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OOC request

25-05-2004, 16:26
Is anyone here really bad ass with DoGA or Lightwave? I need someone to help me design a fighter.
25-05-2004, 16:29
I somehow got a degree involving LW, so i might be able to help you out
25-05-2004, 16:38
Dman, thanks. Its nothing to har, I just need an F-22, with a third vertical tail like (same style as its two normal tails, just vertical in between) and a set of canards right below and slightly behind the cockpit (so that the center of the canard is at the point where the canopy meets the fuselage).
25-05-2004, 16:42
If i can find an F-22 model, it'll be dead simple. If i can't find one, it'll be a challenge :D
25-05-2004, 16:46
Awsome man, thanks much. I'll tgram you my email addy, so that when you get it done (no rush), you can just email me the pic.