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The Crowning of Emperor Dalarsco I of Dalarsco

25-05-2004, 04:56
A man in a military uniform and sexy long hair walks to the top of a short staircase along the red carpet, and a priestly looking man puts a large, sparkling crown on his head. He then goes to the balcony at the front of the room, which is a few floors off the ground. He spreads his arms and begins his speech to the throngs of people below.
"People of Dalarsco, I know that some of you may feel betrayed that I, upon my election, used the military to secure power for myself, but let it be know that what I do, I do for our people. I hope to imporve your lives, and give you the freedom to enjoy your lives. Had I let the people continue to choose everything, it would have resulted in things that would not have been in the best interest for the people. Politicians cannot be trusted. Autocrats have been given a bad name by hooligans who neglect the people. The ancient kings of Dalarsco were cruel, and deserved to be removed from power. But I hope to be different. I will value your input, and do what is best for the people I so dearly love."
He then went in to the Imperial, formerly Presidential, Palace, and began to move Dalarsco into the future.
"Draken, send this telegram to the President of Ashoria. It is time our great nation began forging new aliances."