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Dark Axis Alliance, and our declaration of war against them!

25-05-2004, 02:08
A majority of the nations in Anarchic deathdealers have decided that war is the only course logical with Dark Axis Alliance. here is a lodged message from inside their region, yes, Holy Flame Lords, I am inside your region, espionage is great, isn't it? :twisted: :twisted:
The message: "I have the password already. My hacker...I mean non-hacking ordinary nation allies have got it. If he changes the password, I'll still find it out." These our the words straight from HFLs keyboard! I have the proof to back it, trust me, I do, and HFL knows it. Want to attack us now HFL? Go for it, I'll make sure my army of two million meet you to give a nice, warm welcome! 8) :lol: