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Nuclear waste and nuclear materials required - (nukes)

Hive Fleet Imodius
24-05-2004, 11:52
We are the hive.
The hive is offering free removal of radioactive waste from planets incapable of disposing of it themselves. The hive also wishes to purchase as much nuclear materials including weapons grade.

The intention of this is not to manufacture weapons.

The hive requires a food source in order to rebuild its fleet after a devastating loss to the fleet.

The hive has no intention of using any materials for destructive purposes. All handling and collection of the materials will be taken care of by the hive. There is no risk to your people, as we will ensure its safe recovery.

The hive is prepared to pay well in RAW, UNCUT diamonds for nuclear materials.
The hive is also prepared to mine materials for you should you be unable to do so.

In addition to down payment for the materials the hive offers cures to ALL KNOWN diseases that inflict human kind.
Infectious, inherited, evolutionary and bio weaponry.
For no additional charge to your self - this is our way of saying thank you. This does include those handing over radioactive waste for our cause.

The hive thanks you for your time and hopes that you are able to help us and that in turn that we may help you.

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Japanese Antarctica
24-05-2004, 11:54
OOC: I don't think people will want to give nuclear material to someone who can't spell nuclear. I dunno, just a thought.
The God Falltothzu
24-05-2004, 11:56
I Got plenty of Uranium, weapons grade and raw, tell me how much you need and ill see what I can do
Hive Fleet Imodius
24-05-2004, 12:00
The hive requires as much as you can supply - over 65% of our fleet is down - we need it back up and operational as soon as possible.

Cost is not a problem we have our sources for real un synthesized diamonds.
We can also synthesize pearls should the need arise.
Hive Fleet Imodius
24-05-2004, 15:39
24-05-2004, 15:44
If you can guarantee me that the uranium won't be used in weapons... I can sell you it by the ton.

Price 1,000,000,000 USD per ton.

I also have many diamond mines in my nation.

I can sell you diamonds by the ton

Price 2,000,000,000 USD per ton
Hive Fleet Imodius
24-05-2004, 15:53
We will be paying you with diamonds.

We require 200million tons.

Can you comply?
Britannia Supreme
24-05-2004, 16:00
We will be paying you with diamonds.

We require 200million tons.

Can you comply?

We have that much uranium available, but accepting that many diamonds would utterly destabilise the world market and hence reduce the value of the payment to zero.

Can you offer some other medium of exchange?
Hive Fleet Imodius
24-05-2004, 16:10
any other precious gem you care to name in addition to our masterpeice pearls grown within our great queen's. These have been known to grow to the size of a house.
Also we offer:
The full human genome mapped- showing what every allele controls.
Also a list of cures and solutions for every known defect humans can suffer.
Hive Fleet Imodius
24-05-2004, 18:02

The hive considers this matter of the utmost importance!
The God Falltothzu
24-05-2004, 23:05
My apologies for the long wait for my reply. Uranium mining is my largest industry. Supplying the 200 million tons is not a problem.

Our usual selling price for weapons grade uranium is 1 million USD per ton. That would bring your order to about 2 trillion USD. We are willing to sell the uranium to you for less than half that, 990 billion USD, if you are willing to include the list of cures for all known human diseases. We will gladly accept the money in diamonds, or what ever other precious gem you wish to pay in, as long as the amount of gems is equal to 990 billion USD.

The transport crafts are loaded and awaiting your confirmation for launch. Apon recieving that order they should be landing in your nation within the hour.

If you wish to contact me about the price or whatever just post it here or TG me.
24-05-2004, 23:09
"The Steel Empire considers any who would oppose the complete dominance of the nations of man a potential ally."

"The Steel Empire considers Uranium a less-important material. We are prepared to give 50 million tons as a gift, to show our good will."
Hive Fleet Imodius
24-05-2004, 23:47
A lorry packed full of gem stones arrived at Falltothzu's boarders and moved slowly across to an organised rendevous. The contents consisted of 990billion USD.
Drivig the vehicle was a hive avatar. Upon arrival she jumped out of the truck. Her naked body was coverd in blood and the scar's of bullet wounds marked her body. It was obvious she had been atttacked on her journy by those wishing to take the gems for their own but she had single handedly it seamd beaten them off.
She opened a black breif case and withdrew a server shard - compatable with any system. Looking at the Falltothzu representitives she began to speak her femal human body glimmering in the sun as the blood slowly congeiled.
"We are hte hive, we are perfection. Contained on this server is all the information that we have gathered of your race. She handed it over before looking about. Please deliver the materials to this location. It must be emphasised that while instuctions on how to make the cure's are included - we do not include how they work - also we do not include key parts of the information - they are encripted - this encription will be unlocked upon completion. We would request that you do not pass this information on to untrustworthy nations. There is infomation that could lead to the evelopement of genesplicing bio-weaponry. We would suggest that you prevent this information falling into the wrong hands by allowing us to distribute the information."
We are the hive, we welcome you to us."

At this she folded up and died turninginto a puff of smoke leaving behind a small peice of paper with the co-ordinates the materials where to be deliverd to.


The hive thanks Mekanta for its jenerosity and offers its hand to them as a sign of peace and potential alliance.
We also offer to perform resurch on your own species should you so desire to acheive a simliar level of genetic understanding and perfection of your own race that we have acheived of our own and the human race.

ooc My fleet will be back at full capacity in one NS week now.
The God Falltothzu
25-05-2004, 00:27
The transport crafts have just been launched. I have dispatched a small escort fleet to ensure their safe, quick arrival. I express my most sincere apologies to the loss of life your crew have suffered in order to make your delivery. I assure you that we have no intention to use the knowledge you have given us for any other reason than to eradicate the illnesses that plague my people, and to save as much life as possible if my nation ever suffered a biological attack from an enemy. I wil also take your advise seriously and alot the knowledge you have given me to only my most trustworthy allies.
The God Falltothzu
25-05-2004, 00:35
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25-05-2004, 04:26
"The Steel Empire, while ruled by Machines, understands your curiosity."

"We shall prepare several samples of our biological populations, all expendable. Perhaps we shall exchange knowlege on biological species?"
Hive Fleet Imodius
25-05-2004, 08:59
A sample of the 1892 base pair structure that was the hive's DNA was sent to Mekanta while the hive immediatly began work on the simple dna chains of the organisms they had received.

The materials from Falltothzu where collected and utilised by the hive. Upon the shipments arrival the lead commander of the military escourt was given another server shard.
"On this you will find the answers to your questions. We are the hive, we offer our hand in friendship to you. Should you ever require our assistance then do not fail to contact us."

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Seriously tho - my entire race are fighters all 1billion of em :D