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New Helicopter Replacement Contract Avaliable(Naval Variant)

Neo Pacifica
25-05-2004, 15:52
The Sea King an old and aging helicopter in the People's Republican Navy of Neo Pacifica

The People's Republic Of Neo Pacifica is offering a new contract for any nation/industry interested in providing Her People's Republican Navy, with 62 Naval Variant Helicopter which will replace our current fleet of 53 Sea Kings Helicopters which has served within her limit. We will be looking for quality and cash value. We hope that these helicopters will service our sailors well as we are specifically looking for anti-submarine and troop capacity capablities. Bidding will end in two years (two days RL).

Department of Defence
People's Republic Of Neo Pacifica
Neo Pacifica
25-05-2004, 16:16
Neo Pacifica
25-05-2004, 16:34
Terra Pacifica
25-05-2004, 17:42
Terra Pacifica
25-05-2004, 17:50
25-05-2004, 18:34
OCC: I'm future tech, but nearly all of my ground/air forces are postmodernish. I'll present my helicopter and you can decide if its to futuristic for you.

The Imperial Principality of Skeelzania sympathizes with Neo Pacifica's situation. But luckily, we have a design that might interest you. We maintain an extensive helicopter fleet for planetary patrols, and are willing to contract-build the 62 you desire.

MH-56 Harbinger patrolling the plains of our capital

The MH-56 is based off of an old Soviet design, the Mi-24 Hind. The craft has been enlarged for greater cargo and lift capacity. Currently, we have no naval variant, although if you provide your specifications we will produce one for you. What follows are the general statistics:

Model Number: MH-56 (multiple variants)
Code Name: Harbinger
Role: Mass-produced multi-role gunship
Manufacturer: Kruger Industries
Operator: SKZ Army, FS Ground Ops, Ministry of Order and Discipline, other goverment agencies
First deployment: O.E. 2175
Crew: Two pilots in tandem cockpits
Accommodations: 10 troopers, 6 armored
Length: 22.6m w/ rotors turning; 18.5m fuselage
Height: 7.5m
Wingspan: 7.5m
Blades: 5 main prop (18.3m diameter); 3 tail prop (4.9m diameter)
Weight: Empty 9,500kg; max gross 14,000kg
Construction: aluminum alloy frame w/ stressed-steel skin (Steel armor plating over vital areas)
Engine: SC115 turbines rated at 3600hp x2
Maximum Speed: 350 km/h
Cruising Speed: 300 km/h
Service Ceiling: 4,700m
Hover: 2,200m
Armament: (standard) 8 wing hard points can mount: rocket pods, AtS missiles, AtA missiles, bombs for a total of 1,800kg; 1 fixed-mount 30mm rotary cannon; 1 chin-turret mounted 14mm gatling; other variants include rocket launchers mounted on fuselage, extra machine guns, or sensor jamming equipment
Sensors: FLIR, RWR, laser designator
Safety equipment: radar warning receives, IFF, infrared jammers, rotar brake, chaff and flares, armored cockpit

Price for a standard model: 50million USD
25-05-2004, 18:37
I would join you in replacing old helicopters with new highly advance helicopters
Neo Pacifica
26-05-2004, 17:40
To the previous bidders:

I'm sorry but we are looking for helicopters that will fit our standards for mainly maritimes and naval operations.

Defence Ministry
People's Republic Of Neo Pacifica