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Assassination attempt against Hendrik Rhodes fails

24-05-2004, 06:39
Teutonic Knights in Rhodes City have arrested 30 people in connection with a failed attempt on Hendrik Rhode's life about 20 minutes ago in Rhodes City.

General Walter Kruger I was interviewed:

Reporter: "What happened?"

Kruger: "Emperor Rhodes was walking from Parliament to a nearby pipe tobacco store when a Muslim terrorist shot him three times in the face with a .32 caliber pistol."

Reporter: "What condition is the Emperor in?"

Kruger: "He is fine, he pulled out his own gun, a 1911-A1 caliber 45, and shot the beast 6 times... He then continued to the tobacco store where he bought his tobacco and phoned for the Teutonic Knights to come to his assistance."

Reporter: "You mean the three shots didn't even faze him?

Kruger: "Apparently not."

Reporter: "Where is the emperor now. Is he at a hospital."

Kruger: "I cannot say exactly where he is, but no he is not in a hospital, it was determined his condition didn't warrant going to the hospital."

Reporter: "Am I to believe that a man shot three times in the face didn't need to go to the hospital?"

Kruger: "A doctor who was in the tobacco store at the time said that it was a miracle, that the Emperor should have died... He cannot explain it. But no major damage was done... In fact the doctor said that he thought he was going crazy because the Emperor's wounds were actually starting to heal as they were waiting in the store for the TKs to arrive."

Reporter: "Wow, very interesting. What happened to the shooter."

Kruger: "He is dead, the emperor shot him 6 times."

Reporter: "Does the Emperor have a habit of going around unescorted."

Kruger: "Yes, we always warn him not to, but he is so loved... I mean there are only a few dozen terrorists in this nation of almost 30 million... But from now on he has agreed to have Grenadier Guards and/or Teutonic Knights present when he moves about town."

Reporter: "How many others have been arrested in connection with this plot."

Kruger: "30. They're all to be hanged from the center of Rhodes City tomorrow. I must go now, I have business to tend to."

Reporter: "Thank you General Kruger."

For those of you who really know your history, this is based on a real historical assassination attempt... If you can tell me who then you win... Although you don't really get anything... Other than a thumbs up
24-05-2004, 06:43
TK units have begun storming apartments all over Rhodes City... Local police in other cities have begun making arrestings. The nets are being cast... Not a single muslim is expected to elude capture.

The investigation as to which foreign power was behind the attack is currently being conducted.
Muslim Militants
24-05-2004, 06:49
OOC- Teddy Roosevelt. Got shot before (or was it during?) a presidential address/speech but went on to give it anyways (After he had been shot).
24-05-2004, 06:51
OOC- Teddy Roosevelt. Got shot before (or was it during?) a presidential address/speech but went on to give it anyways (After he had been shot).

Nope... Not even close... The one I'm thinking of was an assassination attempt against a Non-US leader and the leader was shot a number of times in the face... That should be a big big hint... More than you should've gotten.
Muslim Militants
24-05-2004, 06:58
OOC- Ahh... But the same idea goes for Roosevelt. Got shot three times before or during a presidential speech and went on to do the half hour speech. He then smoked a pipe afterwards as he was taken to the hospital, signing autographs on the way. Pretty damn close in my book.