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Massive Explosions in Celdrone

25-05-2004, 07:19
"This is Dan Victor with GBV news. I am here in Belkem where a unexplained explosion has decimated down town, destroying the local hosptial, a police station, several aparment builds, and six local business." The camera shifts off of him and on to a scene of destruction normaly found only in war. What plants remain are on fire, the pavement has been both thrown about and melted, there are huge piles of rubble that were once buildings, the burnt frames of several cars are near the edge of the destruction, and at the center of the destruction a crater, that is one hundred and ten feet wide and eighty feet deep, sits there, "We...we don't know what happend but we do know that at least seven hundred people are dead." In the background sirens can be heard approaching.
25-05-2004, 07:22
Are medical personnel needed? We can offer 500 Government employed doctors, free of charge.
25-05-2004, 07:24
Sounds dangerous.
25-05-2004, 07:24
Members of the TPHA (Transnapastain Public Health Athority) can be flwon in to help treat the injured/recover the dead, should you wish it
25-05-2004, 07:25
A response is sent back to Shmorgasborg almost as soon as their message is received.
IC: No thank you. Please stay away.

OOC: FYI this is part of the rp its not directed to you specificly.
25-05-2004, 07:27
A response is sent back to Transnapastain almost as soon as their message is received.
IC: No thank you. Please stay away.

OOC: Again part of the rp, just be persistent.
25-05-2004, 07:27
A response is sent back to Transnapastain almost as soon as their message is received.
IC: No thank you. Please stay away.

OOC: Again part of the rp, just be persistent.

OOC: Understood, good luck with yuor RP
25-05-2004, 07:27
OMG 1 NUk3 J00@@inb11oneone
25-05-2004, 07:28
OOC: Would you please translate that out of n00b.
25-05-2004, 07:29
he siad hes going to use nuclear weapons on you

"oh my god, i nuke you"
25-05-2004, 07:32
OMG 1 NUk3 J00@@inb11oneone
"Oh My God, I nuke you!"
-Say this in a high, shrill voice.
25-05-2004, 07:32

jk :)
25-05-2004, 07:32
OOC: Thanks Trans. And as for you Shmorgasborg your sense of humor sucks.
25-05-2004, 07:33

The Government of Transnapastain acknowledges your request, however, must insist that you allow aid to be brought to your people, in times of need, humans must assist each other in the name of survival, we again, petition for health workers to enter the nation


OOC: Again part of the rp, just be persistent.

Is this want you want, for us to press the issue?
25-05-2004, 07:33
:( i was just kidding..
25-05-2004, 07:34
To Trans: Yes, thank you.
To Shmorg: I just saw your LMAO post and I changed mine. Sorry.
25-05-2004, 07:36
Again a message is sent off almost as soon as Transnapastain.'s is received.
"We do not need help. We refuse your plea.
25-05-2004, 07:42
OIS SatRec Command
Valhalla Command Center

“Sir, Celdrone still refuses to let aid workers into their nation” says the young Captain "It almsot seems like an automated response, its comming in almsot as soon as ours is recieved"

“Really?” said General Davis “Interesting they were just rocked by a powerful explosion, a strong economy, and are relatively small, they should be jumping at the chance to receive aid, thus not tying up funds in aid work they could use on something else.” He stopped to consider

“Send the message again, insist that we be allowed to enter, something about humans rights….reliving the pain…make it sound pretty. Get an Eye on it, get me all available intelligence on them, I want to know their leader, military composition, political affiliation, allies, what have you, also, prepare an SUR-21 to do an over flight of the nation, specifically the blast sight, but don’t launch it just yet.” Said the General

“Yes sir” said the Captain, who rushed off to do his bidding
25-05-2004, 07:48
OOC: This cannot be used in your in character posts since its all secret.
Minister Conner: Transnapastain is not giving up.
King Alexander: I never should have let you talk me into this.
Minister Conner: Whats done is done, all we can do now is cover it up, but not if we get any "help".
King Alexander: Fix it and fix it now.
Minister Conner: It's not that easy and you know it.
King Alexander: This was your plan from the begin, now just fix it, goddamnit!
King Alexander stromed out of the palace's coms room and into his private quaters.
25-05-2004, 07:53
OOC: Here is the information your intelligencew turned up, Trans.

Leader: Alexander, Kyle, King of Celdrone
Military Composition: Army
400,000 Infantry
200,000 Reserve Infantry
6,500 C-190 (Shield Class) Tanks
13,500 C-220 (Frontrunner) Class Tanks
12,000 R-19 (Rat) Class Armored Troop Transport Vehicles
2,000 WX-198 Mobile Striker Missile Batteries

Air Force
1,500 DL-45 (VJF) Class Fighters
500 CP-290 (Bat) Class Bombers
200 XG-653 (Cyclops) Class Radar Planes
100 CL-30 (Raven) Class Armed Transport Helicopters
500 CL-60 (Navaho) Class Fighter Helicopters
20 BD-189 (Cosmos) Class Transport Planes

No information availible.
Political Affilition: Unavailible
Allies: Celdrone is a member of the CFA
25-05-2004, 07:58
OOC: G2G for the night, but I'll be back some time tomorrow night.
25-05-2004, 07:58
OOC: Understood, I’m not one to use Secret IC or OOC to my advantage :) Alright, good night


“General, no response, totally silent comms from Celdrone.” said the Captain

“Son of a…why do we even bother…who refuses aid, my god, I thought everyone loved free stuff!” ranted General Davis

“. Sir” said the Captain uncomfortably

“Umm, sorry, Captain, I don’t normally rant like that, anyways. It seems that there’s something fishy going on in Celdrone, and I want to know what. Have SatRec continue operations, and have that SUR-21 launch from Majesty Air Fleet base, clear it for Directorate airspace at 1400, alt 20,000. Have it ascend to 70,000 feet and overfly the target zone, recording in and out, they shouldn’t be able to see it, and if they can, they wont be able to properly ID it, unless it happens to get shot down, so instruct the pilots to ensure, in that event, that nothing identifiable remains, including themselves. Understood?

“Sir, understood” said the Captain

“Good, then contact MAFB and have it launch at 1400”

“Also, sir, the information you requested,” said the Captain, handing him a PDA

“I see, they use self-styled aircraft and land systems…. we cant exploit weaknesses in thing we’ve ever fought. Their numbers are inferior to ours, as was expected. Good thing we use self-created aircraft too, so they cant exploit our weaknesses either.,” mused the General

“What’s this CFA? It rings a bell, but its not coming up in the computer get on the horn and ask the ISA over Kaukolastan way if they know it.” continued the General. Its odd they don’t have any naval information….”

OOC2: Its cool if you have classified naval info, but, I’m not sure if you even have one, could you at least tell me, OOCly, if you do, we could see the ships, with Sats, we just couldn’t get a fix on the make, or name. Also, the plane headed towards your nation…as secretly as a high speed recon aircraft can manage, is nothing more than a modified and updated SR-71
25-05-2004, 08:06
{UMNCC, Militia. Michael Minter walks over to his cubicle inside the maze of offices and cubilces in the 12th Division, Jounalism dept.}

Michael: Hmmm...Let's see what things I have to sort through today...

{Michael switches on his desktop. Once logging into the network, several messages appear on his monitor}

Michael: Hmmm...Terrorist attacks...Explosions in some unknown country...Building of a "new" moon base...Bah...They all sound boring...I'll go with the uknown explosions...I did terrorist attacks last week...

{Michael reads the information provided by the 5th Division, Intelligence dept. and writes up an article, which he posts with the other articles going into the "International News" section of the -Noir- Daily News =Metro Edition=}
25-05-2004, 08:10
updated last IC post
26-05-2004, 05:17
OOC: I haven't writen up one yet and I am waiting for a couple ships to be built. So I have no naval presence as of yet. The CFA is the Coalition Forces Alliance, for more infor search for it as a region.

Your Spy Plane Info: The pictures reveal that what ever the explosion was it wasn't nuclear, as people in military uniforms are stationed well inside the blast radius. Some people are there setting up large devices in some pictures, and in another picture the remains of what was once a person is being carried under a tent.

Secret Info (you can use this and say a satalite of yours captured these images due to a programing mistake or that you monitor all new nations, whatever): Satalite photographs show several startiling images. First every
thing is fine then a black circle appears, where later the crater will be, in the next few photos the circle gets larger until it covers the entire damaged areas. Then the circle disapears with a bright white flash, then everything is normal, except for the damage.
26-05-2004, 05:58
OIS Conference Room
Valhalla Command Center

“Sir, the SUR-21 has returned to Majesty Air Fleet Base, they report they have some interesting picture for us.” Said the Captain

“Really….let see them.” Replied General Davis

The Captain typed a few command into the computer, and several imagoes began to cycle through on the main projector screen. In one, several uniformed military personal could be seen within blast crater. Several of them are constructing several large devices, unknown type. In one photo, the remains of what was once a human was being carried out of a tent.

“Interesting…but not of much use to us.”

“Sir, Return from the ISA, the CFA is the Coalition Forces Alliance, no information provided.” Called the Comms officer

‘Sir,” said the SatRec Duty Officer, “I had my men go back review some sat recordings we had, and also some sent in by Kaukolastan and the FWS TK division station here, of the nation, and blast site, just before the explosion, watch.” He said

A black circle appeared, then, it expanded outward, then, abruptly, vanished in a white flash.

“Overlay those, with the bombsite pictures taken by the Sat…” said General Davis

Indeed, the black circle encompassed the blast crater, and the circle expanded out to the edge of the damaged areas.

“Interesting, if I had to guess, I’d say that Celdrone “oppsed” with some kind of weapon. We want this weapon, Here’s what we’re going to do.

Private comms to Celdrone

We have seen the pictures of your damaged areas, and must, again, insist that you allow health workers into your nation to assist in the clean-up operation.

Ironically, analysis conducted shows that this was some kind of botched weapons test, and not some random terrorist bombing, or accidental explosion. We wish to know the truth. Should you fail to comply, several international media groups may find these photos in their in-boxes, you wouldn’t want that, would you? All those nations crying about human rights violations….not good for your nation, is it? We have ample evidence to bring the international human rights mongers down on you.

You have 72 hours.

Attached were copies of the pictures taken from the SUR-21

OOC: We did not let you know about the Sat pics we captured showing the black, expanding circle. We only hinted we know something is fishy. What we’re basically after, in the end game, is whatever weapon you used here.
26-05-2004, 06:19
Coms room of the Celdrone Royal Palace

"Goddamnit Conner, we can't let this leak out. How are we going to fix this? Lets hear some ideas, now," King Alexander shouts at his minister of Defense.
"We could try and bribe them or-," he is cut off by the Director of Intelligence, Jacob Peterson.
"They are many times our size the only things we could bribe them off with are the very things we want kept secret. Sire I suggest raising the Teleportation Barrier."
The King thought it over and then ordered the Teleportation Barrier to be raised.
"Jacob what else do you recommend," the King asked wearily.
"First of all I recomend releaving Minister Conner from his duties, so that he can not try and cover up any wrong doings on his part."
"What?! You bast-," Conner is once again interrupted, this time by the King.
"So ordered. Guard! Escort Minister Conner to his home. He is not to leave and no vistors may enter."
A guard escorts the fuming minister out of the room.
"Now, Sire, I need to know what happend and I need the truth."
The King sighed and covered his eyes before responding.
"Have you read the reports on Project Overload, yet?"
"Well we were transporting it in a flower delivery van, for security reasons of course, when it got involved in a trafic acciddent, and detonated. We can't except help or we'll be found out and now we are being blackmailed by Transnapastain, damn them."
"Holy shit, Sire. How could you let something of this power be driven through a city?"
"Conner persuaded me, its his pet project. He wanted it shipped to a better research lab, descreatly and look what happend."
"We have alot of work to do, Sire. But before that, when did you sleep last?"
"Two, three days, why?"
"You look horrible, Sire. You should get some rest, if anything happens I'll have you woken up."
The King noddes his assent and walks to the door. "Take care of Conner," he says over his shoulder as he opens the door. "And do it quietly."

Response to Transnapastain: We don't have any idea what you are talking about. This is obviously a terrorist action, the very suggestion of foul play on our part is offensive.
26-05-2004, 06:47
OIS Headquarters
Valhalla Command Center

The various heads of the Transnapastaini Military were gathered around the table, to discuss the growing tension between Transnapastain and Celdrone

“I say we invade!” shouted Field Marshal Harlem

The other officers gathered stared at him blankly

“What the…?” said General Davis “Harlem, shut up, we’re not going to invade, I can see the headlines now “Transnapastain invades small nation for not allowing in Health Workers”

“Well…we could say we were trying to protect their citizens human rights…or something….” stammered Harlem

“Ohh yeah! People are gonna believe that, since when are we interested in civil right?…Were the nation with very few civil rights…..that makes dissidents disappear in the night, and kills anyone who gets in its way….” Davis rolled his eyes “How the hell did you ever become Field Marshal, anyways.”

The Field Marshal began to utter a response

“Save it for someone who isn’t about to fire you.” responded General Davis before the other man could speak.

Grand Admiral Pearson spoke up.

“If you too are done….it seems to me that we could let them know we have the incriminating picture of…that weapon, and that we want it. If they don’t respond, we sell the pictures to the highest bidder.”

“That’s a good idea.” Added Air Marshal Jennings

“... Yes, we’ll do that, also, Grand Admiral, dispatch a small fleet, mostly hospital ships, send a Destroyer and ARIES escort, and the Dominator class Chimera also, send some of the modified Super Tanker VTOL carriers and troop ships, disguised, of course. Meaning, no officers on the decks, you know. Have them make way to Celdrone’s water border, and transmit entrance requests, thus keeping up the “official aid” charade. I don’t really care about the dead, anymore We need that weapon!

“Yes sir.” said Pearson.

--Message to Celdrone—

offenisve or not, truth is truth

We have some rather, incriminating pictures, of your new weapon, and its accidental detonationsomething, I know you don’t want the world to see, I suggest you give us details of this weapon. In return, we are still offer the help promised.

You have 72 hours


Picture included.

--Alexander Harbor—

The fleet, dubbed Task Force Hope, departed from port at 1400 the next day.


4 Bear-Class destroyers
8 ARIES cruisers (just like AGIES)
1 Dominator Class dreadnaught [I]Chimera[/I[
6 disguised Super Tanker VTOL carriers, holding a total of 60 AV-21 Blackjack fighters (AV-8’s)
2 disguised Super Tanker Troop ships, holding a total of 40 Special Forces Scorpion Units (40 people)
10 Hope slass hospital ships

OOC: please define the "teleportation barrier" Im a post-modren tech nation. menaing 2000-2020, mostly. No gravships or transporters here ;)
27-05-2004, 05:29
Celdrone Royal Palace

A uncomfortable private walked down the hall of the Celdrone Royal Palace. He stopped outside the King's bed chamber and handed his orders to the guards there. The examined them and then let him in. "Sire, Director Peterson needs you in the situation room. Sire?" He gulped and then walked to the edge of the bed and gently shook King Alexander awake, he then gave the King his message and retreated from the bed chamber.
The King walked into the situation room with a cup of coffee in his hand. "What is it," he growled grumpily as he settled in his chair.
Jacob passed over a print out of Transnapastain's last communication.
"Shit. Is the Teleportation Barriar up yet?"
"Yes, Sire, it was erected an hour ago as per your command," Jacob confirmed with a nod.
"I want suggestions, any kind, don't hold anything back."
"We could inform them that the only way they will see the weapon is if they wish to be on the receiving end," a general suggested heasitently.
"Yes lets threaten the giant nation, that will insure a long life for our country," another general shot back acidly. This started a loud and angry arguement. After five minutes the King quiets everyone by slamming his coffee mug on the table.
"The lot of you shut up. Jacob send them this," he preceded to explain his plan to the people gathered around the table.

Reply to Transnapastain: Yes a experimental weapon of ours detonated in one of our cities. The weapon is obviously unsound and is being scrapped. If you release any photos we will not be pleased. And since we posses these weapons (for a little while longer) and the ability to teleport them anywhere on earth.... well lets just say there will be more photos of its effects. Return you ships to their harbours.

OOC: The Teleportation Barrier is a massive teleportation field that we can generate over our entire nation. Anything that hits it is instantly transported to a preselected location (in this case twenty miles under the ocean).
27-05-2004, 05:33
OOC: Cant post tonight, not yet anyways, perhaps we could, umm, disreguard the Teleportation barrier, Im a post-modren tech nation....the only thing i can recogmend if you refuse to get rid of it, is to msake some kidn of way to bring it down, thereby giving me a fiar chance.
27-05-2004, 05:46
OOC: It can only handle a certain number of teleportations at the same time, if that number is exceded then its power supplies would blow up.
Here's a link for more info.
27-05-2004, 06:02
OOC: Great, thanks!!

Can you give me some general idea where you want this to go. My AIM is devdog01
27-05-2004, 06:03
OOC: I don't have any instant messenger programs, so I'll telegram you.
27-05-2004, 06:08
That will do
27-05-2004, 06:09
That is done.
27-05-2004, 06:10
27-05-2004, 06:17
27-05-2004, 06:35

“General…message from Celdrone, they said, in so many words, go fu<k yourselves, though, they did admit a weapon was accidentally used, said it was being scrapped…but threatened to us it on uses should we go public with our information…” said the Comms officer

“They did what now?” said General Davis “They threatened us? Have they no brains….we’re no super-power, but we could EASILY wipe the floor with them.”

“They seem to feel secure behind their Energy Teleportation Shield.” Replied a analyst

“If Sci-fi teaches us anything, its that any energy shield can be overwhelmed by brute force, or by matching its frequency with an energy based weapon…since we cant dot he latter…we’ll bombard the shit outta it, with UAV’s and ardy. Then, right on the tail end of that, fighters approach. Let them know we aren’t pulling back, in fact, dispatch another task force, comprised of 5 Hammer-class Bombardment ships. and the Obliterator class dreadnaught Impaler, allowing with destroyer and ARIES escorts, and dispatch the 1st ID (Infantry Division) with the fleet., and send them this message

Attention Celdrone,

We will not back down; the crimes you have committed will not be ignored, unless you turn over the weapon. Should you refuse to turn his weapon over, we will take it by force. We can overcome your shield, and we will occupy your nation. Not only will we take the weapon, but also, whatever else we want. I’m sure you don’t want it to come to
This, so, surrender it now, and we will not have to resort to any…unpleasant action. Resist, and prepare to be subjugated.

You have 48 hours to respond
27-05-2004, 07:01
Situation room in the Celdrone Royal Palace

"Ready our army and air force, we may have to fight them off," King Alexander ordered his Minister of Defense Lisa Benard.
"Yes, sire. May I suggest we go to Alert level 1 sire?"
"Do it. Jacob find out every thing you can about those ships they are sending here. Lisa prepar our Stinger missiles for launch. And just as a precaution load five nukes in the teleporter. If it comes to war, we won't win but we'll make them bleed."

Offical Reply to Transnapastain Directly from his most gracious Highness, King Kyle Alexander I: You do not frighten me, you do not frighten us. If you attack we will defend ourselves, and we will win. We will not surrender.
27-05-2004, 07:34
“They aren’t scared…..then they must be hell bent on suicide.” Muttered General Davis

“Sir, if I may?” said Grand Admiral Pearson

“Please, go ahead, Admiral.”

“I suggest we blockade them, they have no real naval presence, and our RAMS and CWIS should easily knock out any fighters or bomber they send in, and putting a CAP of I-1’s ((Basically F/A-18e SuperHornets)) and EAC-60’s (AAWCS) would help to spot incoming bombers, just like with Volga.”

“Indeed,, move the fleet into blockade position, tell them to stand ready, launch CAP, and sit tight.”

Response to Celdrone

“Prepare to become a protectorate of the Dominion, you still have 24 hours to change your mind and surrender your weapon
27-05-2004, 07:37
Reply to Transnapastain: In 24 hours we will still be safe and sound under our Teleportation Barrier. And in 25 hours we will launch our counter attack.
27-05-2004, 07:40
OOC: G2G for now, be back tomorrow. G'night.
27-05-2004, 08:04
“That’s enough of this,” said Davis “Show them we mean business”

“Sir?” asked Grand Admiral Pearson

“Order the Hammers, The Chimera and the Impaler to fire a full barrage into their shield, , at the same time, order the Destroyers to fire 2 cruise missiles each. If any missiles penetrate the shield, destruct them, we don’t want to kill anyone…yet. Also, send the carriers Dominant and Valiant to the area.”

“Yes sir.”

Aboard the Chimera

“Admiral, orders from Fleet Command at Wake Island.” Said the Comms officer “We are to bombard the Energy Shield…thingy…to show Celdrone we mean business…we are to not purposely kill anyone. If any Tomahawks get in the shield, they are to be detonated.”

“Understood” said Admiral Barns “Fleet, begin a 15 second bombardment. Of the shield, destroyers, fire 3 seconds and 10 seconds after the bombardment begins, 1 missile each time.”

“Acknowledged, Chimera” replied the fleet

“Fire!” said the Admiral

OOC: My sole intent is to cause you energy shield to flux by hitting it with missiles and Ardy shells, im not trying to shell your coast, or anything, we just want to make you flinch, and let you know we can, hopefully, bring your shield down at will.
28-05-2004, 02:30
"So, Trans is going postal on some little island? Heh, that should be funny." Sub-Director Allens kicked back in his leather chair, aiming his dart gun for a target over his door, a cell phone pressed in between his cheek and shoulder. "Remind me to send them a congradulations card."

"Actually, they have some sort of shield over their island, we're getting energy readings out the ass." The man on the phone replied coolly.

"Energy shield?" Allens asked incredulously. "What kind? Poweful magnetics?" He placed his hand over the phone and called for an aide, then placed the phone back in position.

As the door began to open, Allens drew a bead on the target not three inches above the doorframe. An agent leaned in and asked, "Sir, may I- holy shit!"


The steel dart slammed into the target, half a foot over the aide's head. The aide began to shake slightly. Allens burst out laughing. "No, stay. I need some data on this Celdrone nation. Get me everything... and have another aide bring it in. Don't warn them." Allens cocked the dart gun and grinned. He returned to the phone. "I'm looking into it now."

The other man coughed. "Were you terrorizing agents with that damn dart gun again?"

"Yep. Got it for my birthday. Love the thing." Allens fired another steel dart.


The other man sighed. "Listen. Get me as much info on that energy shield as you can. SatRec, atmospheric interactions, ecoligical effects. I want to know what powers it, how it works, and how Trans is going to hammer down."

"Yes, Director. Are we offering Trans our patented jackhammers?"

"Perhaps. Information is needed first, but a Tether may be in order. As you fight fire with fire, you fight energy with energy."

"Yes, sir. I'll get what I can, then relay it."

"Good. Kerrik, out." The phone clicked down.

Allens shook his head. Out? He spent too much time in the military. Allens had a stray thought and grinned. He pressed the intercom. "I need an aide in here..."

28-05-2004, 05:26
Situation room of the Celdrone Royal Palace

"Sire, our Barrier has just been hit by several attacks from Transnapastain's ships," a paniced young private shouted from his monitoring station.
"Is it holding," the King asked, sharply.
"Y-yes, Sire. It is holding at 98%, 99%, it's back to 100%, Sire."
"How long can we expect to hold out against them, Jacob," the King asked as he slid the glass door to his office shut.
"Maybe one, two days. It all depends on how they deal with our Barrier."
"Have they found away for us to teleport through the Barrier, yet?"
"They say its impossible, Sire. If we wish to attack we must drop the Barrier."
"Well we certiantly aren't going to drop the Barrier, but prep our fighters, and get our Striker missiles ready to launch," as Jacob left to do the what the King had commanded the added, "and draw up a surrender document, just incase."

Kaukolastan's Teleportation Barrier report:
The Teleportation Barrier was an indirect result of some Top Secret research into something called Hyper Plane Energies. It creates a massive teleportation field over the nation. Anything wandering into it (even their own things) gets teleported to a preselected destination. Its power generators are located somewhere underground. All satalite photos taken through it come out grainy, though with computer enhancement they can be fixed. It has no ecological effects unless it is used for an extended period of time. The effects of this are not unkown. The sky (when viewed through the Barrier is a shimmering red color.
30-05-2004, 02:35
30-05-2004, 04:30
Aboard the Chimera

“Sir, we noticed a slight shimmering in the barrier around the nation when we hit it, its stopped now, but, I think we may have hurt it a bit.” reported an Intel Analyst.

“Also, SatRec from OIS reports that SATINT (Satellite intelligence) pictures have become hazy since the barrier was raised.” Reported another officer

“Well, Kaukolastan seems to have an idea on how we can bypass it, but, we don’t really want to enter into a full scale war with these people. So, we try one more time, alert them we can bypass their shield at will, and are fully prepared to occupy their nation should they not turn over their weapon to us and punish those responsible… “ Said Admiral Barns

“But, sir, we don’t know if it will work…” interjected the young analyst

Barns glared at him sharply. “So, we tell them that we think we can get through…that’s not going to intimidate them. We tell them we can get through…and even if it isn’t true…they don’t know that. Disinformation can be as useful as information, never forget that.”

“Yes sir.” Replied the aide.

“Sir, if I may?” asked the Fleets Intelligence Officer

“Please, Commander.” Said Admiral Barns, gesturing for him to continue

“Sir, as a back-up plan, should they fail to meet the deadline, we can try and infiltrate their National broadcast networks, hijack the signal, and run pictures of the weapons test, pictures of the dead, and let the people their know that there was a detonation of weaponry in a city…of course leaving out it was an accident. The government may try to play it off as an accident, but would the people believe it? Political pressure could cause the collapse of the current regime. Even better, being their “liberators” we may be looked upon with favor, and be given the opportunity to see a friendly government installed here. Worst case, the people revolt, and a civil war ensures, we can then force our way thought he barrier restore order and ensure the friendly government outcome.” Said the officer

Barns considered “Ill send this plan back to OIS command, and see if they will sanction it, with the electronics on hand, can we hijack their signal, or at least broadcast into their nation?”

“Easily, sir” replied the Commander

“Good, pending confirmation, this plan may be the key to getting what we want, very good work” said Barns

Message to Celdrone

“Being that we are a compassionate nation, we wish to offer you one last opportunity to avoid bloodshed. We can and will bypass your shield; the attack was merely a probe. We then demand that you turn over the specs on your weapon, and punish the leaders responsible. Should you fail to comply, we are prepared to forcibly remove your leaders.”

You have 24 hours
01-06-2004, 05:22
01-06-2004, 06:08
Situation room of the Celdrone Palace

"Sire, I just received a report from the engineers stationed in the Barrier's power collocters, it isn't good, Sire," the technician was too unnerved by what the report said too be be nervous about meeting the King.
"What did it say?"
"It says the the attack has caused some damage to the regulators, and that if we take another attack they may explode."
"How much damage would they do if they exploded," the King asked wearily.
"They would vaporize anything within a one mile radius and then do extensive damge out to a four mile radius, Sire."
"What are the expected causualtys?"
"Two-hundred too three-hundred thousand civilians, Sire."
"Thank you, that will be all," the King waited for the technician to leave before speaking again. "What the hell are we going to do?"
"We should drop the Barrier and nuke those bastards," one very angry general shouted.
"Don't be an idiot, General. Sire you need to consider surrender," Director Jacob said quietly.
"You fool! We can win! Sire, give me the order and we can blast them off the face of the earth! We'll de-," he is silenced by the King's raised hand.
"Everybody but Jacob leave. And have a steward get me my son."
A few minutes later Prince Vincent Alexander walked into the situation room.
"Dad, I was asleep, what do you need," Vincent had been angry with his father ever since his father had refused to let him move out. Twenty years old and still living with mommy and daddy, how pathetic was that? But no somebody may try to kill him, so he had to stay in the Palace, with his brothers and sisters.
"I might be abdicating today, son."
"What?! But why?"
"Our current situation with Transnapistain. We would be destroyed in a war, and our Barrier can't stay up forever. I am sending them an offer of surrender, in which I abdicate. And since you are my oldest you would then be King."
"King? Me be the King? I can't be the King! I don't know how to be King!"
"Tough. You'll be the King and that will be the end of it."
"I can't run a country!"
"I'll be your advisor until you are capable of running the nation by yourself."
"Dad I can't be the King."
"Nonsense, I'll be there to help you and so will Jacob Peterson, he is the best man I-you have."

To Transnapastain: We cannot give you the specs, as you wouldn't be able to understand them or use them, also they are crucial to our national defense. The man cheifly responsible has died in a car crash. And I King Kyle Alexander I will abdicate my throne and leave it to my son Vincent. We will also allow you to construct a military base in our nation. If these terms are not exceptable then after you knock our Barrier down, we will launch an all out attack.
01-06-2004, 08:40
OIS Command
Valhalla Command Center

“Sir, transmission from Celdrone.” Said the Comms officer

“I see, ill take it in my office” said General Davis

He sat down at his computer, and read the report.

So, they want to surrender? Fine, I didn’t feel like obliterating a nation today anyways. They say we wont understand the weapon, let them think what they will. They offered us to construct a base within their nation, good, that will allow the OIS to keep tabs on them. he thought

he pressed the intercom

“Reply to Celdrone, tell them we accept their conditions of surrender. We will be constructing that military base, and also, propose to them a diplomatic alliance, so we can remain on good terms.” He said

“Yes sir.”

Message to Celdrone

We accept your conditions for surrender. We will construct a JSB (Joint Service Base) within your nation, along the coast-line, we require 20 square miles of land, we will provide the workers, and do the work ourselves.

We also, propose a diplomatic alliance, we would establish an embassy in your capital, and you may establish one in ours.

As a token of good faith, we offer 1 million USD to be spent on recovery operations and re-development of the urban area desolated by the blast.

Our ships will withdraw from blockade position right away
02-06-2004, 04:50
"Sire, they have excepted our terms. They also wish to establish an embassy here, and they have offered us an embassy in their nation."
"Hand me the print out Jacob," King Alexander said quietly. Director Jacob handed him the print out, the King read it quickly and then sighed.
"Vincent," he said as he turned to face his son, " go with Jacob, he'll start filling you in on some vital information."
Vincent was lead out by Jacob, leaving King Alexander alone in his office. He opened a desk draw and withdrew a bottle of bourbon. He poured himself a glass and downed it in one swallow.

To Transnapastain: You will be provided with an embassy and the needed land for your military base. As for the money, we must decline, this was our fault and we will fix it ourselves. As a sign of our good faith we will accept your offer of an embassy in your nation, and would like to extend an offer to attend Prince Vincent's coronation.
02-06-2004, 08:02
Message to Celdrone

Thank you for the offer, we will fly in our construcion crews as soon as they are cleared to enter your airspace.

Grand Executer Alexander Simon 1 would be happy to attend the ceremony

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