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Corporate Scandel

Weapons-Tech incorp
25-05-2004, 04:59
As a Black H2 with the Weapons-Tech symbol door drives up. another vehical a Mercades waits paotiantly as the H2 stops. 3 men of white heritage step out of the H2 they were waering black suit, shirt, and red tie with Weapons-Tech pins pinned on. one holdind a briefcase walks up and yells "I believe we had a deal." the briefcase was holding about $30 billion dallors in cash. a man form the other car steps out and hands him a Certificate of ownership. the two men exchange items and leave. As the Mercades was heading out a group of Weapons-Tech Genome soldiers (dressed as Mirage incorp. soldiers) stop the vehical and serctly swich the two briefcases while the car was searched. as the soldiers left they radioed in "sir the new briefcase with the Counterfiet money and 6 lbs of c2 explosives had been made ". " good job commander. go to base and wait for oders."as the Raven corp exe's get back to HQ one of the men noticed a tick tick sound coming from the case. a soldier of raven was called in to open the case. as the case was opened a tape recorded message played"Do to new ownership the current Board of directors will be Terminated. have a nice day." the A massive explosion destroyed the Raven HQ leaving thousand dead and many more wounded.