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Allanea Needs New Weapon!

25-05-2004, 17:38
Allanean Military Advertisment

The Allanean Armed will pay 1,000,000 Dollars for production and sales rights for a semi-automatic grenade launchers.
The weapon must fit the following specifications:

1. Capable of hitting human target at 1,000 meters or more.
2. Capable of being carried, fired, and serviced by one individual.
3. Capable of firing 30mm grenades.
4.Ammitio capacity of 10 rounds.
5. Capable of mounting optical scopes of various types.
6. [OOC Requiement Supply a graphic! :-)

The weapon will become the arm of choice, replacing the outdated M82A2 portable sniper/anti-material rifle, of the Alllanean Sniper Division.