in Magdhan Strategic Weapons Command, one was given to FWS as a gift, and one was assumed destroyed.

Or so they thought- The symptoms shown by the infected were exactly like that of the Kali virus.

The Maharajah rushed into his chambers and contacted Strategic Weapons Command.
29-05-2004, 02:23
The commander came onto the screen.

"Hello my lord, why does thou contact me at this hour?

Maharajah: Kali is unleashed.

Cmmdr: Good god, but FWS has guarded theirs and we guarded ours.

Maharajah- Was the destroyed one destroyed?

Cmmdr- Yes, it was witnessed by 16 out of 17 of the scientists.

Maharajah- What of the 17th?

Cmmdr- Died in a car Accident

Maharajah- Was he ever in the lab alone?

Cmmdr- five times for an hour each time.

Maharajah- Are we sure he died in a car wreck?

Cmmdr- We did not find his body, it was assumed burned by the explosion.

Maharajah- Send me the ops group.
Teh ninjas
29-05-2004, 05:13
The Democratic Republic of Teh Ninjas wishes to release this statement to all AIS members:
"Good day. Our carrier battle fleet has reached it's destination and we await the decision of whether to engage BARKO. Observers from ariel fly bys report growing amounts of dead bodies.
We have also gathered up the brightest minds in Ninjania to assist in the research for a cure, or some sort of vaccine. These scientists will first arrive in Martinutopia via C-130, then they shall interview specops units who have encountered people sick with the virus. They may even perphaps try to acquire a sample from some recent incursions inside Kiwilander. If this is done so they wish to conduct scientific operations with the scientific team currently working on the project.
Also as of 1800 our aircraft have conducted numerous bombing runs inside Kiwilander. All avaliable aircraft currently in Lex Terrae will preform this task for up to 2 weeks if necesary. We hope that we can soon contain this disease, and find more information on it's origins. Thank you and good day."
President Steven Duran Official Statement
Green Moon
29-05-2004, 17:59
Attention all AIS nations! Breaking news! Our scientists have a sample of the virus away from the host! We are currently working on a vaccine but we need much more time to have a prototype ready. Naturally all AIS members will recieve a vaccine. Are scientists soon will begin cloning the virus and will be selling it soon. :twisted:
Of course only to AIS nations.

On another note our economy has been streached too far and we are removing all troops from Kiwilander for a short time. Between researching this new virus, our little project "Reptilicus", and keeping our forces supplied behind infected lines we are on the verge of a depression. We believe that after a short time to recooperate we will be back in action.
29-05-2004, 18:04
The ops group ran into the chambers of the Maharajah. This virus was definitley Kali and soon another nation would have it.

The Maharajah told the ops group one thing- "find me the scientist." They nodded and ran out of the palace to their blackhawk.
Green Moon
30-05-2004, 03:36
Certain "Favors" have been repaid and Green Moon is back in action! Breaking news though! We have succesfully cloned the virus and with it we have a solution. But its a tough one.

The virus needs to be stored in the body for about 1 day before it is ready to leave the host. The virus infects the skin and the brain. Thus we must destroy both. But how. We have the answer.

Blobby Pox.

What is Blobby Pox you ask? Our latest, greatest weapon. Its a virus spread thourgh air. First a victim has it. His/Her body starts to swell. In 3 minutes the body swells till it explodes sending the now multiplyed virus into the air. The catch? The virus, in its airbourne state, can only survive 5 minutes outside a body and has a small range of travel when the body explodes. The range is about 5 feet. It is HIGHLY contagious though.

How does it benefit us? Simple. We release the virus in all infected areas and let nature take its course. We have figured out how to get it in motion. A brave Green Moon soldier has volunteered to carry out the plan, if accepted. We say that all survivors must come to a certain place if they wanted to be rescued. Claim we have a vaccine. Then, when a large group has gathered he ingests a pill. A pill containg the virus. Then nature will do the rest. Too make sure all are killed we realease several dogs into the wilds who have been infected. All surviors should be dead by... 3 days. But remember: If you accept this idea ALL LIVING THINGS(except plants) WILL DIE A HORRIBLE AND PAINFUL DEATH.

Green Moon thinks this is the only way the virus can be stopped.
We await your decisons.
30-05-2004, 03:42
Two of the RNI patients that contracted the "Kiwi" virus have been elevated to serious but stable condition! The third has passed away, however antibodies from all three patients have been isolated and are being reproduced in laboratory settings.

"It's very simple actually.. well not that simple but in laymen's terms, the cultures have demonstrated an ability to fight the virus. They aren't perfect, but they are demonstrating to be somewhat effective. We were very lucky to catch on to this so quickly, but the protiens we isolated are actually nothing new, they just appear in a sequence and combination we've never seen before."

It is anticipated that the RNI team of scientists, who also have invited Green Moon scientists to join the research, will be speeding up experiments on animals very soon. The only problem for RNI
Green Moon
30-05-2004, 03:47
We are glad that so many lives did not need to be lost and we shall send scientists as soon as you tell us what expertise is needed.
30-05-2004, 03:53
So Kali was broken? No longer uncurable?

No matter, it was time to create a new virus anyway.
Teh ninjas
30-05-2004, 04:11
Message to AIS

We are over joyed to hear of this Bobby Virus. We hope that now the virus can be effectively contained. Due to this new "advancement" we are removing all homeguard soldiers effectively immediately. Recon missions and areil photography show that the boderlands have become more stable. The number of infected refugees have fallen dramatically.
We also would like to know the decision of other AIS members if ariel bombing, is needed in BARKO. Or shall the new virus be implemented their as well? We hope for the best for all.

End Transmission
Teh ninjas
30-05-2004, 04:12
Message to AIS

We are over joyed to hear of this Bobby Virus. We hope that now the virus can be effectively contained. Due to this new "advancement" we are removing all homeguard soldiers effectively immediately. Recon missions and areil photography show that the boderlands have become more stable. The number of infected refugees have fallen dramatically.
We also would like to know the decision of other AIS members if ariel bombing, is needed in BARKO. Or shall the new virus be implemented their as well? We hope for the best for all.

End Transmission
Green Moon
30-05-2004, 04:46
So it will come to Blobby Pox?
My forces are moving as we speak. The virus is ready and sutible hosts have been found. The credits are in the voulnteer's faimly's bank account. All we need are the final words to go. Our scientists say that if the virus moves quick enough we could have it done by 2 days.

I need one last confrimation.
Are you sure you are ready to do this?

Also if you like it so much perhaps i could sell you a few samples? :twisted: