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Cam III looking for a new region.

25-05-2004, 19:21
I am looking for a new region. Preferably biggish, 5+ people in it.
I will consider every option.
28-05-2004, 18:57
28-05-2004, 19:00
Why would you want to change regions? You're Delegate!
28-05-2004, 19:03
At Fruit Islands? There pissed off because I'm there so I thought if they don't want me I might as well as find a new region.
The war monkeys
28-05-2004, 19:03
Why don't you join one of my regions? It's called the War monkeys we could do with a country like yours o great one
Imperial Brits
28-05-2004, 19:06
he's not that great he's about to die in a war. Iam crushing him as we speak so i'd think about being his ally. However that is your option. Iam just warning you that an ally of Cam III is an enemy of mine.
28-05-2004, 19:11
28-05-2004, 19:11
You havent even fired one shot yet!
Imperial Brits
28-05-2004, 19:14
Post your dam fleet so i know i can attack the website aint working your using.
28-05-2004, 19:19
There you go:
Flagship (1):
Sigmunds Fury Imperial Battlebarge
Battleships (10):
Triumph Retribution class Battleship
His Will Retribution class Battleship
Claw of Russ Retribution class Battleship
Son of Baal Retribution class Battleship
Tycho’s Revenge Retribution class Battleship
Reboute’s Return Emperor class Battleship
Cretacian Justice Emperor class Battleship
Rumbledeth Emperor class Battleship
Plains Master Emperor class Battleship
The Silent Horseman Emperor class Battleship
Cruisers (20):
Vulkans Might Mars class cruiser
Ebon Flame Mars class cruiser
Green Lake Mars class cruiser
Valkyrie Mars class cruiser
Abridal’s Glory Mars class cruiser
Goliath Dictator class cruiser
Dark Blood Dictator class cruiser
Terminus Est Dictator class cruiser
Honour and Duty Dictator class cruiser
St Dominicas Vengance Dictator class cruiser
Duke Lurstophan Overlord class cruiser
Iron Hand Overlord class cruiser
Puloski Overlord class cruiser
Quarren Overlord class cruiser
Agripinaa Overlord class cruiser
Imperious Dauntless class light cruiser
Skitari Dauntless class light cruiser
Vulscani Dauntless class light cruiser
Holy Inquisition Dauntless class light cruiser
Kasr Tyrok Dauntless class light cruiser
Frigates (10):
Leviathan Sword class frigate
Diablo Sword class frigate
Honour Guard Sword class frigate
Kasr Valtoss Sword class frigate
Excubitoi Sword class frigate
Castellum Firestorm class frigate
Aquila Firestorm class frigate
Imperium Glorium Firestorm class frigate
EarthShaker Firestorm class frigate
Bluehacker Firestorm class frigate
Destroyers (10):
Slayer Cobra class destroyer
Tyrok Fen Cobra class destroyer
Legio Cobra class destroyer
Titan Cobra class destroyer
Orca Cobra class destroyer
Storm Hammer Cobra class destroyer
Helden Hammer Cobra class destroyer
White Wolf Cobra class destroyer
Stone Claw Cobra class destroyer
Ulric Cobra class destroyer
Transports (10):
10 Imperial transports

Weapons are the basic lasers, torpedoes and launching bays. The Mars class cruiser has a nova cannon, basicly a big cannon which can rip a weak armoured ship in half.
The deadly viper
28-05-2004, 19:51
I would like to warn every nation willing to let Cam III in your region he did a simelar thing to my old region and then took it over for the
Imperial Fire Circle be warned