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Marriage of Alexander and Fate (VERY Closed RP) (PG-13)

25-05-2004, 10:07
OOC: This is only a continuation of this thread: I skipped ahead since interest was waning and plus Kelly and I cant wait anymore lol. The same rules apply to this thread as the others, any unruly behavior on the part of the national leaders while at the Presidential Palace will result in your party being asked to leave the country, and we will make it quite public.

IIsidua- I hope you dont mind me rpin your character for this part, seeing as you arent right now right now and i did promise to have it up ;-)

Credonian Presidential Palace, Night Before The Wedding
Presidential Bedroom[/b]

President Sutton (Alexander) and Fate begin preparing early for bed when suddenly a knock is heard on the door.

[i]"Come in" says Alex.

The door opens and in steps his father as he motions for Alex to come with him. Alex gets up and walks with himout into the hall way.

"Son, what are you doin? No bachelor party, no hot chicks, no stippers?" Sutton Sr. says surprised.

Alexander lets out a laugh and gives him a scolding look.

"Dad, the only hot girl i need on the day before my wedding is IIsidua. Who cares about the excitement of other girls, if i want that then i'll go to her."

Sutton Sr. stops and looks at Alex and shakes his head approvingly.

"You two will go far. Reminds me of you and your mother when we were getting married, of course, I had a bachelor party. *he chuckles a little bit before speaking again* But, it wasnt a traditional one, just had some of the guys over, I dont get the point of them anyway. No use makin out with girls before you get married. But hey, thats my view."

"Yea, I know, youve told me that a zillion times"

They turn around and head back to the room. When they reach the room door Alex gives hsi dad a hug and wishes him good night, before going back in where Fate is sitting on the bed watching tv...............

Credonian Presidential Palace, Morning of the Wedding
7:30 am Credonian Daylight Time

The Presidential Palace is bustling with people coming into and out of the compound making any last minute finishing touches to the wedding area outside.

Alexander wakes up and finds thta Fate is already up and about. He goes to the window and looks down at the palace grounds. He sees her helping arrange the flowers and he smiles and leaves the window to head to his office to tend to national matters before he became too busy.

OOC: Guests may start arriving at the palace, any nation who has not arrived in Credonia yet but are on the list of nations invited to attend may still fly in. The only airport open in Credonia is Sutton Air Force Base.

A full description of the palace grounds and the palace building itself will be provided soon.
25-05-2004, 10:53
Delacroix half-runs, half-walks towards the military checkpoint whistling "baby elephant walk" rather too loudly, he's wearing a long black coat with a purple silk lining, white laced shirt, purple cravatte, and an onyx brooch pinned to the front... and carrying a black cane that looks somewhat pimp... his bodyguards flanked behind in a V formation, a couple have begun inpromptu accompliments to the whistling making "doodoodooo" noises, the rest are grinning stupidly somewhat embarrised by this presentation of their country but still amused nonetheless. A few streets up the road Delacroix spies the chief architect, he spots the group and flounders his arms around, calling "MISTER DELACROIX SIR!"

Dela: Oh Lord... This guy,

He jogs towards the walking group and tries to match the Archduke's pace, He waves his hand behind his back signalling to the Knid team (bodyguards) and they quicken their pace, jostling him down the V saying things like "Scuse me", "mind where you're going" and whatever... he stumbles a little then jogs back to the Archduke

Dela: What is it, Richard

Rich: I've been having thoughts about these plans sir, well... Marble... it's a bit, pricey don't you think?

Dela:(patronising tone) You shouldn't be having thoughts, Richard, you should be building Fountains

*knid team snickers*

Rich: *odviously vying to make that a joke with, not about him" Good one sir *hehehehe* But, it's taxpayer money and all, couldn't we use a different kind of stone and perhaps move this bit over here? *waving blueprints in front of the Archduke*

the Archduke's already intimidating *red irises* eyes bore into the architect, scaring him a little, the archduke gives a complex series of hand signals behind him and the bodyguards lift the architect by his ankles

Richard: Heeeelp!

Dela: SHUT UP!

Richard stifles a whimper

Dela: You are going to stop "having thoughts" on this project every five minutes *pokes throat with cane between syllables for emphasis* and calling me while i'm trying to prepare... Understand? Ahhh! Mourning! *he shouts over to a large looking woman who is watching hte incident, she lets out an aristocratic Hmph!*

They toss the guy to his feet and he scrambles off looking a wee bit hurt

Dela: Now gentlemen... Onwaaard! *points towards the wedding with cane and quickens pace*
Huzen Hagen
25-05-2004, 12:01
random tag
25-05-2004, 13:40
In a hotel room ...

"Victoria, hurry up. We're gonna be late to the Palace. You can't take all day, you're not my wife you realise" Count Richard complained while Victoria was in the bathroom. A voice echoed out the bathroom "We're still going to be early, it's all planned out. Just another five minutes. What's the problem with me being Queen Mariah for the day?".

Five minutes later

Victoria finally left the bathroom showing off her gown. "Well, what do you think? I look the Queen?" she asked. He looked surprised "That's the Queen's dress for our wedding reception. I suppose she asked to wear it ..". Victoria smiled "Come on spoil sport, let's go. I have some swanning to do ... ". They left their room escorted by their knights towards the palace. He sighed "You two are sisters to me. It's like having two wives.".
25-05-2004, 16:23
Tre sat in the back of the car silently, which unnerved Ilian Persk, the Foreign Minister. Sitting next to the woman who practically ran Lindim from her Intelligence Department was bad enough, but when she was silent, that meant she was thinking. And when she was thinking, webs were weaved.

And Ilian hated spiders.

"Err... Look! We're here, time to establish some diplomatic presence, Tre!" he said jokingly as the car pulled up in front of the palace. Then, with a chill, he saw her smile.

"Perhaps," she said simply, and the moment the driver opened the door, she slipped out. Ilian shivered, and stepped out.

Hmmm... nice palace. Better then our Blue Fruit House. I suppose it comes when you have a democracy that it is less flashy.

He walked up the stairs to see Tre quietly talking with a servant. Ilian reminded himself to watch the Intelligence Minister carefully. For all he knew, she was probably plotting a revolution here. Ilian laughed... but nervously.

I must be cheerful. The food is supposed to be good.
Scandavian States
25-05-2004, 16:54
Asiya had decided that the next time a delegation to Credonia was required, she'd send someone else in her place. She simply didn't have the patience for the leaders that Sutton seemed to surround himself with, even if Sutton himself wasn't so bad. Besides which, she had stopped carrying her pistol in fear that she'd shoot the next person who did something so completely moronic that it was a wonder they weren't dead long beforehand.

Finally the car stopped and she stepped out, flanked by her two body guards. Instead of the Marine dress uniform that she had worn for most of the trip, she wore an elegent midnight blue strapless dress that contrasted well with her tan skin and asiatic features. Asiya accepted the escort that came to meet her and went into the palace to mingle with whatever delegations had arrived.
25-05-2004, 17:26
Ilian was becoming rather sweaty in his new three-piece suit. He glanced over to where Tre was chatting idly with Credonian officials, seeming almost charming. Probably planning to kill him.

He glanced over and saw a serious looking woman in a blue dress. He remebers who she is from a dossier he read on the plane here.

He walks over to Tre and tugs on her grey business suit. "The-"

She turns to him and finishes the sentence. "The Scandavian delegate. Yes. I know. Perhaps I shall talk to her later, perhaphs she will talk to me. No matter. I have business to attend to." She turns to walk away, when Ilian grabs her arm angrily.
25-05-2004, 17:27
Scandavian States
25-05-2004, 17:51
[That's Scandavian delegrate and Asiya is Arab.]
25-05-2004, 17:52
Independent Hitmen
25-05-2004, 18:05
[tag for later]
25-05-2004, 18:49
*the Kihamerians were all busy, all were piled into one room that morning, the bodyguards were sitting on the beds and in the chairs amongst the room, most were talking to each other, but two were playing a video game on the small hotel TV, the main guest however was in the bathroom getting dressed.* "blasted clothes, to many buttons and beltloops" *he mutterd as he got the suit as he got it on, a short time later he sighed and walked outside, waring a naval captians uniform that looked if it was from the 19th century,the shirt was blue with red boarders with golden-laced designs on the chest. on his elbows was an epolette, baring full naval ensignia. his pants were also blue, with black seems. he walked out into the room and looked around to the bodyguards.*
[bg1]"looks good, but you forgot youre hat,sir."*said one of the bodyguards,while pausing the video game.*
[man]"Forget ? i forgot nothing, it is in my suitcase..."* the man picked up a suitcase, and put it down on the bodyguard who had said he forget it, he pulled out a black tri-pointed hat, baring naval ensignia, he then lcoked the suitcase and put it down on the floor.*
[man] "i have my hat"
[bg2]"well then, if someone sees you, its no secret youre the Admiral of Kihameria,can we addres you acordingly, sir ?"
[Admiral]"that is true, you may call me by Admiral if you wish."
[bg2]"out of curiosity, what is youre name, just in case"
[Admiral]*laughs histericoly*"Admiral Peter Kiovesk is the proper title, Peter if you wish. out of my own curiosity, how do you merit a job protecting someone that you dont even know who it is ?"
[bg2]"i was apointed to protect the Admiral, and was told just to address him as 'sir' for security"
[Admiral]"Very well, lets get going we dont want to be late..."
*the bodyguards turn off all the electronics and the lights, and quickly make it out of the hotel room, down the stairs, and outside where they gatherd in some taxis, and then drove to the palace.*
25-05-2004, 23:25
Tre stared at him. Well, my profilers are right. He is not easily cowed, nor is he easily duped. I must remember to take care fo him later. Easily shaking his hand off. She sits quietly, waiting for him to speak and calm down.

Ilian ran a hand through his greying brown hair and took a deep breath, dissapating all of the red from his face. Tre raised an eyebrow. "Look Tre, I know you are doing something, and I want you to stop this once and for all. Credonia is an ally, and if Intry Fuego tells us to be nice to them, we will. And Kalau so ever help you if you even try to acquire Credonia's help in defeating the corporations at," He takes a deep breath, but before he finishes, Tre shakes her head slowly, smiling.

"Ilian Persk, son of Theresa and Loki Persk, cousin of the late Yu Huni, I am dissappointed in you. If you still feel angry about your cousin's death I suggest you take a vacation, perhaps go into therapy. But I am telling you, not suggesting, to stay out of my business. You are the diplomat, and our professions may meet once in a while, but that does not mean you may stop me from doing what is right. I suggest you grab yourself a delightful Credonian wine, perhaps a fruity, lighter wine, and enjoy yourself here, make nice and be the good diplomat. I, however, have to work."

Tre turns around casually and walks to Asiya, satisified with her performance. She quietly issues subvocal orders to her men back at the hotel via a hidden microphone, while running through the background information of Credonia and the Scandanavian relationship with it. He was taping me, I am sure of that now. If my technician didn't get the jammer working, I will personally assign him to be my bodyguard. She allows herself an ironic smile. And, that may soon be a dangerous job.

((OOC: Sorry, edited my post. Could I have some background information on Asiya, a dossier? Tre is good at two things. Intelligence, and powergrabs. So let us assume she knows something about Asiya. Oh, and no, Tre will not incite any violence in Credonia, nor try to overthrow it. She only is concerned with helping Lindim.))
26-05-2004, 13:10
The Emperor waked up and sighed....
Today was the big day for his friend but still he couldent be happy...
His wife was in terrible labout for 3 days now and in the north of Camewot a civil war was waging...
He took a quick shower eat some breakfast and went to the room of his Minister...

They both went downstairs and called the limousine

GLA Terrorists
26-05-2004, 13:33

(about to vomit :evil: )
26-05-2004, 13:42
DP :evil:
26-05-2004, 13:43
Count Richard I and Victoria were on their way to the ceremony. Victoria's mobile rang unexpectly and she answered "Victoria Becks, Jeruselem secret service. How may God help you.". A female voice inaudible to anyone but Victoria spoke briefly before she handed the phone to the Count "You're a father". "Oh ..." he gasped before getting the phone.

The party stopped for while before the Count finished the phone call. "Looks like my son is born. We have an heir finally." he smiled. Victoria fiddled around with her phone and smiled "Now, let's get to the wedding so the Suttons can get a chance to have their own children". They moved on again.
Independent Hitmen
26-05-2004, 15:38
President Anderson awoke late, as usual his travel alarm clock had failed to wake him up, and it took a firm poke from one of the agents to rouse him from his slumber.

"Sir, we have to get going soon" the Agent said when the President seemed semi-consious.

"Oh. Alex!" he looked at his wife. Groggy but awake "time for a shower hun"

Fifteen minutes later they emerged from their room, dressed and looking their finest.

They moved down to the ornately decorated corridor to the lift and stepped in. All four agents between them and the door.

They emerged into the hotel lobby and then after a few more photographs from the assembled press, stepped into their limo and drove off with Credonian Secret Service cars infront and behind them.
26-05-2004, 16:07
OOC// Am I invited?
26-05-2004, 16:34
A sleek black limousine pulled in through the gates of the Presidential Palace, Falasturian flags fluttering from the front corners of its slender and gleaming body. The Military Police Motorbikes and cars, partly Credonian, partly Falasturian, parted to join the block of other escort vehicles round the side, while the limo, along with a few other Official cars, continued round the the front entrance, where the motorcade came to a rest with a gentle crunch of pebbles beneath the wheels. A door at the back of the limo automatically glided open smoothly, while other doors on the vehicles behind opened as the passengers beside made their exits. Aides and other Attache staff from the cars behind formed a flanking line round the door of the limo, where a brief pause ended with the appearance of the slightly diminuitive Emperor, barely 17, who then set off at a pace that the aides on his sides struggled to keep up with, jumping the stairs in twos as he rose toward the great doors to the Credonian Palace. The motorcade pulled away as the Emperor's ermine cloak brushed the elegant doorframe as he entered the Palace, and began to wander in search of someone to talk to.
26-05-2004, 16:35
Edit: Double Post
Scandavian States
26-05-2004, 17:36
[Asiya is 5'11", weighs 140 lbs, and is 29 years old. She is Arab but her features tend toward a Spanish/Asian mix (like most of the Arabs in the Imperium). She served ten years in the Imperial Marines reaching the rank of Colonel and during her last two years of service commanded one of the Kraft Opklaring (Force Recon) regiments. She is the Emperor's only niece and third in line for the throne (after the Empress and her cousin, the Emperor's daughter.) She is also Dutchess Alexandria and governer of the Alexandria Province (the megatropolises of Alexandria, St. Ives, and Kiev which together include 225 million people.) It should also be noted that she is extremely intelligent, she is fluent in six languages and has a Masters degree in all of them.]
Justinopian Kingdom
27-05-2004, 04:00
*The King Steps Out of Car*
After being away from the wedding awhile with affairs of his own. The King walks into his hotel and immediately calls up one of his officers
and tells him to prepare a plane home so as soon as the wedding is over he can return home.
27-05-2004, 12:11
OOC// Am I invited?

OOC: Something tells me that i should UNINVITE you, but since your a guest of Kelly, fine

Proper IC post responding to everyones arrival will come this afternoon (sorry ive been a bit busy with school and finals comin up)
27-05-2004, 20:55
27-05-2004, 20:58
Tre calmly walks up to Asiya, eyes hid behind the sunglasses she wears constantly, partly for the effect they have.

Tre gives a curt nod and a smile. She knew Asiya was smart, perhaps as smart as her. Despite the UN catergorization of Scandanavia, Tre wasn't sure if Asiya would support her... plans. After exchaning formal greetings and mentioning how nice the palace was, Tre asks Asiya something, casually, even offhand. "One of the problems in Lindim is that in giving more rights and freedoms to our people, the corporations have grown out of control." Tre gives a slight chuckle, carefully calculated. "They have almost replaced the government; we're trying to do something about it."

Behind the glasses, Tre watches Asiya evenly.

OOC: Tre, the Intelligence Minister, is a cold, brilliant, ambitious spy who does whatever she feels is right for Lindim. Not much is known about her or what her last name is, only Intry Feugo, the Lindimese prime minister, knows about the person she hired. Probably a military background, and some childhood abuse, along with foreign education. Tre is rumored to have control of the Defence and Finance Ministries, in addtion to the Intelligence Ministry. Those who have gotten in her way refer to her as "the one-named bitch."
United Elias
27-05-2004, 21:43
United Elias
27-05-2004, 21:44
An anthracite Cadillac sedan glided up the drive way to the Palace, and considering the Heads of State present, the ambassador's motorcade was somewhat demure, yet still in itself stately. Three black vehicles, the sedan, and two Suburbans following were all pristinely flagged and the bold eagles of United Elias shimmered from the front wings of the vehicles. The two lead cars were close together, as the third, equipped with an assortment of antennae kept a slight distance.

A minute later the cars rolled to a gentle halt, and immediately a quartet of faultless agents disembarked and opened the door for His Excellency and his wife. Dressed impeccably the couple then proceeded up the entrance to be greeted by the hosts, the agents waiting outside, trusting security to the Credonians.
27-05-2004, 23:34
Alexander spotted the guests from United Elias and heads over to them.

"Hey, thanks for coming. Your excellency" he shakes his hand.

"Madam" He takes her hand and kisses it politely and respectfully.

"How has your stay here been?Pleasureful i hope?
Scandavian States
28-05-2004, 00:15
Asiya raised one eyebrow, "I fail to see how giving individual citizens greater rights and freedoms would give your corporations more slack to do as they please, but I would agree that corporations disposing legitimate governments is a problem. I'm curious as to how the Imperium could be of any assistance in helping you fix this problem." She smiled slightly, "You were going to propose something, weren't you? Otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned this difficulty of yours and we'd still be exhanging relatively meaningless small talk."
28-05-2004, 15:52
Tre gives an almost honest laugh. "Oh, but we are still exchanging meaningless small talk. This is purely a philosophical discussion." Still smiling, Tre takes a sip of the wine.

The wine is good, and Asiya might be of some use.

"So, hypothetically speaking of course," she says with the intent of letting Asiya know that this is obviously not hypothetical, "how far could a government go to stopping the omnipresent, omnipotent corporations. To war, perhaps?" She takes another sip of wine. "This, of course, raises the obvious question of whether the ends justify the means. But that becomes a cliche."

OOC: I will assume Asiya realizes how Tre avoided her question.

28-05-2004, 17:25
OOC: Credonia, are the telegrams not working? I could have sworn I sent something to you...
Scandavian States
28-05-2004, 17:44
Asiya briefly pondered the question, "It all depends on how the corporation is structured. If vertical, that is it has a defined 'chain of command' that starts at the CEO and goes down, then one merely need to have the executives taken out and the corporation will crumble from a lack of experienced leadership. If horizontal, that is the corporation is made up of divisions that each do their own assigned work, then one merely needs to take out any key projects and the personel that work on them, a business entity can't afford a leach and if suddenly the whole corporation is made up of leaches then it will be sucked dry. The toughest nut to crack would be a hybrid of the two, while the first two on their own can be handled with covert operations the hybrid would probably have to be taken out with some small scale military operations." A small amount of mirth showed on her face, "This whole 'hypothesis' reminds me of the plotline for a lot of anime."
Independent Hitmen
28-05-2004, 17:55
President Anderson's motorcade arrived at the palace steps.

An Agent held the door open as the President, his wife and the three other agents got out of the car and proceeded into the palace.

OOC: Sorry only time for a quickie
28-05-2004, 19:51
*the two taxi cabs pull up outside the Credonian palace, the doors open, and the men, four body guards and the Admiral, get out of the cars and begin to make their way towards the door, looking around at the wedding decorations*
"I guess a simple rural church isnt the way they have weddings here in Credonia" *said the Admiral looking around.*
"Well, it could be because it is the Emperors wedding..."*replyed a bodyguard*
"True, good point... well, no time to waste..."*the Admiral said, they reached the doors, and the Admiral knocked.*

(ooc: i assume the wedding is at the palace ?)
United Elias
28-05-2004, 20:12
Alexander spotted the guests from United Elias and heads over to them.

"Hey, thanks for coming. Your excellency" he shakes his hand.

"Madam" He takes her hand and kisses it politely and respectfully.

"How has your stay here been?Pleasureful i hope?

"Your Highness, I'm the ambassador, I live here."

28-05-2004, 20:36
Tre frowns slightly. "I'm sorry, I don't watch anime, much less anything." She regains her composure. "But that is not the point in question. Corporations are generally structured the same, with the same purpose in mind. To survice, even if everyone in the company dies, the corporation will survive. Which is why it would be necessary to use a different tactic. Intimidation. Shock and awe, forced surrender. Whatever you call it, it is the same."

Tre pauses again, quietly thinking. My men should have gotten the shipments soon...

Tre turns back to Asiya, her face lacking any humor. "Our corporations own entire navies and armies to rival ours... Full-scale war would be the only option," Tre states, all hypothetical clauses lost. "With the help of... another powerful ally." Tre gazes around the palace of Credonia.

OOC: Kinda figured it out, did you? Well, it is all Secret IC, Credonia, remember that. :wink:
28-05-2004, 21:11
Farid stood on the balcony of his hotel room, overseeing much of the downtown part of the city. As darkness rose, lights popped up all over the city. A slight breeze touched his his face, a bit chilly, so he shivered. His wife was taking a shower and after she was totally dresed up, they would leave for dinner and the following morning they would attend the wedding.

After the conference, which was disturbed by "disagreements" between a number of attendees, President Brahim had left for the homeland for solving some internal matters with the cabinet.

"Damn, this is way better than filling out paper work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that dusty old slum,"

Fahad thought, as he searched his pockets for a sigarette. He found one in the side pocket of his suit, he lit it and inhaled the smoke. It was bad for him, he knew that very well, but he only smoked on rare occasions, though he always had some sigs with him.

"Come Farid, we must leave now!"

His wife yelled, with a slight Arab accent. Farid slowly entered the bedroom, as he shove away the curtains and watched his wife. She looked gorgious, wearing a simple, but yet elegant green dress, as she rubbed her hairs with a towel, in an effort to dry them.

"You look beautiful, honey,"

Farid whispered in her ear, while he hugged and kissed her, as he lifted her off the ground....
Scandavian States
28-05-2004, 21:57
Asiya smiled, although there was a hint of ice in it, "My dear, I believe you have your terminology mixed up. A corporation's purpose is to serve. A business entity's structure determines how it is run and are what I've described. Now, as someone who commanded an entire Imperial Marine Kraft Opklaring regiment, I would tell you that using special operations is the best way to deal with upstart corporations or governments. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to get something to drink. Oh, and if you decide your country needs help of the covert nature, let me know."

[Tre wasn't too smart in talking down to someone who's been in combat and has commanded one of the best special forces regiments the Imperium has, she went and pissed Asiya off.]
28-05-2004, 23:22
OOC// Well, im not really at bad conditions with you anymore Credonia. That ended a while ago.

The black armoured limousine took a handbrake turn down the street. It stopped on a gravel drive, and the representative stepped out. His complexion was fairly light, but with hints of yellow. His black hair was tuffled and his brown eyes dull yet focused.
29-05-2004, 01:49
OOC: Well, actually, Tre didn't mean to piss anybody off, in fact she was being nice (lack of people skills) but perhaps I roleplayed that incorrectly. Where did Tre talk down to her? :?:

Oh, and Asiya' definiton of a corporation is wrong. The purpose of a corporation, or much less, any business, is to make money. :wink:

Sorry, I apologize.

IC: Tre raised her eyebrows as Asiya walked away. Touchy, and I wasn't even being arrogant. Perhaps she is unstable, or underlying stress...? I will have to have some agents find out what happened to the cool, calm professional I had heard about. Tre shrugged. Humans tended to be irrational, and unfortunately, this one was no different. However, Tre did find what she was looking for, namely, whether Asiya would help her in the second stage or not. Now, she knew, definitely not. But the first stage...

Tre walks over to Asiya, and lightly taps her on the shoulder. "I am sorry if I offended, diplomacy is not my strong point. I tend to talk candidly, as they taught me in the army. I present you with my small problem. I have begun to... insert a small, select group of special operations into a country. However, they are not the government's. I need to follow these highly trained foriegn professionals without alerting them." Tre lets the unspoken question hang in the air.

Another OOC: Yeah, I see NO way Tre offended anybody. If I did give that impression, sorry, English is my second language. :oops:
29-05-2004, 02:19
Finding none to say more than a passing gesture to, Emperor Matthew VI goes to the bar to seek out a beverage.
Scandavian States
29-05-2004, 02:27
[Well, Tre rather abruptly corrected her about something she knows quite a bit about, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Asiya's just a tad pissed. Oh, and in most Scandavian's minds, corporations and governments are there to serve the people, the fact that they gain money doing so is seen as a reward for services rendered.]

Asiya forced herself to calm down some, but a touch of frost was still in her voice, "So you want Imperial special forces to watch them and if need be take them out?" First she tells me she's head cheerleader for her government and then she tells me she's using specially trained mercenaries to do God knows what. Why am I sensing a power play? That's all right, I can make one of my own but she's not going to see it coming. "If that's the case, I'll pass the request along to my uncle."

[It should go without saying that anything in italics is her thoughts and unless Tre can read minds they're as secret as can be.]
29-05-2004, 03:28
Kayla Harmone had slept well that night, spending only a few minutes to reflect on the day and how the others burnt more bridges then they made during those discussions... however little could get in the way of an Iuthian's sleeping pattern, they were naturally hard working people and any which had attended boot camp (which could mean anyone over the age of 18 ) would have learnt the be able to fall asleep as soon as they hit the sack, you needed your sleep where ever you could get it in the military.

None the less she wasn't too troubled by the whole affair, it hadn't really affected Iuthia's standing and they were not talked into another ill-concieved alliance. Now the rest of her time here would probably be more simplistic, just smile and talk to the others, perhaps meet new nation who weren't complete idiots with their security.

As naturally as a flower which opens at dawn, Kayla awoke. 7 am as usual, she had a shower, got dressed and had breakfast, followed by prepation for the wedding. She had the present carefully wrapped and her security was briefed of the up coming operation to assure her safety.

She then used her time carefully, reading reports of the diplomatic events of the past 24 hours, reading carefully as to what has changed and what remains. The world was very unstable at this time, not Iuthia itself of course, which had been peaceful for well over 150 years now, but overall many more nations were prepared to go to war over little more then an insult.

Never-the-less the time came for her to get into her dress for the wedding and make her way to the palace. Like many women around the world she spend almost an hour getting it perfect, not wearing anything to extravagent as to show up the bride but not wearing anything to plain to look as though she put in all the effort which she did.

With care she set off, again hiring a Credonian motorcade to take her to her destination, with her rode her two personal bodyguards, both of which were wearing their ceremonial suits\uniforms and over course they sat next to their Gauss Rifles.

A little late, they motorcade arrived at the palace steps. With care Lizo the Clanger bodyguard got out and opened the door for Kayla, who now emgerged from the vehicle.

She was wearing another simple white dress, it went down all the way to her ankles though with a cut on each side to allow freedom of movement and to show a little bit of leg. Kayla herself was about 5'9" and around (f anyone had to guess) 135lbs in wieght, her slim figure was further complemented by her long hazel hair which reached down below her sholder blades. Her skin was pale, which was unusual among Iuthian's who were generally tanned from their warm weather, though Kayla herself spent alot of time out of the country. She was also wearing platinum jewelery, to go with the white dress.

With her came her two body guards, one a large stocky man with blonde hear and tanned rough skin, he looked a little bit like a tall german man would look if he went on holiday alot. Meanwhile the other gaurd was much shorter, maybe about 4'9" though that would be due to his race. Lizo was a clanger, one of the rarer more interesting races in Iuthia's society and he was the first of his kind to join the Black Viper Specialist ranks... they looked a little bit like large pink mice which walked on two flat feet, very odd to say the least. Both of them wore the black uniform of the Black Vipers, each had been expecially tailored to be both a uniform and a suit for such occasions, though it also had a small amount of armour in places.

The two gaurds had sidearms ready at their sides, set up for the individual by the individual... however these guns wouldn't concern the guests, the large high tech rifles that were worn on their backs may have though.

Kayla simply made her way up the steps to be formally anounced by the doorman.
29-05-2004, 08:46
Flanked by two bodyguards, both once a member of the Al-Sabirian SBS, Farid and his wife, Rana, climbed the stairs up to the palace, impressively decorated for the wedding.

"Do you have our gift?"

Rana nervously whispered.

"Yes, of course, right here,"

Farid responded, slightly irritated by the concerns of his wife, as he showed her the brown envelope, having the official seal of the President stamped onto it. They made their way to the entrance, where they were greeted by a number of Credonian officials....
29-05-2004, 09:19
The representative walked slowly up to the grand door and rapped twice in succession.
29-05-2004, 14:19
OOC: I love personal conflicts. And yes, I know the italics rule. I am using it myself. Also, the information about Scandanavian attitudes towards corporations would have been appreciated beforehand. :wink:

IC: Tre made a mental note not to piss the laday anymore. Tre sensed an almost neurotic tendency of self-assured superiority and emotional instability, and Tre has no doubts this women had the means to destroy any obstacles she might face. An almost worhty opponent, if she wasn't so trivial in the plan.

Tre shakes her head almost sadly as she thinks this. "No, of course we would not even think of subjecting your vaunted special forces to any plans or ideas we may have. Though, if your uncle agrees we may accept. We are simply curious as to your training of the forces. We understand it may be classified, but we still we're wondering if perhaps we could establish a temporary alliance based on training our soldiers in return for... a special service only we can provide." Tre smiled. And she hoped to Kalau this women wasn't armed at the moment, as Tre did not want to get in a fight with another, probably more experienced soldier.
Scandavian States
29-05-2004, 17:04
[Sorry about not including that little tidbit, I usually think of such character traits as secondary. And just an FYI, she isn't armed but she doesn't need to be, almost all Scandavians are well versed in at least one martial art and that is further enhanced by military hand-to-hand combat training. That's probably something else I should have mentioned.]

"Oh, it's not really any great secret. Kraft Opklaring regiments are trained in a hybrid Force Recon/Special Boat Service system, our Fallskarmsjagarna regiments are trained in an enhanced Ranger system, and our SSG regiments are trained in an SAS system that is augmented with VIP protection training, which is their primary mission. We might be able to train your forces, so long as they are from your government's armed forces," Asiya answered. And I'm going to convince my uncle to send in a couple battalions, whether this lady knows about it or not.

Asiya seemed to ponder something and then asked, "I'm curious, just how many corporations is your government having trouble with?"
29-05-2004, 17:45
Alexander lets out a chuckle at the ambassarod's remarks.

"Right, i forgot you live here. Well in that case, grab a wine, make yourselfs comfortable and welcome back to the Palace. Now if you will please excuse me, i have other guests to greet"

Alexander shakes the ambassador and his wifes(?) hand and heads towards Ms. Harmone.

"Ah, hello again. Thanks again coming." he takes her hand and kisses it respectfully.

"Aside from all the bad things that have happened here in the past few hours, are you enjoying yourself?"
29-05-2004, 18:07
Tre grins, while wincing inside. A capitalizt, first in my country, and now at a Credonian wedding. If she only knew how horrible they are.

"How many? Depends, if you count the lesser companies that are part of the whole, hundreds. If you count only the conglomerates, four. Tropi Industries, Jolean Coroporation, The Fillipines, and perhapsa the largest and the most dangerous, S&y. They are, respectively, space and naval technology, information technology, media, and the last, a clothing company." A bitter msile touches her lips. "And if they ever worked together, the government would lose a war, expect for its allies in the IADF."

OOC: Credonia, please respond to my telegrams, or, if you didn't get them, let me know.
29-05-2004, 18:12
*the Kihamerian Admiral, and his bodyguards were still waiting at the door for a proper entrance, at this time a few others had arrived at the door, so the Kihamerians just waited in a small group.*
Scandavian States
29-05-2004, 18:54
[No, not a capitalitz. She's gathering intel for her own purposes and needs to know what her fellow Marines might be up against.]

True amusement showed on her face, "No offense, but your most dangerous advesary is a clothing company? I always thought the clothing types were pacifistic liberals. Thank you for this lively conversation and when I next talk to my uncle I'll be sure to relay this conversation to him. Now if you'll excuse me I must go greet the other representatives."
29-05-2004, 19:42
Kayla respectfully allows her hand to be kissed before answering. "It's our pleasure, President Sutton. I assure you that the entertainment provided by your other guests has proven most satisfying." Kayla gave a faint smile before she notioned Lizo over to her.

"We were hard-pressed to think of gift for yourselves, so we stuck with something to remind you of us. Lizo, could you hand me present please?" The small Clanger waddled over to Kayla and handed her a long box, the wrapping was rather simple in design, blue with a red ribbon, the colors of Iuthia. When Kayla took the present you could she the weight pulling down on her arms, clearly whatever it was would be heavy. One the side of it was a small note with an offical Credonian seal on it to proove it had been checked...

"Would you like to leave this for the wedding itself or would you like to open it now? We've not really got the same traditions so we are unsure as to the ettiquette of the situation... " Kayla smiled apologetically. Meanwhile her two escorts milled around, keeping their eyes peeled. They were under strict instructions to leave everything to the Credonian security unless it posed a direct threat to Kayla herself.

Kayla didn't really know much about the formal ettiquette of present giving at a wedding, so she decided prior to the wedding to just let Alexander himself chose how and when to accept it, when all things were concidered this was something Iuthian's didn't really do, so it wasn't like they could offend the Iuthians either way.
29-05-2004, 19:47
Tre sighed and went back to Ilian, who was striking up a lively discussion with Credonian on the effects the proliferation of storefronts had on the effectiveness of using real estate in place of a currency, and how that in turn, might spark greater numbers of Socialists.

A sad day indeed, when a trained soldier scoffs in the face of one the most powerful corporations in the South Pacific. S&y. I suppose her intelligence was overestimated when we made that dossier, I'll have to fix that.

OOC: Tre is very anti-capitalizm, that is why she viewed Asiya as a Capitalizt. Oh, and clothing companies are the most powerful of all. Look at the influence Abercrombie & Fitch and Nike have had on teenagers, especially in the States. :wink:
29-05-2004, 19:59
"Hmm, well, lets wait until Fate comes over to open it." He becons for one of the Palace butlers to come over.

"Can you call Fate over immediatly please" Alexander asks the butler.

"Right away Mr. President" He scurrys away to fetch the Empress.

Alexander turns back to Ms. Harmone.

"Well while were waiting for Fate to come over, Im interested in expanding relations between our two nations. While we obviously have some level of contact with each other, its not as close and tight-knit as Id like it to be. In a way, it seems as both of our nations try to steer away from each others affairs instead of working together. I guess we can blame that on Credonia's pasts morals, values, and foreign policies."

Alexander begins to slowly walk around the palace grounds with Ms. Harmone.
29-05-2004, 20:19
"Let's go Colonel. I want to get back to Grand Duke One." The Grand Duke says as he packs his personal suitcase.

"Sir," the Colonel says, "What about the wedding?

"Send them a watch. Just tell them we've left. I've got more important things to do than sit around here and be in this country."

The Grand Duke and his entourage leave the hotel for the Air Base, ready to leave Credonia with all haste.
29-05-2004, 20:40
Fate was scribbling in an old tattered book stopping occasionaly before writing again noting everthing she had done over the past few days,she stopped and closed the book while a tear ran down her face, suddenly there was a quick knock a the door. .


A butler enters the room. .

"Sorry to disturb you Emperess but you are needed immediatly"

Nods to the butler and replys

"its ok just lead the way please"

"right this way Emperess"

The emperess followed the butler out of the room and closed the door behind her.She was led down some stairs and into a room where Alexander was waiting. . .
30-05-2004, 06:26
Kayla raised an eyebrow, then replied in her formal voice. "That is because while we are in an allied state we rarely share the same interests. Many of your nations reactions to incidents seem to be heavy handed, in a situation where only a light knock is required you favor a heavy blow. We, don't particularly mind that approach but it's not how we would handle things... as such we keep prefer to keep our distance, it important for us not to get involved in a conflict unless we aboslutely have to and well... Credonia attracts conflict." Kayla sighed, the honest approach is often the best approach, understanding is key in such a situation and a misunderstanding could cause trouble along the line... she didn't beleive Credonia had got any less militant but that much she didn't say. She simply smiled.

"However, I can understand you wanting to improve relations... we are generally very loyal to nations who have earned our trust and currently you have a fair bit of that trust." A little further behind them as they walked around the palace ground, Kayla's bodyguards kept a respectable distance, though they followed close enough to keep Kayla in their line of site. "I wouldn't say that Iuthia steers away from Credonia in particular, we just don't have anything with work together with Credonia on... we have no interest in ridding the world of terrorism, you may as well try and hold back the sea with a fork. We deal with terrorism when it is in our interest to do so. Meanwhile many other projects do no interest Iuthia, we have our own systems of charity and banking... so I wouldn't say we are avoiding contact with Credonia, it's just we have no real issue to work with Credonia on in the first place."

"Good relations with Iuthia is down to a few basics; don't threaten nations unless there is no other way to deal with them, being reliable and trustworthy, generally having a polite diplomatic manner goes a long way. We don't expect much from our allies, we just want honest well meaning nations... if you really want to keep Lord General deGritz sweet I would advise being polite and respectful, afterthat it's simply a matter of keeping a good record and you'll have a friend for life."
Scandavian States
30-05-2004, 06:46
[What did Tre expect? The Imperium has faced down and won against far more powerful enemies. Not only that but the Imperium has nearly two billion more citizens than your country, given that there are five sides to this conflict that further compounds the resources problem. Furthermore, the Imperium has one of the most powerful wet navies in the world. Why should a strong and powerful entity such as the Imperium fear a corporation from a country that is in a civil cold war?]
30-05-2004, 17:26
"Ah. I suppose you do have a point about Credonia's heavy handedness whe nit comes down to military armed conflicts. In the old days prior to the old military doctrine, Credonia's approach was to show the world that serious repercussions would result if nations acted a certain way against not only Credonia, but innocent nations. The only way to properly and efficiently convey that point was to use massive military force against the enemy. This method was in fact effective aginst terrorists such as GLA, and nations such as Inner Heaven, and other terrorist and terrorist supporting nations. Since then, not one terrorist attack has occured on Credonian territory or the territory of our closest ally, and Credonia has yet to see sucn a thing occur anytime in the future.

As for the interests between our two nations are concerned, perhaps we can learn from each other, as we both posess certain qualities, that if put together, would definitly benefit the general international community and strengthen relations. Adding to that point, the attitude displayed during Concordia discussions may seem to be ALMOST anti-Iuthian, but we have nothing but respect for your great nation, even though we do disagree strongly with some of the things that you do and some of the methods in which you use to pursue certain ends to whatever situation you may be dealing with. "

From the corner of his eye, Alexander sees Fate emerging from inside the Palace and turns.

"Ah, heres the Empress now. Fate, this is Kayla Harmone of Iuthia. Madam Harmone, this is my beautiful fiancee Fate of IIsidua. We were just discussing Credonia-Iuthia relations while we waited for you. She has presented us with a gift. I thought you should be present when it is opened"
30-05-2004, 18:24
Kayla just kept smiling, it was her own version of remaining poker faced, not revealing her inmost thoughts. She had spent alot of time learning about body langauge and other linked subjects, they often gave her an edge. She knew Iuthia wouldn't change it's methods, not when it was ruled by one man, James deGritz, and a stuborn man he was.

Kayla turned to watch Empress Fate approach, she certain fit her title an empress should. Upon their introduction Kayla bowed to her as a sigh of respect, she wouldn't curtsy, Iuthian's never curtsy, always bow.

The present contained a perfectly to scale model of an Iuthian Gauss Rifle, engraved with the words:

"May you always find strength to do in your heart what you know is right. - James deGritz, leader of the Iuthian people -"

The model was accurate to the milimetre on the outside, made of the same materials, however it clearly wouldn't actually work as it insides where not accurate and only served to make sure the weight of the model was accurate... as such it was heavy with the compact design required for the real rifle to be more reliable.

Kayla simply continued. "I'm afraid we couldn't think of anything more suitable as we're sure you have all the car's and spare homes you will ever need... instead we felt this guesture would be enough, though perhaps its more suitable for yourself President Sutton..."
30-05-2004, 20:27
OOC: Whoa, I never even meant for you to get involved, Tre really was just making small talk and testing ideas, she never asked for anything until Asiya offered. If you really have someting against me OOC, I will back off.

Second, S&y is not from Lindim, at the moment it has it's HQ in Lindim, it has been around a loooong time in the SP. I am not insulting your country, if you want me away form you I will.

Actually, forget this. Lindim is withdrawing from the wedding due to OOC issues spilling into IC conversations. Scandanavia, if I really offended you somehow, TG me. Let this be a place for IC talk.

IC: Ilian bed his farwell, citing pressing matters.
30-05-2004, 22:13
Fate stopped and took a small yet splendid bow IIsiduan style and greeted Kayla Harmone . .

"i am most honored to meet you and i am most pleased that this day has finally come"

Fate turned to look at Alexander and walked slowly up to him smiling happily,

"you look splendid ive never seen anyone as smart as you" said Fate smoothly"perfect like always"

Fate kisses Alex on the cheek and smiles before taking his hand.
31-05-2004, 01:22
*as the Kihamerians wait outside, for any formal welcome, soem of the body guards begin to joke with each other*
[bg3] "maybe they are not home ?"
[bg4]"yeah, lets go home, they arent here"
[Admiral]"Shhh ! they are here, now be quiet"
[bg3]"yessir, sorry sir, i see the errors in my ways, i apologize. lets give them the present, and then leave"
[Admiral]*shakes head* "another comment, and i will have you fined, this is a happy day, enough with youre jokes."
[bg3]"yes sir, sorry sir, it wont happen again, but you...."
[Admiral]"Good, make sure that it doesnt."*said the Admiral,purposely interupting to prevent anotehr comment.*
31-05-2004, 02:46
"Wow, thank you. Its an honor to accept this gift. I shall place this among some of Credonia's most precioust artifacts presented in the Palace."

Alexander turns to Fate, who has taken his hand, and blushes as she kisses his cheek.

"Glad you could join us" he says as he returns the kiss on the cheek.

"I really cant believe this is happening. Never in a million years did I think that i would be standing here, about to get married to the most beautiful woman on this earth" Alex grins.

Front of the Palace

Two secret service agents greet the Kihamerian Admiral and his bodyguards.

"Welcome to the Presidential Palace. The wedding is taking place in the palace backyard. Please follow me.

The agents lead the dignitaries to the backyard and straight to the President who is still talking with Ms. Harmone and Fate.
Scandavian States
31-05-2004, 03:30
[You aren't in my face and you certainly haven't offended me personally, I'm just giving OOC perspective to an IC conversation. I also realize you didn't intend for me to get involved, but Murphy is the king of the Law of Unintended Consequences.]
Independent Hitmen
31-05-2004, 12:48
President Anderson had just walked into the massive reception area when one of the agents with him tapped him on the shoulder.

"Sir, Vice-President Bull is on the line, it is very urgent concerning the satellite pass on DB."

President Anderson looked slightly miffed but took the call anyway.

"Simon this is James........."

Four minutes later, he continued his walk to the other diplomats. He spotted Alex talking with some others and headed over, the gifts in his pocket. His mood had been changed dramatically by the phone call, he was know considerably more annoyed, and disturbed.

OOC: Ill post better later.
31-05-2004, 14:32
ok time for my introduction:
The limousine pulled a sharp handbrake turn, and skidded down the pathway into the palace. The ambassador stepped out, and two guards flanked him. The guards didnt appear armed, but they held Tokarev 98's in their inside pockets. The ambassador walked up to the door slowly, with his present in one hand.
31-05-2004, 19:41
*the Kihamerian Admiral signals for two guards to stay behind.*
"You two, stay behind, keep the taxis around, i dont want to talk to the hotel" *said hte Admiral, and then he began following hte Credonians, up to the president of Credonia, the Admiral looks around at the backyard, and then leans over to his bodyguards that are still with him.*"Get me a seat, before they are all taken, please"*he whisperd to his bodyguards, and tehn directed his attention to the president, who was tlaking with someone else at the time.*
01-06-2004, 08:56
"Ah admiral, what an honor of you to come. Welcome to the Palace. If im not mistaken, the last time a Kihamerian representative was here was during the alliance talks back when my father was putting together the original IADF. Allow me to introduce you to my lovely soon to be wife Fate of IIsidua, the most beautiful woman in Credonia (and the world), and Ms. Kayla Harmone of Iuthia."

Alexander takes a short glance around before continuing.

"So Admiral, how has your stay here been so far?

A Credonian agent intercepted the Hogsweattian(?) ambassador.

"Right this way sir. The wedding is out back. Also, if you could leave your guards out here, Credonian security is quite adequate"
02-06-2004, 01:41
*The Admiral walks up to the group.*
"If i remember correctly, the IADF was a newly formed allience when Kihameria joined, i am not sure if a delegate was at those talks."
*the Admiral bows slightly to the ladies and then turns to Alexander.*
"My stay has been well, the hotel seems full, but with all the delegates i can understand." *the Admiral then quickly shakes his head.*
"I am sorry, please forgive my manners, my name is Peter Kiovesk, i take it you are Alexander. I must ask for a moment of youre time later, to discuss a gift, but you are busy at the moment, so have a good day, and congradulations on youre marrige."
*the Admiral bowed once more, and gave a salute before going to find his body guards, and his seat.*
05-06-2004, 14:27
ooc: bump, and revival
05-06-2004, 17:24
Alexander spots President Anderson walking towards and pardons to be excused by Ms. Harmone. He begins walking over with Fate at his side holding hands. As he approaches the President he extends his hand for a firm handshake.

"President Anderson, glad to see you. Hows it going old chap. I hope the security hasnt caused you any problems?"
Independent Hitmen
05-06-2004, 21:04
President Anderson took the hand and shook it. He then laughed at the question.

"Course not, although the Secret Service wernt too happy about it. Somebody pulled a little stunt in sure your aware of it, but what the heck it just makes them look like fools! Congratulations by the way, dont think I've said that yet! Beautiful isn't she darling" he said as he turned to his wife and gave her his knowing smile.

Alex smiled back "Very darling, if only I was so lucky"

"Thats very funny" replied the President in his sarcastic tone usually reserved for his family and close friends. "Anyway Alex we have a coupla of gifts for you and your beautiful wife to be."

He fished into the pocket of his suit and came out with a black box as his wife got out another similar box from her large purse which she was carrying.

Together they handed them over to Alex and Fate with a slight bow, as was customary in the USIH when giving a gift.

OOC: I was thinking a diamond encrusted gold watch for the Emperor, completely inpractible but very nice to look at, and some very nice expensive jewlerry for Fate? You better get back to me if that doesnt sound rite never been to a wedding and i dont have a gd imagination :P!
07-06-2004, 01:29
Kayla watched as the Credonian pardoned themselves, all the while smiling and thanking them for their generous comments. After a moment they were gone, off to speak with President Anderson and his wife, whom Kayla met the other night during the "incident"... she was a nice enough woman and Kayla would have to finish that conversation with her some time.

Now, however Kayla had been left to her own devices, near an enterance back into the palace. She notioned to her body gaurd to follow her as she went to mingle with some of the other guests.

OOC: Seeing as it's hard to say who's RPing and who is waiting I'll just leave this open so that someone can start to talk to Kayla if they want, though if no one wants to I'll assume she just makes small talk with some of the minor guests.
07-06-2004, 04:20
(ooc:im basically waiting, my last post was my charecter going to make sure his bodyguards getting seats, i can go find Kayla if you want.)