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Jihad declared on NRBC's muslims

24-05-2004, 20:40
Due to a recent spike in terrorist activity in THE NRBC, the elite special forces of the NRBC, the Green Guard had declared a virtual all out war on the Muslims of the NRBC. Muslims recently have conducted several suicide bombings in the small nation of NRBC killing 208 people. The leading Muslim Cleric Sheikh Al-Din Sullah Mohammed has actually incouraged the Muslims of the nation to take up arms against the NRBC government. NRBC President Deion Mcfella responded.....

"If it is Jihad they want, then it is Jihad they shall get..."

After making this statement, President Mcfella ordered Defense Minister Tyrone Mckilla to begin offensive operations against the Muslims using the Green Guard. The Green Guard numbers about 1,800 men and has been trained by the elite Sniper Country's special forces. The Green Guard began offensive operations by moving infantry forces backed-up with armor into the mountain town of Lil' Mecca. Men were pulled from there houses and taken away. As the operation began to die down, Vice President Omar visited the city accomppanied by NRBC Mercenary Defense Tacticians (MDT). As Omar toured the city, the muslims revolutionaries opened fire and a battle ensued. VP Omar got on the radio and ordered a Napalm Artiller strike on the town, as MDT forces and Green Guardsmen pulled back. At the end of the day, 60 Muslims were captured, including U Suq ma Diq, and I-Ben Farhteen. The casualties from the quick gun battle and artillery strike were 37 Muslims killed or wounded, and 3 MDT men wounded.

The NRBC requests outside aide in our personal battle to free our homeland....
24-05-2004, 21:02
OOC: How many Muslims are there in your country?