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Edolia reorganizes military

25-05-2004, 03:18
Press Release; July 6, 20??
Edolian Ministry of Information
"Under the new military reorganization program currently underway, the Legions of Edolia will be restructured into a division-and-army command structure. This will also come alongside the military's massive military spending increase, adding an extra two and a half trillion dollars on to the budget, bringing the $3.2 trillion dollar budget up to $5.6 trillion. Much of this money will be used to expand the air force and rebuild the navy, although at least a trillion will go into the expansion of the army's reserve program. Training Edolians whose jobs require low levels of skill to be effective and efficient soldiers will supplement the army's approximately 500,000 elite regular infantry with an additional force of troops -whose skill levels are still expected to be quite sufficient. The Legions will still make up the core of the new army, with an additional 300,000 elite Legionaries added to the army.

The I Army will be the first to be commissioned under the new program and will consist entirely of veterans of the recent Allanea-UnAPS conflict. It will be made up of approximately 100,000 elite soldiers who will form a "rapid-deployment" force, able to engage in conflict quickly and effectively. The controversial General Albert von Tusk is expected to head up the I Army. Although the details of the military reorganization have not yet been developed, it is believed that the new army will consist of approximately 800,000 elite Legionaries and some two million regular citizen-soldiers.

Johannes von Clesiburg, Marshal of the Scarlet Legions said of the reorganization:
'We have proven that Edolians are the finest soldiers in Haven, inflicting gruesome casualties on the Allaneans. Over 100 soldiers of the Accord soldiers were killed for each Edolian or other Allied soldier laid low, and in this fine tradition, we shall continue building our might Legions. They shall be ready to meet tomorrow's dangers.'"
25-05-2004, 03:52
While we must contest Edolia's claim that their forces are the best, we see no fault in Edolia's military expansion, an expected response following a war. We just hope you make it by raising taxes, and not taking money away from social programs.

OOC: Von Tusk... where I have I heard that name before? Probaly in one of your RPs... could you give me some information on him?
Weapons-Tech incorp
25-05-2004, 04:04
Weapons-Tech incorp. will be more then happy to form a contracte for the production for your troops
respond if interested.
The Burnsian Desert
25-05-2004, 04:12
50% Discount ( at our storefront. Thank you for considering.
25-05-2004, 04:30
25-05-2004, 04:31
Doujinshi Corporation will give Edolia a 5% discount, being that Edolia is an ex-ally through UnAPS.
26-05-2004, 02:20
"We thank the Burnisians for their offer, but for now, we prefer to rely on Edolian technology, except in the area of our navy. For that, we plan to purchase a large order from Doujin. The details of the purchase shall be negotiated in the near future.

To lay to rest the fears of our Cat (notice how I get the adjective right) allies, the increase in military spending will most likely come out of a number of areas. Some social programs may take a cut, but reductions in spending will be minimal and for the most part, the money will come out of redundant programs."
Thomas von Leifric
Minister of War

<<OOC: Albert von Tusk was the Commander who ordered the capture (and later execution) of Allanean teenage vigilantes who stole over the border and kill a bunch of Edolians. After a few Allaneans witnessed Edolian soldiers taking some of the Allaneans prisoner (despite Edolian claims that all were killed or escaped), Albert von Tusk became an icon of enmity for the Allaneans. Although there is no definitive evidence to prove either way whether or not Alex Norton and his girlfriend were taken prisoner or -as the Edolians claim- riddled with minigun bullets. Albert von Tusk led Edolian forces in the defense of Axackal and inflicted gruesome casualties on the advancing enemy forces, earning him a promotion.>>
26-05-2004, 03:20
OOC: I knew I had heard the name before.

IC, Feline is not sure who to believe about the incident, unless we know for a fact IC about it.

Also, the correct adjective use is noted. :)

IC: We are glad that social spending will not take any major cuts.