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Prisons over crowded or homeless causing a disturbance?

Hive Fleet Imodius
24-05-2004, 18:57
ooc> This is an open rp - all are welcome to comment - i will however stress that at no time are any hive co-ordinates given.

*On all military, public and political channels the form of a female crackles up onto the air - her green eyes perfectly balancing her long blond hair.*

We are the hive, we welcome you to us.
The hive understands the financial problems that can occur when crime problems arise.
The hive is willing to take any "straggelers" of society you would rather not have to deal with. This will be done without scene or incident. We understand the problems that occur when people are againsts your methods of "culling" your flocks.
As such the hive will provide all the nessacary collection vehicles saving your country any cost that you may be worried about creating.
The hive is also offering armed security services to those who are unable to control "mobs" and "riots" in return for these survices the captive "rebels" will be held by the hive.
We also understand the problems that can occur from over population - as such we are willing to extend our hand to you all as a peace token - in this respect we shall give you the details required for mapping the human genome in completion. Also we have the information that is required to acheive a state of perfection; imagine your society free of all known diseases and human "defects".

Once more the hive welcomes you to us.
We are the hive, we are perfection.

*The comms clicks closed and the screen fades to black before returning to the origanal screening.*