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Looking for 1 on 1 Small Scale Naval Wargame Partner

Unum Veritas
25-05-2004, 02:40
The Imperial Republic of Unum Veritas is looking for an opponent in a small-scale naval wargame. The numbers will either be a single carrier battle group versus a single carrier battle group, or one CBG versus an amphibious assault group, depending on the scenario. I hope to make this very in-depth, with highly detailed characters, so the RP will probably last for quite a while. All interested nations should reply in this thread. Thank you.
High Chancellor Sparrow
The Imperial Republic of Unum Veritas
Member: NAIA (
Member: Band of Brothers (
Member: Organization of Marine Powers (
Vice President and Naval Commander: Legion of Defence (
Owner: Unum Veritas Naval Store (
The Burnsian Desert
25-05-2004, 02:41
We would be honored to attend. Please ask any questions you may have of us.
Unum Veritas
25-05-2004, 15:05
BUMP for other nations possibly interested
Unum Veritas
25-05-2004, 15:06
BUMP for other nations possibly interested
25-05-2004, 15:07
OOC: I'd be interested if I had the time, mate. Soz
25-05-2004, 15:08
im game u dont min future tech
Unum Veritas
25-05-2004, 15:10
I'd like to keep this at modern to near-modern tech level, either Western or Eastern. Sorry.
Five Civilized Nations
25-05-2004, 15:12
The Five Civilized Nations would like to participate with its Modern Ocean-Going Navy...

Li Jun
-Vice Defense Minister
--Minister of the Navy

The Star Realms of the Five Civilized Nations
Founding Member: International Allied Defense Federation (
Founding Member: GDA
Former CFO and Member of the Board of Directors: United Nations Space Consortium (
Owner: Five Civilized Nations National Naval and Quote Storefront (
25-05-2004, 15:12
i not far future im near modern the first war fleelt has set sail for youre nation
25-05-2004, 15:43
The United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland would like to send its most recently formed carrier battle group to participate in these war games.

Carrier Battle Group 11 (CVBG.11)
2 Royal Holly-class CVB
1 Monarch-class BBG
2 Province-class CG
5 County-class DDG (AD)
5 City-class DDG (GP)
10 Furtive-class FFH
4 Forthar-class SSGN
5 Flansburgh-class AOR

This task group will be detached from the Home Fleet should you desire its participation.
International Terrans
25-05-2004, 15:46
Well, the Democratic Federation of International Terrans is modern tech.

The I.T.N.S. Invincible, a carrier, and its battlegroup, can set sail for _____ as soon as possible.

Tensions are rising.

1st Carrier Battlegroup (1 carrier, 4 guided missile cruisers, 7 destroyers, 3 missile frigates, 3 diesel-electric submarines)

(OOC: I'd be happy to participate... if you're still willing.)
Unum Veritas
28-05-2004, 18:51
Sephrioth, Unum Veritas does not look kindly on the advance of a foreign fleet into Veritasean waters, so I would highly suggest that your ships stop their movements before they are fired on and sunk.

I'm going to wait a bit longer for others to have a chance to reply, and then I'll pick the participant(s).

BTW: What happened to all of the older nations? All I ever see anymore is late '03 or '04 countries....
Five Civilized Nations
28-05-2004, 21:58
Um, Veritas, I'm three days younger than you...
28-05-2004, 22:07
*Thinks about using one of his Unum Veritas-bought fleets against their creator.... 8)
Unum Veritas
29-05-2004, 01:39
Yeah, 5CN, you were the only exception; I was referring to everyone else.

Falastur: *wishes he would 8) *
Unum Veritas
29-05-2004, 19:47
Visibility BUMP
29-05-2004, 19:55
We are interesting in taking part in this simulation, as our Naval Forces are a principle element of our nation's armed forces.
Chief General Jason Taylor
Federal Republic of Aequatio
Unum Veritas
29-05-2004, 20:08
Aequatio, check T-Grams.
29-05-2004, 21:17
Aequatio, check T-Grams.

Unum Veritas
30-05-2004, 00:23
Ummm, I haven't got a reply yet....
Five Civilized Nations
30-05-2004, 00:24
Just out of curiosity, what about me?
Unum Veritas
30-05-2004, 00:35
Check your T-Grams in a sec.
Five Civilized Nations
02-06-2004, 17:05
Sorry, I was away for the weekend, but sure why not... I think it should work...