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Protest Arises Due to Increase in Military Spending

24-05-2004, 18:06
Newsflash -

A protest has arisen when the news that Military spending has increased, putting social spending on the backburner for the moment. "This is no means a change in government policy," President Valeriya Ivanov was quick to report. "We are merely trying to build a satisfactory defense force for our country and citizens."

The protestors have so far been peaceful, but orders have gone out for th emilitary guard that surrounds the presidential palace to break up the crowds as quickly as possible. So far, there has been no violent action taken by the guards.
24-05-2004, 18:09
24-05-2004, 18:15
If you require it, we will send help in the form of supplies and riot police to the scene. Just ask.
24-05-2004, 18:23
24-05-2004, 18:28
Two soldiers stood together, trying to disperse the increasingly violent crowd. They now held riot shields, trying to keep people away from the gate into the palace grounds.

"I hope these people tire out soon," one commented. The other looked about ready to respond, when something flew over their heads and explaoded behind them. This sent not only this pair of guards, but anyone in a close vicinity, jumping back. Turning around, they realised someone had thrown a Molotov cocktail and it had hit the wall.

"Danmit!" one guard exclaimed. Another flaming bottle sailed over their heads, this time hitting the opposite side of the gate. The guards took their sidearms in hand, trying to frighten the crowd into submission, but were quickly bombarded with rocks, and people started swinging sticks and baseball bats towards them.

"Okay every, fall back!" one guard yelled, obviously the commander of the group. The others quickly followed the order, quickly moving behind the gate through a side door. "Call in reinforcements!" the commander yelled to another, and the man nodded and ran off.
24-05-2004, 18:53
If you wish we shall send in Praetonian riot control teams in Trojan Riot Control Tanks. Entirely non-lethal, but garunteed to dispearse riots quickly and effectively:

Trojan Riot-Control Vehicle


Crew: 2 Commander / gunner, driver
Armament: 1 Water Cannon, 1 rubber bullet / blank MG, 8 40mm CF gas launchers
Ammunition: 50 gallons of water, 1000 rubber bullets, 1000 blanks
Armour: Reinforced steel. Effective 225mm armour all-round, anti-grenade netting, reinforced hatches.
Weight: 16 metric tons
Dimensions: 7.2m X 4.85m X 2.75m
Performance: 70kph (on-road), 52kph (off-road)
Fuel Capacity: 30 gallons
Range: 250km


• Non-lethal weaponary
• Impervious to small-arms
• Defended against Molotov Cocktail style weapons
• Reinforced hatches keep crew safe
• Mega-phone mounted into turret
• Large track-guards to prevent death by crushing

Cost: 575,000
24-05-2004, 19:28
With these latest developments, Pwnica renews its offer to send assistance.

It would also give us a chance to test our new rifle-shield.
25-05-2004, 10:49
Newsflash -

Protesters quickly become violent, so the palace guards reacted the only way they could: by calling in reinforcements. They fell back within the palace walls and called them in. Within a few minutes, three APCs arrived from behind the crowd. Their passengers climbed out and began firing teargas canisters amongst the crowd. Unfortunately, this only angered the crowd more, and the rushed towards them, swinging sticks and throwing rocks. Many of the military force now their took up poisitions on top of their vehicles, and began firing rubber bullets, which caused much screaming but few real injuries. The crowd began to scatter, and many people were arrested who remained.
25-05-2004, 11:44
We condemn this use of force against civilians. They would not have attacked if you had left the protest alone.
Fat farts
25-05-2004, 11:55
The English colony of Grubby Flab will be on your side. Toodle-pip for now, though! :idea: