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AU threatens all those who threaten Camewot with war...

Austar Union
24-05-2004, 12:24
Austar Union >> Anatoba >> Presidential House

The nation had been completly secure for about a year now, and President James Madison had been yet to commit the Austar Union into anything major.

He had established Adoria as an alliance, and joined the Red Bloc Army, but that was about it.

Over the past year, he had been reading the newspapers. It seemed as if tiny nations continued to threaten war with Camewot, an ally of the Austar Union.

Madison had acknowledged that Camewot made a mistake initially, yet once he had pointed out that Camewot had withdrawn his comments, the tiny states continued to threaten. This was something he was growing tired of reading of in the newspaper.

Picking up the telephone, Madison called in his Secretary of State, Louise Baterman.

##### A FEW HOURS LATER #####

Madison was finishing some paperwork when his telephone beeped, "Ms Baterman here to see you sir..."

James looked up, and pressed a button on the phone, "Send her right in Cindy, thanks..."

Only a few seconds later, the door opened, and Baterman poked her head inside the office. The President stood to his feet immediatly, and welcomed her to his office, "Im glad you could make it. Its those damn Camewot threateners again."

Louise rolled her eyes, "Dear god, dont they ever give up?"

James picked up the newspaper and threw it on the desk in front of her. Louise lent over and began to read.

After a few moments of silence, the Secretary of State laughed, "So do you wanna send off another message?"

The President's face grew more serious, "Tell them that if they wot withdraw their threats immediatly, we will be forced to send off a pre-emptive strike. Their threats of war, AFTER Camewot withdrawed his comments are far from justified, and they can only be considered as a national threat to our ally."

Louise smiled, "I'll draft a message off immediatly sir..."


To: All nations threatening Camewot with war
Subject: Stand down from your threats immediatly

This is an official message to all nations who are threatening Camewot with war. (OOC: See thread:

I, President James Madison order you all to cease your threats against his nation. If you do not withdraw your comments, we can only view your nations as a security threat rising against our ally, and we will be forced, and justified may I add, to strike first, as a way to ensure his national safety.

You have no choice, but to withdraw your threats of war.

President James Madison
The Republic of Austar Union

Member of Concordia Alliance
Member of Council of Air Powers
Secretary-General of Adoria Alliance
Intelligence Minister of the Red Bloc Army
Foreign Minister of the Unforgiven Regional Alliance
Austar Union
24-05-2004, 14:45
Austar Union
24-05-2004, 15:44
Unlimited POW0RZ
24-05-2004, 16:08
"Austar Union, you are like so wrong. Camewot is threatening us! We are only defending our ally Big Shiny Guns who is helping out the other guy! Camewot should apologize to us!"

Madam Robbins - Supreme Leader of the Unlimitedz

OOC: I'm using the "z" cuz i think is cooler. What do you think? :) :) :)
24-05-2004, 16:26
While Iuthia doesn't agree with Austar Union's threatening tone we must agree that Camewot hasn't in fact specifically threatened your ally or youreselves, or at least we haven't seen a single shred of proof that backs up your claims.

As such we would suggest you back down, we do not require you to apologise for your threats against our ally, Camewot. However if you do not back down we will be forced to defend our ally from such aggression.

If you were to read up on the thread in which Camewot state they were against fascists that they have withdrawn comments regarding their policy against fascists and replaced it with a more suitable policy against Genocide.

Now seeing as this nation hasn't actually ever done anything towards you we can't see a reason for you to declare war on them. However if you attack them our allies will have very good reason to think of you as a dangerous rouge state... are you willing to prove to them that you are capable of being sensible and backing down unconditionally?

We don't want anything from you... we don't even want an apology. We just want you to realise that a war against Camewot is pointless.

So just withdraw your threats and we can call this a day.
Unlimited POW0RZ
24-05-2004, 16:42
Unlimited POW0RZ
24-05-2004, 16:42
"We aren't attacking anyone! we are jsut helping our allly big shiny guns!"

Madam Robbins - Supreme Leader of the Unlimitedz
Big Shiny Guns
24-05-2004, 17:10
"We have not threatened anyoone! Just merely organzing defense against them evil "do-gooders"!"

- President Slobo Krzystwski
24-05-2004, 17:18
"We have not threatened anyoone! Just merely organzing defense against them evil "do-gooders"!"

- President Slobo Krzystwski

In that case I ask that you remain a "Defence" force, we will be making a point of watching international waters via satalite systems should any naval assets make their way towards Camewot.

In the mean time however we shall start deploying several Carrier Battle Groups around Camewot to assist in their own defence. We expect that your defence force shall remain around your nations and keep well away from our ally.