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Stargate: Goa'uld Invasion Part II

System Lord Yu
25-05-2004, 01:35
OOC: This is a Stargate RP where the Goa'uld system lords are invading Earth. Please do not post unless you have signed up at and have talked to me about your role. I will tell you whether you are involved in this particular thread or not.
System Lord Yu
25-05-2004, 01:35
The seventh chevron locked; the triangular piece sliding down, then back up into position as the orange-red light glowed. An event horizon came into existence, bursting forth from the Stargate like rippling water suddenly bursting forth from a still lake. The distortion reached its apex before collapsing back down into the wormhole, a watery-looking surface across the inside of Stargate.

Six humans stepped through the portal, and saw over a dozen slain jaffa scattered around the immediate vicinity. On their foreheads were tattooed a snake inside an oval inside another partial oval. The symbol of Apophis.

In the distance, several ha'tak class vessels were sitting upon pyramid landing pads.
Imperial Brits
25-05-2004, 11:22
System Lord conferance

The first prime Maktar entered a plain room, the only thing within it. His God Apophis. The rejuvenation cycle was about to end and much had to be done. The Gold doors of the sarcophagus opened slowly allowing his lord to rise.

Maktar submitted to his knees awaiting instructions from his lord.

“How long before the feet departs.” Lord Apophis demanded.

“My Lord.” Maktar began. “We have to lay supplies, the order to mass was given at too short a notice, we need more time.”

Lord Apophis angered at this lack of effort by his first prime gripped the edge of the sarcophagus. “The fleet will be ready to depart within three days. You will see to it.” The eyes of the host glowed a brilliant white making it clear to Maktar that failure would not be tolerated.

Maktar rose and allowed the servants to attend to his god. While he backed away slowly not turning his back to Apophis until he was out of the room.


The stargate activated, which was of no surprise to the guarding Jafa. Traffic through the chapa eye had been great over the past few weeks. Many warriors were being gathered for the attack on the Tai-Rai, so the Jafa were not as alert as they should have been when the first Earth warriors stepped through. The fire fight was quick and bloody. The Earthlings firing as soon as they came over the event horizon took out five Jafa instantly. The rest took cover firing on the SG team with their staff weapons. The now new leader of the squad barked an order for one of the warriors to head for the city to bring reinforcements while his fellow warriors covered him with their lives. The remaining four Jafa leaped out of cover and charged the enemy firing their weapons while their messenger slipped unnoticed into the cover of the forest to raise the alarm. It would be some hours before the garrison could be contacted.

OOC singed in as wrong nation iam Unified sith
Kardonian Tribes
28-05-2004, 04:43
The Stargate activatedonce more. Through it stepped seven people, wearing the flag of the Commonwealth of Kardonian Tries on their uniforms. One walked over to the new leader of the Unified Sith team.
"Colonel Jake Harrison, Kardonian SG team commander. This," he said, pointing to a young female. "Is my second in command, Lt. Colonel Heather Sanders."
28-05-2004, 07:58
Still on an anonymous Goa'uld ship the Re'tu spy dodges several jaffa. The Re'tu was lucky being on a ship full of inept jaffa that did not realize the slight queasiness their symbiots gave off near the Re'tu. Still he was careful not to get to close less one of the jaffa was adept. It was not his first Goa'uld vessel to board. The Central Authority had used him twice before to destroy one of Goa'uld ships. This time however was different. Both times before the ship were one the ground, and he had used primary door to gain access. This time he came through the stargate. He knew of other Re'tu that used the stargate to infiltrate and escape vessels in space. The Re'tu knew more than likely he would have to active the stargate to get off. His mind focused again on the task before him. Though he had intended to detonate a small nuke in a jaffa camp a Goa'uld ship would do.

Down long hallways and dodging several more inept jaffas. The Re'tu had made it to the engine room. He successfully nudged a small nuke between crystal control panels, and setting it to give him ample time to get back through the stargate. It was on his way out of the engine room he stopped to listen best he could from the distance to some jaffa discussing something. The word Tau'ri popped up many times; then one mentioned many ha'tak ships and the word Tau'ri again. It suddenly popped into the Re'tu's mind that Tau'ri meant earth, and that a big Goa'uld invasion plot was in the makings.

The Re'tu knew he had to alert the Central Authority fast. It was the Tau'ri/ Earthers who had given many great blows and strife to the Goa'uld. With out them most resistances would crumble beneath the Goa'uld. Speeding back to the gate room the Re'tu did not pay much attention to near by jaffa.

Still the Re'tu had ample time to escape. He rushed to the gate room; where he then quickly fired two shots at two jaffas guarding the room. Time, though ample for his escape, was running out for the Tau'ri. The flustered Re'tu hastily dialed the first Non-Goa'uld occupied planet he could think of. The gate chevrons were locking one after the other, the Re'tu knew though that those fired shots had not gone unnoticed and soon many jaffas would be bringing him down. The portal opened the Re'tu made a mad dash for it... diving through the gate, and crash landing on nice solid dust ground.
Imperial Brits
28-05-2004, 10:32
OOC: Sorry Kardonian iam the gaould. so i sugest you dont walk up to my jaffa as well they have a habbit of shooting things.

IC: The lone Jafa burst into the control room of the installation. "My Lord, the tau'ri have crossed through the Stargate the are here."

"The commander looked at the lone soldier, eyes glowing a deep white. "And how did they manage to pass? Why are they NOT DEAD."

"My Lord, they took us by........"

The commanding Jaffa shot the guard on sight. "Assemble one thousand warriors, we will hunt them down.

On board the Hatak Command deck

The operations Jaffa was watching the sensor grid. Weapons fire on the lower deck was instantly recognised. The alarms sounded on the deck and many Jaffa proceeded at a run to the gate room. But they were too late the spy had crossed into the event horizon. One cleaver Jaffa however memorised the gate cordinates. The wormhole destabilsed and the cordinates were quickly typed in. The spy would be hunted down.
Kardonian Tribes
28-05-2004, 16:37
OOC:sorry about that. please disregard that last post.

The five remaining humans continued firing. Three jaffa fell, tripping the ones that were running behind them.
"Fire in the hole!" yelled the teams demolition expert. Suddenly, an explosion knocked down a puile of rocks onto the jaffa. Unfortunately, it also reduced the number of humans to four.
One of them looked at the one next to him. "Cover me!"
He ran forward and shot another Jaffa, while picking up a staff weapon. He retreated to the rest of the team, and took up a firing position.
29-05-2004, 09:11