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The Battle of Shermanlupia

East Napulur
25-05-2004, 00:28
General Zor looked in all directions. He saw the readied looks on the troops' faces, they were determined to take Shermanlupia for their own. "Alright men! I just want you al to know that today is a day of honor, a day of bravery, and courage. You mus trust in yourselves that this is they right thing to be. You know, and I know that some of us will fall at this battle scene. If you die, you die with honor. You know that deep in your soul you fought and may have died for your country and many innocent Napulates' lives. So now it is your choice. DO YOU WANT TO WIN THIS WAR!!!???!!!???" General Zor bellowed. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The many troops whooped with pride. They created a sound so loud and earsplitting, it was unreal. General Zor then turned and started marching his troops, they were marching and marching... Some time after they reached Shermanlupia, they saw a collosal flag pole, with at the very top a Roz-topian flag. Then hoisted about 5 yards below it was a flag that read, 'Shermanlupia, We are a proud to be a Roz-topian territory, God Bless Roz-topia.'. General Zor then whipped out a lighter and when they finally somehow reached the top of the pole, he lit both flags on fire and then they charged in the Shermanlupian borders.
25-05-2004, 00:52
"Colonel Parys! Colonel Parys! We have Naps charging in! We need help!" yells a Shermalupian scout. Colonel Parys looked out on the horizon, and saw Napulate troops barreling in like there was no tommorrow. "Get our Infantry men out there!" Parys yelled. POW! POW! POW! Gunshots were heard from all directions. Shermanlupian men were falling in heaps. "Get our snipers on the rooves notified!" Parys yelled. Napulate troops came in trampling everything they had in their way. PT-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL-TL!!!!!! AK-47s were being shot from the west side of the Napulate invasion, knocking people off their feet. "Colonel we must notify Roz-topia of this invasion!" shouted the scout over the ear shattering gunfire. Colonel Parys picked up his transmitter and said, "R.Z this is SPRM, I repeat this is SPRM, we are under attack from Napulate troops, do you read..." There was an eerie silence then a reply came over the transmitter, "SPRM this is R.Z, we regret the we cannot assist you for we have matters of our own, we have Muktarian troops attacking us..... BEEP! ------ " The Colonel was in deep shock. "R.Z this is SPRM, do you read? I repeat this is SPRM do you read?" Nothing, no reply what so ever.
25-05-2004, 01:34
"You seriously believe that you and Muk;asdfhputhing w/e, a combined total of 857 million people, can beat our alliances total of 1.743 billion. SURRENDER NOW, or I will be forced to assassinate you," said Weslemagne, nice and cozy in his spaceship, fixing the Techon's Pride.
"Please, I don't want to be responsible for the deaths of so many more Napulates, I have killed so many of yours already. Zor, please see reason," said Weslemagne again, this time getting up from his comfy chair.
Weslemagne begins picking off the Mukthingers tanks with railguns, paving a way for the Shermanlupians infantry. I also pound your artillery with my laser, pretty laser.
25-05-2004, 01:35
P.S. Am too sexy, just got plastic surgery.
25-05-2004, 01:43
A fleet of 200 Destroyer class ships entered the system "Need any help guys?"
East Napulur
25-05-2004, 01:55
"F*CK THIS!" yelled Zor with much fervor. "You see Techon coming in thinking they are quite an item eh? Well SCREW THEM! We will be able to aniholate them! Remember my speech? REMEMBER??" Sergeant Maz then went up to Zor and replied, "Well if you want to keep on fighting you can if you want, but this is suicide, plus I think Weslemagne is hott!" "WHAT?!?!?!" General Zor bellowed, "Men take aim!" The Napulate men then all turned on Maz. Sergeant Maz then threw down his badges and signs of superiority on the ground and ran out onto the battlefield. "Zor you are such an @$$hole..." Maz muttered to himself. Maybe that hottie Weslemagne will give me a respected postion (hopefully doggiestyle)!
25-05-2004, 02:06
[OOC: East Napulur I feel sorry for everyone who knows you..]
25-05-2004, 02:28
Between all of the confusion with Zor being pissed, Shermanlupia under attack, Weslemagne giving himself make-overs, and Sergeant Maz turning homosexual, General Roz and John Hayyes from Techon march into Shermanlupia up to General Zor. "General Zor your dream of taking us over is over." Roz said. John Hayyes then chimed in, "You are completely and utterly screwed and there is no turning point in this war, that point had turned and you're f*cked." General Zor then looked at Roz and John Hayyes. He knew that it was over, he also knew that Roz and John Hayyes did not believe in allowing cruel and unusual punishment so his men may be let off easy. So he decided on this statement, "General Roz and President John Hayyes, I am making the statement that I am surrendering to you. You must telegram me your terms and I will accept." The War is now over, General Zor surrenders to General Roz and President John Hayyes at Fort Woot, Shermanlupia.


Roz-topia is a whole now!! "Yes!" Roz says happily. He then says, "Gentlemen, I would like to give a great honor to these countries who helped me find my way throught this war. John Hayyes and Techon!" Great applauses rise from the people attending the banquet. "Justin and Halk!" more applauses roar. "Weslemagne and WESS IS THE KING!" sudden silence. You can hear a cricket chirp. "Hey where the heck is Weslemagne?" Roz asks puzzled.

"AH AH AH AH AH AH A EHEHEHEHEHE!!!! HARDER HARDER!" Maz yells with much excitement. "Oh yeah who's a sexxy beast?!?!" Weslemagne yells. "Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!" the both yell while having very very pleasant time in Weslemagne's Master Bedroom.

25-05-2004, 18:38
"Oh man i was so hammered last night. What hppened, FU**. Maz you @$$hole, I m not gay," Said Weslemagne as he shot Maz in the face with flare gun, watching it melt.
25-05-2004, 21:38
but on the inside he loved it
26-05-2004, 23:17
YA WAHEVA DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NU UH