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Invation to Argentiland (PR)

25-05-2004, 02:32
The Holy Empire of Argentin4 prepares an invasion to Argentiland, in order to kill the terrorist who preparing attacks in Argentin4. (This was discovered by the Intelligence Agency of Argentin4).

The invation is controlled by the General Garekon and Liutenant Kiel.
The military attack has:
Infantry (4 divisions)
Airforce (4 airports fully equiped with 20 planes ( 5 heavy bombardiers, 15 f-18 ))
Armoured Vehicles (5 divisions)
And, we'll try our secret weapon with them, Psychopathic Android. (100.000 of them)

The attack will be focused in the capital of Argentiland, where It's the HQ of the Terrorists, named LOP (Losers Oriented by Potatoes)