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A red sun rises....

Adelaide Islands
24-05-2004, 10:47
<Freetown, Capital city of the Adelaide Islands, 10:30>

Two men walked through a crowded city-square, past the thousands of busy people working in the capital. Each wore a long coat, unusual for the hot summer weather currently blessing the Adelaides. Ahead of them sat the Senate building, and directly opposite, the Presidential House. Each building was styled by the same architect, and magnificent white marble columns supported huge high roofs, with glass fronted buildings nestled beneath them. Without even breaking stride, the two men walked in through the main entrance of the senate house. Pausing to allow a school party to enter, they continued inside.

Thirty seconds later, multiple gunshots can be heard, and the front of the building disappears in a ball of flame and debris. People in front of the Senate house are showered with broken glass and blasted to the ground by the shockwave. Across the other side of the square, the windows in the Presidential House also shatter, covering the President and his staff with shards of glass.

<Liberty Port, main coastal city of Adelaide Islands, 10:35>

As the capital recovers from the shock of the blast, news has barely reached Liberty Port before another bomb detonates there, right in the middle of a naval warehouse used to store the Navy's small rigid-raider speedboats and two larger patrol boats. The blast as fuel and ammunition explodes flattens nearly a third of the waterfront, a key area in Liberty City, crowded with cafes, resteraunts and hotels.

<Open Broadcast>
To: International Community
From: AILF

Too long now has our nation suffered under this weak and feeble regime. A new order must stand. Todays acts were merely the first steps in our revolution. We will free this country, whatever the cost, all in the name of our divine leader, Jinlo Kamal. LONG LIVE THE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION.

<End Broadcast>

<Open Broadcast>
To: International Community
From: President Adram Hilo

Today the first acts of a terrorist rocked out fair nation. Actualy figures are unknown, but at this time, it is believed the entirety of the Senate has been killed, along with a school party visiting the Senate House. Other bombings across the country have seriously disrupted our naval forces, and caused the deaths of thousands of innocent bystanders. The AILF has shown itself as a cowardly organisation, with no respect for our people. I have declared a state of emergency, and authorised a 21:00 curfew. This will be enforced by the military, in preparation for attacks on the AILF when we are ready to do so.
Psychopathic Warmonger
24-05-2004, 11:10
<Secret Bunker of the Fuhrer of the Dictatorship of Psychopathic Warmonger - 10:00am>

To the General Staff assembled in the Office that morning it was clear that the mood was not a good one. The men could smell trouble in the air and they weren't sure if they liked it.

The Fuhrer glared at the men before him over the top of his morning paper. "Everywhere i look there are communist uprisings here, communist uprisings there, communist bomb plots here, communist revolutions there. It's an abomination" The men jumped as he brought his fist down on the polished mahogany table with a crack. "And what are you doing about it?" he pointed a furious finger at the Commander in Chief of all Armed Forces and the Chief Negotiator. "Well, we are . . ". The Fuhrer didn't wait for an answer "NOTHING, thats what. Well i've had enough, the spread of Communism around the world must stop"

Later that morning the Dictatorship of Psychopathic Warmonger released the following statement to the rebel forces inside Adelaide Islands:
START TRANSMISSION The Dictatorship of Psychopathic Warmonger will not tolerate terrorist attacks full stop. Either the insurgents responsible for lauching this unprovoked attack back down and take responsibility for there actions or military force will be considered. END TRANSMISSION
24-05-2004, 11:17
The Democratic Republic of Anime-Otakus strongly denounces any act of terrorism. She is willing to offer any help, if possible, to nations who may need it and is ready to collaborate with any international effort to crush them terrorists.
Mental lands
24-05-2004, 16:41
<Dominion Military High Command. 11:20am>

The doors to the situation room burst open as many of the countries top generals entered all arguing over something. A stern hush fell over them as they entered the presence of the leader Sean Padley.

he looked at the men from behind his desk and sighed.

"What is it now?"

The man standing at the front of the rabble cleared his through before he spoke.

"Sir. We have heard reports from the Adelaide Islands that a terrorist organisation has struck."

The expression on Sean's face remained unchanged.

"And what dose this have to do with us."

"Well Sir Our ally Psychopathic Warmonger has decided to help out and has requested that we offer our support to."

Sean released a second sigh. Now he had no choice but to offer his assistance.

An admiral pushed his way through the group and spoke up.

"Sir we have a Helicopter carrier in the area. She is carrying 2,000 marines and could be there within the hour."

"Well what are you waiting for, Tell them to set cause for the Adelaide Islands. Also send out a message that we are ready to assist them should they need it."
24-05-2004, 17:06
There once was a man named "bump"
Adelaide Islands
24-05-2004, 17:20
IC Details:

Estimated communist numbers - 250,000 supporters, upwards of 100,000 armed.

Communist friendly cities - 1 - Baili, northernmost tip of Adelaide Island cluster.

Communist held cities - 0

Communist equipment - Thougt to be low tech assault rifles and vehicles, but reports are filtering in of stolen helicopters and MBTs taken from Baili army base.


The communists have declared Baili under their control, and yet more explosions have struck Freetwon. Hundreds of civilians are now confirmed dead, with thousands mroe wounded. Army bases and patrols have also come under attack. The AI government is now heavily on the defensive against a numerically superior foe.
Adelaide Islands
25-05-2004, 15:33
<25 mile south of Freetown>

The rebel convoy moved slowly along a narrow path, flanked by a wide river on one side, and flooded fields on the other. Some 400 trucks of varying make and capacity, with ten stolen T-90 MBTs in front, and numerous machine guns mounted on Jeeps and other four wheel drives.

Nearly 8,000 heavily armed guerillas sat in the trucks, led by Harda Kamal, brother of Jinlo Kamal, leader of the communist AILF. Their target - Freetown. Despite the army having taken positions to defend the town, they could not hold out against a determined attack. Today, the capital would be theirs.

<Presidential House, Freetown>

"Mr President, we have a situation. A routine flight by a civilian aircraft just reported in. It seems a large convoy is moving this way, heavily armed. We think its the AILF. We need to get you out of here quickly." snapped the newly promoted Adram Patash, now CINC of all armed forces.

"I won't leave my city Adram. You know that, so don't try and force me." replied President Hilo. "Set up defences as best you can, and try to evacuate any civilians in the way of that convoy. I doubt we have long, so hurry, please."

With that, Patash rushed from the office and began to set a trap for the rebels.
International Terrans
25-05-2004, 15:55
If assistance is needed against these Communist scum, the Democratic Federation of International Terrans can deploy the 3rd Marine Brigade to help.

With them, maybe the capital can hold out. Respond quickly!
25-05-2004, 16:21
The nation of Nellisland has its Royal Blue Guard and its Royal Red Guard on their way to your capital to protect you. They will be A.S.A.P.
25-05-2004, 16:24
Rufai is sending 5000 ARR Stormtroops by chopper. You may deploy as wished, but must inform Rufai of troop movements.
Adelaide Islands
25-05-2004, 16:54
All assistance would be welcomed. However, the capital is full of narrow streets, and any casualties taken will be extremely high. Please try to avoid collateral damage where possible, we cannot afford to lose too much housing at the moment.

The convoy will reach the city in around twenty minutes, but the defences should hold them up long enough for any friendly troops to be inserted near the Presidential House. Currently, some 4,000 Adelaidian troops are stretched across a thind defensive line on the outskirts of the city, armed with assault rifles, machine guns, and a few handheld anti-tank weapons.

<10 miles south of defences>

Harda Kamal stood in the commanders hatch of his T-90, eyes scanning to distant city with his binoculars.

"Eagle, this is Dragon. Strike along the suburbs closest to us and pull back. Dragon out" he said into a radio sat on the turret next to him.

With that, 4 A-37 Dragonfly interdiction aircraft flew overhead, large tanks beneath their wings. Minutes later, a huge fireball erupted along the length of the Adelaidian defensive perimeter as the napalm exploded, covering the exposed troops in flames.

<Adelaidian Defensive Line>

Some the troops caught in the open were fortunate to die instantly, others lay screaming, or ran round on fire. Those in the buildings averted their eyes. The first blow had been struck, and the defences were already weakened.
25-05-2004, 17:11
This assault by the communist scum must be dealt with.

Rufai has placed his troops in strategic buildings in the capital of Adelaide Islands. These troops are not afraid to die. If the capital is overrun, they will detonate the explosives in the building.
25-05-2004, 17:12
This assault by the communist scum must be dealt with.

Rufai has placed his troops in strategic buildings in the capital of Adelaide Islands. These troops are not afraid to die. If the capital is overrun, they will detonate the explosives in the building.

If you allow it, of course. If not, tell us where you wish ARR troops to be deployed to.
International Terrans
25-05-2004, 17:12
The 3rd Marine Brigade, consisting of 5,654 officers and men, are on their way. They will land near the Presidential House and the area around it, and establish defensive positions. The helicopters will then be used to evacuate civilians to safety.

The D.F.I.T. is commited to stopping the spread of Communism. Let our victory be swift.

Prevention of casualties is a secondary objective.
25-05-2004, 17:21
Premier Rufai welcomes the International Terrans troops, and wishes to work alongside them to crush the communist menace. To achieve total victory, we must work alongside each other. Any problems with my troops, send telegrams to Premier Rufai.
Adelaide Islands
25-05-2004, 18:08
<Adelaidian Defence Line>

A low ominous rumble announced the arrival of the rebel convoy. As one, the loyalist troops opened fire with their AT-4 anti-tank weapons. The gesture was however, futile. Desptie knocking out two of the T-90s and a multitude of trucks and Jeeps, the gunners simply gave their positions away. The tank crews opened fire with the 125-mm main guns, blasting away the defensive positions with ease, as Jeeps raced up and down the line strafing the troops with machine gun fire. Already reeling from the earlier napalm strike, sectors of the defence began to falter and retreat, breaking the perimeter.

Harda watched the troops falling back in front of him, and immediately led two other tanks and a parade of trucks through the breach, swinging round and encircling the defenders, still firing 125-mm shells into the buildings they were attempting to hide in.

The Adelaidians fought to the bitter end, firing to the last bullet and killing to the very last man. But it wasnt enough to stop the rebels. Now inside the city, they began to spread through the suburbs, heading for the railway station and airport.

<Baili, Adelaide Islands>

Jinlo Kamal listened intently to the radio reports. Hearing of the imminant capture of the railway station, he immediately ordered the troop trains to leave. Onboard were the second wave of his troops, some 12,000 infantrymen, all ready to die for the communist cause. They would arrive in a little over two hours.

<IC Details>

1,769 KIA
2,103 WIA
14 MIA

Communist Rebel:
219 KIA
308 WIA
21 MIA
2 T-90s destroyed
16 Jeeps/Trucks destroyed
Mental lands
25-05-2004, 18:27
a huge flight of UH-60 Black hawk helicopters apire on the horizon from the helicopter carrier that has recently arrived.

The Black hawks are escorted buy Apache attack choppers enough for the UH-60's to deposit there 2,000 highly trained marines at the naer by airport.

These marines are equipped with LAWS anti tank missiles and stinger missiles incase the planes return.

The marines instantly take up defensive positions ready for the immanent attack.
Adelaide Islands
25-05-2004, 18:34
As the massive formation of UH-60s swept towards the airport, the rebels secret weapon was revealed. Five captured Avenger units ripple fired 30 Stinger missiles and hundreds of rounds of 12.5mm machine gun fire at the large trasnpors, and were joined by two hundred ground troops firing more Stingers and RPGs. The tanks even joined the firefight before hiding in an underground car park to stay away from the Apaches.
Mental lands
25-05-2004, 19:04
The sound of explosions grows to a deafening sound as several UH-60's explode from weapons fire Killing hundreds of marines before they can even fire there weapons. The surviving black hawks lower to an altitude that the marines can leap out while the massive .50 calibre mounted machine guns provide cover.

The Apaches Swoop back around and begin strafing ground targets with there mounted rocket pods and M6A1 Vulcan cannons.

While at the airport the already Drooped off troops Join in the fight. The battle had begun.
Adelaide Islands
25-05-2004, 19:19
Another volley of Stinger missiles streaks towards the UH-60s in the air, and heavy ground fire from AK-47 rifles, medium machine guns, heavy machine guns, and mortars all open fire on the airport defenders and ground forces.
Mental lands
25-05-2004, 19:38
This did not look good. The casualty list was nearly 500 dead. But now the reinforcements from the airport had arrived Survival chances had improved a bit. Burt when the mortar shells sounded then things went straight back to bad.

Now the UH-60's had finished unloading there loads they were heading back to base at full speed but that didn’t stop the commies from shooting them down as another wave of weapons fire lit the skies up like fireworks.

The Apaches Made a few run on the mortars positions silencing them. This was before the stingers finally decided to take the Apaches down.

Now there were no more shells falling on them the marines started using the craters as foxholes giving them good cover so they could take a few shots at the Avenger's with there LAWS missiles.
25-05-2004, 19:57
25-05-2004, 20:24
500 troops joined the marines of Mental lands in the foxholes. They settled down deep into the holes and set up machine gun nests every 20m along the line, and 200 of the troops had LAW missiles along with an assault rifle. As the jeeps and tanks drew closer, they steeled themselves for battle. The communists would burn.
25-05-2004, 20:25
500 troops joined the marines of Mental lands in the foxholes. They settled down deep into the holes and set up machine gun nests every 20m along the line, and 200 of the troops had LAW missiles along with an assault rifle. As the jeeps and tanks drew closer, they steeled themselves for battle. The communists would burn.
Adelaide Islands
25-05-2004, 23:12
<Outside Freetown Airport>

Harda surveyed the pitted runways and aprons in front of him. Out there were hundreds, possibly thousands of troops. They would die. They could not stop this revolution now, nobody could stop it. With his trainload of reinforcements en route, and due to arrive in barely twenty minutes, he had to take the airfield quickly.

"Bear, this is Dragon. Drop smoke across the airfield. Lots of smoke. Eagle, stand by for attack run" he said into his ever present radio.

Volleys of smoke rounds fall amongst the bewildered Rufai and Mental lands troops. Clouds of choking smoke drifted across the airfield, completely obscuring their view of anything more than about ten feet away.

"Eagle, Dragon. Begin attack run. Aim for the centre of the smoke patch"

As one, the four A-37s flew across the blinded troops below, dropping large napalm canisters across most of the airfield. The explosion blew hot air across Harda's tank from nearly a mile away, so up close the heat must have been intense.

<Presidential House, Freetown>

"Mr President, we have to evacuate. The rebels have captured the train station, and are currently attackign foreign troops defending the airfield. If we move now, we can get to Liberty Dock safely." Patash said, rapidly hurrying the President towards the door.

"No Adram. I'm not leaving. Thats final." was Hilo's only response. A dull explosion could be heard, and he watched as a fireball appeared over the airfield, turning away with a tear in his eye. "Damn them, damn them all to hell" he muttered. "Patash, call in the Air Force. See if you can't hit the train station before the reinforcements can depart. Full offensive payload, up to and including napalm. I don't want to do this, but those blasted rebels have left me no choice."

<Air Force Base, 20 miles north of Freetown>

12 F-16s taxied out into take-off positions. Each carried four Sidewinder AAMs, and two napalm devices. Finally, the AI government was going to hit back against the rebels. With a roar, the jets took off, and headed south.
25-05-2004, 23:14
Suddenly from as if from no where the sound of choppers came from the east of the capital. There was what seemed to be hundreds of helicopters heading straight for the capital. It was the Royal Blue Guard! They had finally arrived from Nellisland and were eager to fight the commies.

As the soldiers continued to fight half of the helicopters released half of the para-troopers into the city and the other half outside the city to secure it!

However the Royal Blue Guard wondered what happened to the Royal Red Guard who were deployed just seconds after them.

There was a brief but blunt letter to the leader:

You may have full command of my troops until the communist threat is over or until I pull them.

Fight to the death:

Nellis, The Dictator of Nellisland

(OOC: Just to tell you there are 100,000 troops!)
25-05-2004, 23:18
Wait to not napalm the area we may still have a chance to win!
Adelaide Islands
25-05-2004, 23:27
(OOC: Can we try to keep numbers low. Not hundreds of thousands. Its a small city after all)
Mental lands
26-05-2004, 12:04
The heat was so intense as the troops Fought on through the napalm strikes on the airfield. The smoke screen didn’t help much ether but that was staring to clear because of the heated burst of air given off by the napalm.

The 300 or so Marines defending the field were incinerated. The rest in the field kept up the fight. Some Of the mounted .50 Calibre machine guns from the UH-60's had been salvaged from the wreckage and now that 3 Avenger's had been taken down and the rest of the rebels were being pinned down from heavy machine gun fire The Marines could smell victory.

<Dominion High Command.>

Sean looked at the latest reports from the front. Over 700 dead from napalm strikes and the destruction of there transports while they were en route.

"My god 700 dead. These Commie B******s must pay. What have we got that’s ready to go."

One of the Admirals cleared his throat.

"Well Sir we have managed to prepare 3 more Helicopter Carriers, 2 Domination Class aircraft carriers and a transport ship carrying a Challenger 2 Tank division. 5 Repentance class Agies Cruisers Equipped with tomahawk missile will escort them. The will arrive at the Adelaide Islands in 3 days."

Sean nodded. Soon the Commies would get what was coming to them.
26-05-2004, 13:07
At the ARR War Office in Siphione City...

General Dorrill of the ARR Army looked up from the telegrams he was given, and snapped "I want our Stormtroops giving everything they have. As well as the troops, I want an extra 1000 troops from the buildings in Adelaide Island capital to reinforce the lines. What's the nearest destroyer to Adelaide Islands?"

Grand Admiral Scarlett, preoccupied with the scenes of various naval conflicts on one of the huge screens, replied "The HMS Saracen."

General Dorrill smiled. "Good. I want tactical strikes on Communist fuel dumps and their tanks. Take them out now while our troops can rest. Also...I want cruise missiles fired at the ground troops of the communists."

The Grand Admiral grinned. "Absolutely".
26-05-2004, 14:02
Adelaide Islands
26-05-2004, 15:01
OOC: Stop posting losses for me. The tanks are still hidden under buildings, and most of the rebel troops are in deep cover.


The squadron of F-16s screamed over Freetown, aiming directly for the railway station. Then, without warning, volleys of Stinger missiles roared from rooftops and car parks, blasting eight of the fighters out of the sky. The others broke quickly, abandoning their attack run. Another was hit during manouevres and span, out of control, into the middle of the troops defending the airfield, exploding in a huge fireball of napalm, fuel, and explosives.

The remainder fled north, back to their airbase. Harda looked on, a smile crossing his face, as the loyalists fled in front of his mighty force. Just then, more fighters screamed overhead, and another huge volley of Stinger missiles roared at them from hidden positions across the city.

"Bear, Dragon. I want lots more mortar shells laid into the airfield. Keep firing until you run out of ammunition. Blow up every square inch of the airfield if you have to." he shouted into the radio.

Seconds later, sixty mortars opened fire on the airfield from the opposite side, behind the defenders.

<Freetown Railway Station>

The first of the trains pulled into the station, and was greeted by the rebels holding the platforms. Four thousand new troops for the fight, equipped with stolen and black-market purchased weapons, and all ready to fight to the death. Now the airfield would be theirs.

Five minutes later, the second and third trains arrived, providing 8,000 troops for a push on the Presidential House itself.
26-05-2004, 15:26
Premier Rufai has ordered his remaining troops to bolster the defences at the Presidential Palace. They have arrived by helicopter. The Adelaide Island commander may deploy them wherever he should wish.

If Adelaide Island should wish, air attacks or missile attacks can be carried out from the ARRs' HMS Saracen. Just send a comminiqé to the War Office.
Adelaide Islands
26-05-2004, 19:19
The second strike force headed straight for the Presidential House, in trucks and buses, with advance elements in stolen cars, scouting and probing the defences.

<Freetown Airport>

"Bear, Dragon. Continue the bombardment. Pin them down while we move in. Keep it up comrades." Harda said into the radio.

Newly reinforced, the infantry began to move out, using destroyed buildings for cover, clouded by the smoke of burning vehicles and gunfighting, as well as the early smoke bombardment, napalm, and the current heavy mortar attack.
Mental lands
26-05-2004, 23:14
There was little left of the airport to defend now that the mortars had once again started to rain shells. The Marines mission was to defend the airport and now it was gone they begun retreating into the city using the .50 Calibres for covering fire then once the main bulk of the force had secured a defensive perimeter in the city they swapped roles Covering the retreat of the Heavy machine guns using there SA-80 assault rifles which were much more affective at long range.

Now the fight became more desperate as there was nowhere to go if the city fell and reinforcements were still 3 days away. This would ether be the last stand for the mental lands troops or a great victory.
Adelaide Islands
27-05-2004, 02:52

The second group launched their attack. Under a volley of machine gun fire and mortat shells, they charged at the Adelaide Island troops defending the Presidential House, and Liberty Square in front of it. Hundreds died on both sides, but slowly, the communists were creeping ever closer, and mortar shells began to fall on the House itself.

<Presidential House, Freetown>

A mortat shell blew out the windows of the Presidents office, once again showering him in glass, as he threw himself beside his desk. This wasn't happening he kep telling himself. 'Any minute now, I'll wake up, and this will all be a dream.' Bullets began to pepper his office as a group of rebels got close enough to fire at him. The end was near.

<Freetown Airport>

As the foreign troops began to pull back, the communists swarmed across the airport, rapidly seizing abandoned weapons and ammunition, and securing the runway, miraculously unscathed, despite all the shelling.

"Tiger, Dragon. Airport secure. Moving to assist in assault on Presidential House" Harda reported, ordering his tank division out into the street to chase the fleeing troops.

Mortat fire continued to rain down on the foreigners, and soon the tanks main guns added to the firing, pouring rounds into machine gun nests and defensive strongholds.

Then, as all seemed lost, thirty-nine F-16 fighters roared overhead. The entire airforce was out for blood at the deaths of their comrades earlier. With no radar to warn them, the communists had no chance. Unguided bombs landed across the airfield and the tank division, killing and injuring hundreds of the rebels, and destroying four tanks. With that, the fighters headed south, seeking out the rebel airforce base for destruction.

At the same time, the closest thing the Adelaide Islands had to a motorised infantry corps arrived to retake the airfield. Some three thousand men armed with FAMAS F1 assault rifles, Spas 12 shotguns, and M60 machine guns poured from the back of transport vehicles, rushing to help protect the beleaguered Mental lands Marines. An armoured company arrived from the otherside of the airfield, ten T-90 tanks blasting into the rebel flanks, blowing apart any occupied buildings.
Psychopathic Warmonger
27-05-2004, 10:11
The sky went black for a moment as a seemingly endless flight of Chinook helicopters arrived at the besieged airport.
The Chinooks are escorted by Eurofighter Typhoons which buzz around angrily looking for a fight.
The Eurofighter Typhoons provide cover for the 23,000 troops of the 1st Airborne Division to unload and to take up defensive positions around the landing zone.
The Dictatorship of Psychopathic Warmonger is here and here to stay!
27-05-2004, 10:20
Communistpoland supports the Red revolution in the Adelaide Islands
and will assist in any way possible.....
Psychopathic Warmonger
27-05-2004, 10:25
Full details of the troops landed by Psychopathic Warmonger:
23,000 troops armed with SA80 Assault rifles, P90 Submachine guns,M60 heavy machine guns, 60mm M1 mortars and LAW 80 Antitank rockets.
Also dropped was 50 FV 101 Scorpion reconnaissance vehicles to provide fire support.
The troops are currently occupying defensive positions on the outskirts on the airport ready to move out.
27-05-2004, 11:03
Chinook transport choppers flew in again from the east, carrying over 2000 troops from the Armed Republic of Rufai, armed with Layna assault rifles and grenades. They were here to avenge their fallen brethren, and would be taking no prisoners. Scorpion attack choppers provided fire support for the troops as they moved out to secure the Presidential House once more.
27-05-2004, 11:47
Word has just reached my office in the Kremiln about the glorious revolution I will dispatch 80000 of my best troos to assist the revolution allong with air support. I shall not allow this revolution to fail!
Comrades of the revolution the troops and air power that I have sent are at your disposal, do with them as you will but please alert me to there movements and casulties.

-Preimer of New-Soviet-Union, and friend to all communist revolutionaries
Adelaide Islands
27-05-2004, 11:50
<Freetown Airport>

As the massive flight of Chinooks approaches, hundreds of Stinger missiles, RPGs, and literally thousands of machine gun and assault rifle rounds streak towards them from hidden positions around the airfield. At this point in the landing, the casualties would be horrendous.

The loyalist tanks rolled across the airfield, firing at will into the terminal and hangar buildings, until four were knocked out by anti-tank missiles from the rebel positions.

<Presidential House>

The fighting was close now, he could see the rebel front line just a few hundred yards away across the square. There would be no escape for him or his government. With that, President Adram Hilo, the first President of Adelaide Islands, picked up a revolver from his desk, fired five rounds across the square, and then placed the gun against his temple, and squeezed the trigger.

<Outside Presidential House>

The loyalist troops fought on bravely, tactically retreating towards the House, using rockets to destroy strong points in the oncoming rebel attack. The strategy of avoiding damage had gone. This was all out war, and they would not give up on their homeland so easily.


Jinlo Kamal looke dover the latest reports. He had already lost many men, and yet more foreign devils were arriving, trying to stop his glorious revolution.

"Tell Harda to fall back. He cannot stand against that many troops for long. Tell him to contact the group assaulting the House. They are to attempt to destroy it with rocket and mortar fire, then pull back" he said, turning to an aide.
27-05-2004, 12:02
As the transport choppers arrive a look of terror washes ofer the faces of defending troops at first they were thought to be reinforcements for the government, but as they drew closer it became obvious by the hammer and sicle emblems on the choppers were here to help the rebels.
the escorte choppers begin to make straifeing and bombing runs to allow for safe landing of the transports. As the transports land thousands of troops swarm out of them to join the front lines of the communist troops. the general of the troops of New-Soviet-Union aproches a rebel commander and informs him that these troops and air support are now under there command.
Adelaide Islands
27-05-2004, 12:03
<Encrypted Message>
To: Communistpoland, New-Soviet-Union
From: AIFL Commander, Jinlo Kamal

Comrades. We need your help. Please send any assistance to the city of Baili, in preparation for the second attack on Freetown. It is likely that the President is dead, but his followers still fight on. We simply must not allow these foreign devils to stop teh glory of our revolution.
27-05-2004, 12:07
Another flight of transports carying 40,000 troops has been dispached alond with more air support, as with the previous reinforcements these men and the air power are yours do do with as you please, ONWARD COMRADES!
Adelaide Islands
27-05-2004, 12:08
Harda looked at the man in front of him in bewilderment.

"Tiger, Dragon. It seems we do have some friends out there. I have thousands of troops at my disposal now. I will press the attack." he hurriedly spoke into the radio.

"Thankyou, sir, on behalf of our glorious revolution. Please send your attack helicopters to strafe the large concentration of Chinooks over there" he said, pointing at the Psychopathic Warmonger and Rufai landing zone. "Then send your ground forces to finish them off. With such weight in numbers, victory will soon be ours."
27-05-2004, 12:10
Please alert me if there is need of further reinforcements. My soldiers are eger to die for the cause.
27-05-2004, 12:18
Premier Rufai shuddered at the news of another communist nation getting involved in the conflict. He had had just about enough of damn communist rebels.

"I want the ARRN Saracen launching cruise missiles against the landing zone of the New-Soviet-Union's troops. Take out as many as you can. Send a wave of Blade bombers to bomb the rebel lines. Also, send fighter escorts and tell them to engage the transport planes."

Grand Admiral Scarlett saluted and then relayed the movements to the ARRN Saracen.

General Dorrill asked "Do we wish to send some amphibious tanks to support our troops?"

"No" Premier Rufai replied. "I'm not getting into a war over this. This is a mere training mission for our grand military."
27-05-2004, 12:19
Premier Rufai shuddered at the news of another communist nation getting involved in the conflict. He had had just about enough of damn communist rebels.

"I want the ARRN Saracen launching cruise missiles against the landing zone of the New-Soviet-Union's troops. Take out as many as you can. Send a wave of Blade bombers to bomb the rebel lines. Also, send fighter escorts and tell them to engage the transport planes."

Grand Admiral Scarlett saluted and then relayed the movements to the ARRN Saracen.

General Dorrill asked "Do we wish to send some amphibious tanks to support our troops?"

"No" Premier Rufai replied. "I'm not getting into a war over this. This is a mere training mission for our grand military."
27-05-2004, 12:19
The jets and helacopters begin straifing and bombarding the enemy troop concentrations with bombs huge clouds of smoke and flame fill the air as enemy tanks and jeeps are blown to bits. the helacopters begin fireing napalm rockets at the enemy ground troops their scerams of agony and death crys can be herd as the soviet soldiers prepare to advance. Once the command is given wave after wave of soviet soldiers advance to face tha alreddy decamated troops of the government. As the Soviet General looks on he knows that the battle will soon be over.
27-05-2004, 13:25
As the planes of the ARR screamed overhead, they unleashes a huge payload of bombs and rockets on the landed troops of the New-Soviet-Union, taking out hundreds of them. The Thundercat fighters immediately engaged the enemy jets while the bombers turned around for home. Crusie missiles whizzed overhead and exploded into the enemy ground troops. Jets of the ARR and the New-Soviet-Union screamed across the sky engaging in dogfights.

Please post your REALISTIC losses for this encounter.

Losses for the ARR:
Troops: 776 KIA, 161 WIA, 0 MIA.
Airforce: 1 Blade bomber KIA, 3 Thundercat fighters KIA.
Psychopathic Warmonger
27-05-2004, 14:55
The exhausted troops of the 1st Airborne division had managed to stem the seemingly unstoppable advance of communist troops during fierce daylight fighting and by the evening fighting around the southern rim of the airport had died down.
The field commander gave the order to all regiments to gather their men and to rendevous a few miles to the east with all available equipment. The order had been executed by the following morning and in the light of the new day the weary troops began to move out to link up with other coalition troops inside the airport complex.

Losses for the Dictatorship of Psychopathic Warmonger:
1,354 Killed
2,241 Wounded
56 Missing in Action
22 FV101 Recconaisance vehicles destroyed
24 Chinooks and 7 Eurofighters shot down
27-05-2004, 16:01
The troops of the ARR met with the troops from Psychopathic Warmonger and exchanged greetings. They then began the move towards the airport in tactical columns. The remaing 2000 troops from the ARR emerged from the capital city and 1000 went to secure the Presidential House while the other 1000 went to the airport to meet other coalition troops.
Adelaide Islands
27-05-2004, 17:07
OOC: Realistic? You would have taken far heavier losses in the previous engagements.


As the ARR bombers flew overhead, hidden AA guns and Avenger units opened fire, thousands of shells tearing apart the low flying aircraft, as Stinger missiles tore across the sky, homing in on the hot exhausts.

Harda lept from his tank as it exploded, the last armour of the rebels destroyed. Now it was infantry combat, much more interesting. He snatched a Layna assault rifle from a fallen soldier, and began shooting at teh troops trapped in the landing zone without cover, who were already under massive mortar and machine gun fire, as well as being the target of everyone of the remaining 2,500 rebel guerrillas.
27-05-2004, 17:19
OOC: It is debateable whether or not the losses would be heavier. Besides, this RPing is fairly new to me. So apologies if it appears unfair!

IC: Premier Rufai had had enough. There were too many of the communist scum. He would preserve his armies for now.

"Scarlett! I want our troops lifted out of there. Have the naval guns from the Saracen give fire support while they are lifted out of there. Have them firing on enemy AA batteries co-ordinates that were relayed from the front."

Grand Admiral Scarlett grimaced and then saluted. It would be done.
Adelaide Islands
27-05-2004, 23:55
Harda looked on as the New-Soviet-Union troops smashed into the foreign defenders. Now he could concentrate on the attack on the Presidential House. Then the order came through from his brother to pull back. Disgusted, he ordered a retreat.

The remaining rebel guerrillas began to head back to the train station, joined halfway by the group that had been attacking the Presidential House. Boarding the trains and trucks left at the station, they began to head back towards Baili, away from the chaos of the capital, and the burning wreck of an airfield. Many had died, but the war was not yet over.

<Presidential House, Freetown>

Inside the wreckage of teh Presidential Office, something moved. Hilo groaned as he pushed the last of the rubble off him. His revolver lay a few feet away, blown from his hand at the last moment by a mortar shell. In trying to kill him, the rebels had saved his life. Now, as the smoke cleared, he could clearly hear 'Land Of Hope and Glory' being sung by his troops. The rebels had stopped firing, and only sporadic bursts of gunfire could be heard from across the city. They were retreating. Freetown was safe, for now at least.

At that moment, Patash burst into the room to tell him the news. Before the CINC could say anything, Hilo turned and said:

"I know. They are retreating. My guess is they will be using the railways. Hit them hard with aircraft now, try and destroy those trains. Send the mechanised infantry south, heading towards Baili. They may be regoruping for another attack. We cannot allow them time to organise it. We will rebuild later. Now is the time for vengeance."
28-05-2004, 01:57
Although hundreds of Soviet soldiers fell for every one dead there was seemingly countless more to take there place. as the rebel atack was called off the soviet general took command of his troops and orderd the presidental palace stormed and captured by any means nececary, he then dispacheh jets and choppers to guard the rebels retreat to safty. The soviet general lifted his comm raido to his mouth and roared into it "we need TANKS AND JEEPS NOW! I dont care how you get them here but we need them now and send more soldiers!". After an unnerveing wait massive air transports arive some carying tanks some a number of jeeps, they were air droped onto the field and were quickly dispached to there positions to prepare for an advance, from the distance could be herd many more plains and troop transports as the first few arrived many soldiers were paradroped and others swarming off transport choppers that had just landed. The general looked on as a smile crept across his stern face, he then barked the comaned for an advance.
28-05-2004, 02:18
once the order to advance was given by the Soviet General was given he then called in more air strikes to futher weeken the enemy position and although the rebels had pulled back this was now a matter of honer for New-Soviet-union. Jets roared over head along with choppers they straifed enemy lines and bombed what was left of there armored and moterized forces, then napalm drops were made on the remaining troops, this decamated a huge portion of there troops but many of them were too well fortified for even the napalm strikes. The Soviet forces then began there advance tward the presidential palace the home of the croupt capitilist pig-dog presadent the choppers provided needed air support for the advance. Just then the jeneral recieved word that the rebels had made it to safety thanks to the Soviet air support, he then turned back to the battle as the ground troops advanced many were killed but there were thousands many bunkers were soon captured the presidental palace was then fully surounded the tanks trained there guns on it and the chopper began to circle the palace as well the remaining defenders retreteted inside the palace of the presednt. The Soviet General got on the loud speaker and barked in a hevy Russian acsent "we have you surounded surender wour nation now or we shall take it by force, I can easely have hundreds of thousands more troops droped here along with more tanks and air support so I sugjuest that you give up now COWARDS!"
28-05-2004, 07:43
OOC: I would apresheate other people joining in this is an exciteing war
Psychopathic Warmonger
28-05-2004, 13:12
Field Marshal Walter Henschel read once more the radio message he had recieved from the troops fighting in the airport. 'Enemy forces well entrenched, second front needed to divert enemy forces'
The commander of Psychopathic troops in the area smiled as the heard the roar of jets and the crash of fire and bombs as communist positions were bombarded from the air and the sea. The commander was stood aboard one of 14 Tarawa class assault ships making for the southern coastline of the island which had seen the heaviest fighting so far.
When the 4 hour bombardment had finished the troops packed aboard 56 200 ton landing craft sped towards their landing positions 1 mile further inland. Due to the neutralisation of enemy positions previously, the landing were carried out virtually unopposed and by the end of the afternoon Psychopathic troops had formed a defensive ring of steel and guns 2 miles deep and 4 miles wide around the landing zone. When the operation known as 'Citadel' had been fully completed the troops landed were indeed impressive:
26,600 men (armed with the weapons previously mentioned)
280 Challenger II MBT's
420 AMX-13 Reconnaisance vehicles
100 155mm howitzers and 40 MLRS
56 Apache attack helicopters
84 Harrier GR7's

The naval group assigned to cover this force include:
4 Nimitz class CVN's with 348 aircraft
4 Kirov class cruisers
6 Trafalgar class SSN's
10 Type 21 Frigates
10 Ramadan class Fast Attack Craft

The commander, now safe aboard his floating fortress, smiled once more as he thought of the death and distruction he could dish out to those communists still fighting with this force under his command.
Adelaide Islands
29-05-2004, 00:13
With a roar, the loyalist counter-attack began. As one voice, twenty thousand infantry cried out "FREEDOM", and began firing heavy machine guns, mortars, and assault rifles into the communist troops trapped in narrow streets with no chance of escape.

Then, as one, the remaining thrity-nine fighters swept over the city, firing missiles at the outclassed helicopters, and dropping thousands of pounds of munitions on teh enemy tanks.

Many would die, but the communists had pushed their luck. Now they would pay.
29-05-2004, 10:00
The Soviet General orders his troops to prepare to defend from hevy counteratacks. The Soviet jets soar into action prepareing to fight off the enemy jets, the soldiers redy there defenceive machine guns and AA rockets. As the defending armys make there counter atack the soviet soldiers let loose with a barage of machine gun fire as napalm drops are made ofer enemy positions, and although many of the advancing troops were being cut down the General knew that they could only hold out so long, if the communist rebels did not make another offencive soon the Soviet army would have to pull out but for now the heveyly entrenched Soviet soldiers and there general hold out hope of another rebel atack.
Adelaide Islands
29-05-2004, 21:50
As the NSU napalm strike hit, most of the loyalists fled into the sewers, re emerging into the burning city above them with hatred in their hearts. Groups fired heavy machine guns into the NSU infantry, still trapped in the open streets, and high explosive and fragmentation mortar shells rained down upon them.

The fighters launched every last one of their missiles at the NSU aircraft fixated on napalming the loyalist infantry, and SAM sites began to help out.
30-05-2004, 03:39
It became clear to the Soviet General that they would have to pull out. He called in transports to get the troops out of there and hevy air strikes to hold off the advancing enemy fighters. The choppers carying the retreating forces are berly out of the area when the general raidos from his chopper to to the air craft to begin vengance strikes and carpet bombing as pay back for the vicious atacks aganct the Soviet military.
The transport chopperts were barly out of site when a massive bombing campaign began while most targets were political or military in nature many were the citys them selves massive waves of carpet bombs droped from high flying bombers as cruse missle strikes from near by aircraft caryers began decamateing entite areas of citys.

Telagram from the primir of New-Soviet-Union addresed to The capitialist Pig-Dogs: You have been taught your lesson with our carpet bombing and now we wish peace we are now pulling all aircraft out of your air space we have a small group of men we must still extract from your nation if you interfear with the evacuation of the last of our troops from a remote regon of your nation the carpet bombing will resume.

SECRET IC: Useing the cover story of evacquating the remaining troops fron a remote regon of the nation, choppers of New-Soviet-Union fly to the area where the remaining rebels are hideing out. The same Soviet General who directd the privious battle steps out of one of the many choppers and aproches a rebel leader and informs him that New-Soviet-Union is prepared to acsecpt them in there country and train them to prepare for a future assult.

OOC:since you control the rebels it is up to you if they dicide to except help from us and come to NSU