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Vote for your party house of commons elections!

Nova Hope
24-05-2004, 06:16
ooc: Well I was going to set up a poll for this But it doesn't let me (too many options) So please vote via post. This is the first time I've run an election for my country. I came up with two choices, one do it randomly and use the RANDOM function to make up parliment. But I thought it'd be interesting to see what other ppl would vote. So when you vote you'll be representing a piece of the population in my country and I'll stick with the results of this for my RPing for the next month or so. Now a little FYI

Suffrage: Anyone who passes the voter registration process which includes an IQ test and several problem solving tests and a history test of the nation.

Chief of State: President Eric Lincoln
Elections; Yes when the other two branches call it

Head of Government: Prime Minister Marion Fosheemy
Elections; Yes when the house is reelected the leader of the majority becomes the PM

Legislative branches: Nova Hope has both a congress, designed after the American system. And a house of commons, lead by a prime minister, tailored from the English system

For a motion to pass in the government two of the three bodies need to approve it. If the PM and President are in agreement then congress need never see the bill. If they cannot agrees congress breaks the tie. A piece of legislation can be introduced by any of the three branches of government.

Political Parties within;
The Green Party- Advocates a reduced pollution and pro environment
NHCB (Nova Hope Communist Bloc) – Advocates a communal co-operative society to absolve the rich-poor divide at the expense of personal economic freedom.
Loyalist Party – Promotes a return to the feudal empire that once dominated the continent
Neo-Liberal Party – Promotes a hands off economic style of government that would leave only defense and highways in government hands.
Noviet National Party – Advocates the betterment of the state and encourages the individual to give up for the communal better
Noviet Socialist party – Advocates a ‘watered down’ form of communism. Mainly serves to split the communist vote.
Traditionalist Party – Advocates economic freedom while curtailing personal freedoms to protect what they see as the ‘right way’. Has a heavy basis in Catholicism.
NHUWFABT (Nova Hope Union of Workers for a better tomorrow) – Advocates the increase of the minimum wage, increased healthcare etc
The Noviet Fourth Reich – Preaches a master race philosophy, although diverging chapters argue as to the nationality of the master race.
NHBA (Nova Hope Business Associates) – Preaches corporate welfare and a trickle down economy, you must have 10 million in liquid assets to join this party.
The Scholars’ Party – Promotes free education and knowledge above all else
The Gun Club – Promotes the military period.
Nova Hope
24-05-2004, 06:17

The election date was announced today as the parties start campaigning like mad. The Gun Club has once again incurred a firearms infraction fine this year. As tradition in the last 15 elections the Gun Club’s attendees here in Nova Hope City all fire their weapons into the air. Police, who were on the scene as waiting for this recurrence, managed to pass out 4,312 fines this year marking a new record. In other news…
Nova Hope
24-05-2004, 06:24

Today a fight broke out in the fractured leader ship of the Noviet Fourth Reich when 4 different chapters attempt to swamp the national convention centre and announce their candidate. Apparently the very ethically divided party has still not decided who’s the true master race is. In related news the Reichers of Dutch descent have decided that their blood is more pure than their English counter parts. The leadership of what was the strongest Reich chapter has, once again divided. It would seem that the only common thread this party has it that they all want to be the party.
Nova Hope
24-05-2004, 06:41
Ooc: Come on people after all this RP bump you should vote. Not sure about a party? Ask!
NWN (Noviet World News)
Edward Delaware, a man who legally had his name changed to ‘His Grand Majesty’ announced his candidacy for Prime Minister today on the Loyalist platform. Advocating a return to imperialism and a feudal society His Grand Majesty had this to say.
“We were once a part of a grand empire that straddled the pacific like a giant! Now thanks to sniveling peasants we have fallen from our once great glory. A vote for me, His Grand Majesty, is a vote for grandeur, glory, and a sustained growth policy based on military expansion and imperial conquest!” His Grand Majesty, shown here in a Roman legionnaire’s uniform holds a great sway with some of the younger voters who ascribe to the, we kick ass, and ‘bomb em!’ policies.
Nova Hope
24-05-2004, 06:54
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Nova Hope
24-05-2004, 06:59
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24-05-2004, 06:59
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Nova Hope
24-05-2004, 07:01
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