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First Interstellar Flight!

25-05-2004, 00:55
Press Release
"His Holy Majesty's Government issued confirmation yesterday that the Holy Maciskani Empire has sucessfully conducted its first faster-than-light (FTL) flight.

Speaking from steps of the Imperial Palace, the Minister of Sciences, Earl Makor Lukit told reporters that:

"At 11:00 p.m. the night before last, Arn-Maciska Time, the IMS Levantamiento successfully completed the flight between the Sol System and Alpha Centauri.

This marks a new phase in the history of the Empire; FTL will usher in a new age of glory."

The Minister revealed that at the Cenobriach's initiative His Holy Majesty's Government has been researching and developing FTL for quite some time.

"And now we have succeeded. All the colonies and dominions of the Empire made valuable contributions to this endeavour, and for that, we thank them."

The Cenobriach proclaimed a day of celebration to honour the event.

Another celebration will be held in a week's time, to welcome the Levantamiento's crew back to Earth."