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Louisiana restarts its Biological & Chemical Weapons Pro

Communist Louisiana
25-05-2004, 01:54
Premier Gaspard and CL's Armed Forces Commander General Gaspard walk to the front of the senate house

After recent conflicts with the scum of TBD and his allies, we have decided to recommend and restart our Chemical and Biological weapons facilities. We plan to have more than 4 thousand Biological and Chemical weapons with different warheads within the year. Our list is as follows:

1550 Anthrax Beta
17 Black Death warheads
1000 Mustard Gas
983 SARS
500 Unrealised named chemicals

We plan to use these deadly payloads only as defense for our territories. We will also allocate billions into making our nuclear weapons stockpile beyond 30,000 warheads of different size.

The Premier and his General begin taking questions from the Peoples Congress when the feed is cut