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Come to beautiful Tropico!

Republica del Tropico
24-05-2004, 17:30
Our government is waiting to open our boarders to tourists from any nation. Just contact us and your citizens shall pour into our cruise ship terminals and our airports. Of course you'll be granted the same deal: Our tourists will visit your nation, and most importantly, give you a source of income. So send us a telegram, even if your not interested, we'd love to here from you. Any sugestions and other proposels will be greatly appriciated. Thank You. 8)
24-05-2004, 17:58
:lol: Today is Monday, so The representative of Bleaching is looking for inspiration to beat the chill winds of the Atlantic seaboard. Tropico sounds good. A marguerita would taste even better. We would curl up with a hot toddy and Henry James, but we have work to do, and he's dead. So, thankyou for your invitation. I'll come look you up, and you are free to visit the Holy Republic of Bleaching, if you see your way clear. Strange Bird
Nova Ushuaia
26-05-2004, 04:20
The nation of Nova Ushuaia extends a cordial greetings to the nation of Tropico. We hope we can establish diplomatic and economic ties between our nations. If there is anything you need, we will be glad to help.

Greetings from the Republic of Nova Ushuaia
26-05-2004, 04:41
This sounds excellent. We would very much like to add you to our friendly nations list. Jarridia has many tourist attractions, from skiing in the central regions, to surfing and swimming on the coasts. Your citizens are welcome in our borders anytime. We will even give you a deal on buying a terminal in the Shelbin Intercontinental Airport for easy access.

-President Branam of Jarridia