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ATTENTION!!!! Fledgling nation wants to open valuable trades

Nom Shamar
25-05-2004, 14:13
We have discovered a limited supply of highly valuable hybrid petroleums... if any nation is willing we will exchange the entire supply for worthwhile military advantages. Please send an ambassador asap.
25-05-2004, 14:16
What type and quality of petroleum are you talking about?

We can supply most of your ground warfare needs, and will happily set up a trade.
The O Faolains
25-05-2004, 14:35
The Conederacy is happy to open trade negotiations, We are happy to trade some of our older Naval Vessels for these special oil. Also willing to trade in Stocks and Shares, Civilian Air And Naval Transport.

We would also, as you are a new nation, invite you to send an Embassy.


Foreign Minister: Commodore Connor O’Doyle