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List of major Int'l Airports

24-05-2004, 05:41
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List any major international airports in your nation. If you got a link to any of yours, post the link with it!
Starting off the list:

Vitalita International Airport - VIA is located in ViZion's capital - and largest - city, Vitalita. It is the largest airport in ViZion, and as well as globally. Also available are plots for malls, hotels, and so forth! for more information.

Dogbar International Airport - DIA is ViZion's newest major airport. Located in eastern ViZion, this is one of the largest airports globally, serving some 14.5 million people on average per day, and growing.

Antibarber International - Having been completely rebuilt a few years after the Decade War, this in the second largest airport in ViZion. Located in the Angola claim, it serves a whopping 7.2 million people per day.

Lymar Regional Airport - Also renovated not long after the Decade War, this airport comes in third in ViZion out of the Zambian claim with 2.7 million people daily walking through its quarters.

*CLOSED* ViZion City International - (VCI's original thread is gone - it was back in Sept of '03 or around that time - so two new ones are up: for purchasing something, and for more info on it.) There are 100 concources, each with 400 gates in it. There are also 14 sectors with 200 terminals in each. Each Terminal has 200 gates. Sector 1 has an amusement park in it. Currently, there's 12 departure runways and 12 arrival runways, with one tower for each runway, plus a large tower for the whole airport. Over 5,100,000 travelers come through it daily! Located in the outskirts of (west) ViZion City, ViZion. *We are doing massive expansions to this airport. for more info.

*CLOSED* Doujinshi International - ViZion's second largest airport, which is home to 10 concourses; 70 terminals each; 100 gates in a terminal. It is, like VZCI, located in ViZion City, though this is located in the Southern part of the city. Nearly 1,500,000 travelers pass through its ultra-modern, ultra-sophisticated, and extremely luxurious concourses.

*CLOSED* HLAMIA International Airport - The newly finished airport will be located in the NW section of ViZion, in the Port of Alton, a growing city with approx. 1.3 million residence at this time. The airport has four concourses and 156 terminals. It is the third largest airport in ViZion.

*CLOSED* Oncomm International Airconnections - Located in Sameson, ViZion, a large city in Southern ViZion, it is ViZion's fourth largest airport. Serving over 600,000 travelers daily, it is always a busy place. Currently, there are four concources with 70 terminals in each, and 20 gates per terminal. There are no plans to expand this airport, as Doujinshi International has just been built, and is much larger then this now-aging airport.

*CLOSED* Rock City International - Rock City International is ViZion's fifth largest international airport. With four concources, it has 50 terminals, and 25 gates per terminal. It averages 350,000 travelers daily. Located in Rock City, NW ViZion.

*CLOSED* Hamperton International - Located in Hamperton, Hamperton International is, like the city, growing. Hamperton is currently the sixth largest airport in ViZion, with four concourses, 40 terminals, and 30 gates per terminal. Located on the southern tip of ViZion.

*CLOSED* World Connections - This is a small airport off the coast of ViZion City, on a man-made island. World Connections is closed to the public and business, and is highly guarded, as it is the airport for nations representatives and other government officials. Submarines are the only way to access the airport, aside from air and swimming. Unfortunately for swimmers, there is 24/7 guard in the waters. Anyone caught trying to reach the island may be shot, but most likely captured and taken into custody.

There are many other, smaller airports, some of which will be listed later.
United Korean Nations
24-05-2004, 05:45
New Pyongyang International - Built as a "Modular" Airport. differnt pre-built sections fit together to for differnt parts of the airport. it has 9 terminals each with 2 gates. however, it's small design makes it possible to expand in the massive area provided. the airport currently only takes up about 10% of the available land.

Seoul International Airport - The second Modular Airport built, it has 3 Terminals with 3 gates each. it serves Korea, China and Russia, and is operated entirly by Air Korea. no other planes are allowed in. it cannot expand, due to very limited land area in Seoul and the Surronding areas.

Pusan International Airport - the Only Non-Modular International Airport in Korea. it has 2 Terminals each with 5 Gates, and serves Indonesia, korea, and Japan. very shabby place with very little room to expand.
The Burnsian Desert
24-05-2004, 05:45
Highfather International Airport/Spaceport - Home to RAF-7, the Queen's private jet, HIA has been a main thoroughfare for international businesspeople and diplomatic hub for decades. It was even attacked once by Inner Heaven and Outer Heaven terrorists, which in turn caused the brief dictatorship. It has three concourses, 10 terminals per concourse, and 32 gates per terminal. The entire project was funded by the government.

The spaceport consists of the seven Space Patrol Fleets, which monitor TBD space-space.
Concourse B
VIP Lounge
24-05-2004, 05:46
The Xeraphian Federation does not presently have any International Airports for commercial air traffic.
All of the air travel goes through our military AirBases. There are 16 in Mercenary Lands, 2 in Carpathya, 1 in Isla Christos, 1 on Snake Island, and 3 in the former Kothian Empire.
Ther are 6 more under construction in the XF controlled areas of the former Kothite Empire.
All non-XF citizens are prohibited from entering Xeraphian territory unless specifically invited.


Alaric, King of Xeraph
24-05-2004, 05:47
OOC: Not our only airport, may update list later of the other main ones.

UPDATED April 1, 2009

Shelbin Intercontinental Airport - Location, Extreme Northwest Shelbin, 3245 North Loop 362 & Airport Blvd. 95 Concourses, 1,245 Terminals. 75 Gates on each terminal. 15 Arrival / 15 Departure Runways. Room to expand when needed. 1,412,548,000 Passengers Daily. Made out of Marble and with a wave architectural design. The walls are lined with massive glass windows and it has extremely high, angled ceilings.

Corvica/Seaton Joint International Airport - Location: 15 Miles outside of Corvica, Jarridia....8743 I 76. 30 Concourses, 65 Terminals, 45 Gates on each terminal. Room to expand, 5,875,000 passengers a day.

Khan / Branam International Airport - Location: Westwood, Jarridia...9876 I 46 & Commerce. 6 Concourses, 30 Terminals. 35 Gates on each Terminal. No room to expand, located in the heart of the city. 2,475,000 passengers a day.

Westwood Intercontinental Airport - Location: Westwood, Jarridia...12678 I 75 & Loop 675. 45 Concourses, 100 Terminals, 50 Gates per Terminal. Room to expand. 9,865,421 passengers a day. BRAND NEW

Greenacre / Jaquess Municipal Airport - Location: Kiakor, Jarridia....5362 South Loop 987. 10 Concourses, 60 Terminals, 40 Gates on each Terminal. Has very few international flights, mainly regional. Room to expand if need be. 3,478,000 Passengers a day.

Austin/Bergstrom International Airport - Location: Southwestwern Austin, Jarridia..... Highway 183 and 71. 5 Concourse, 10 Terminal, 20 Gates on Terminal. National flights only. 1,274,000 passengers a day.

Jaelynn International Airport

Port Iridian Municipal Airport

Smithsilian Municipal Airport

Regence International Airport

Vampirian City International Airport

Brindisi Regional Airport
Sigma Octavus
24-05-2004, 05:50
Thresh International Airport

Primary access into Sigma Octavus. Incredibly tight security and customs. Very few planes ever arrive, and most are sent away. Mostly accepts foreign representatives and guests.
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Kendria Nat'l Airport
The largest airport in Jovus. Makes trips to all over the world and caters to most major airlines and Jovian Trans Airlines.

New Dellacriox Transportation Terminal
Caters to most major airlines and also serves as a central point for the railway system.
24-05-2004, 06:37
The Miller Center for International Transportation
The largest Center for Transportation in Doujin, it is basically it's own city - based 50 miles away from Doujinshi, the largest city and capital of Doujin. Featuring magnetic underground railways, shipyards for transportation vessels, buses, and the largest airport in the region which alone handles over 5 million passengers daily (not including the railway, shipyard, and bussing facilities). The Transportation Center itself is the size of a city, and generates several trillion dollars in revenue per year.
24-05-2004, 06:43
St. Peter International Airport
Located just outside the capital (Canales CIty).
Has 20 Concourses.
Only authorized airline to date in Canales Airways.
A government subsidized airline.
Extremely tight security.
3 million passengers daily.
The only airport in the Empire though we are considering building another when funds become available.
5 of the concourses are sealed off and for official government use only.

Another part of the same airport.

One of the lobbies.

Security personnel checking unusual luggage in passengers bags. In this case, possible biological warfare agents.

Airport security checking the perimeter.

Airport swimming pool.

Dining area:

And we even have a workout room for people to work out while waiting for their flights.

luggage check area.

Security Check in for foriegners

As you can see ours is the best in North America.

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24-05-2004, 06:55
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24-05-2004, 06:58
International Egypstanian is Egypstan's main international airport. It has 6 concourses, 24 termines, and 120 gates. It is old, small, heavily guarded, and extremely busy. But it is safe, clean, and quick. Delays are rare here.

Egypstan International Airport is located in our capitol city of Egypsia, along the Nile River. It is Egypstans oldest airport still in opperation. It is small compared to International Egypstanian, with a total of only 75 gates. It is run down, beaten, hot, old, and smelly. It is always over-crowded, and full of insects flying around. One of its terminals is closed have the time due to its ill-repair, and one of its three run-ways are barely safe. The other two have not been repaired in nearly 25 years, and they, too, are showing their age and ill-repair.
Monte Ozarka
24-05-2004, 07:03
Reisz International Airport: Located 15 miles west of the capital city of Reisz, it is protected by SAM sites and a wing of fighters stationed in a section of the airport itself. A brigade of marines patrol the perimeter and carry out security duties. Every passenger and piece of luggage from an international flight is checked for dangerous goods before formally being allowed to step onto GDMO territory. Passengers and their luggage are transported by tram from the terminal to the main airport building.

More to come...
24-05-2004, 07:05
No way to reduce size of pics. :cry:
I'll just leave the links then.
24-05-2004, 07:05
Junjing Airport: Sino's first major international air port. Excellent facilities and tight security.

Zhang Xueliang Memorial Airport: Sino's premiere international airport. Modern and stylish facilities. Located in Zhongjing.

Hengzhou Intl. Airport*

Beihuan Intl. Airport*

*All named after their respective cities.
The Vorta Hadar
24-05-2004, 07:09
Dominion Intl. Airport

Located by a coastal Airforce base, The entire Airport is 4x as big as West Edmonton Mall (Largest mall in the world) has 4 Runways, and taxiway can hold 350 747s and is located off shore like Kansai Airport (Japan), Planning to make upgrades to taxiway capacity.
Soviet Bloc
24-05-2004, 07:16
Rostov International- Largest airport, largest terminal, most runways, tightest security, most advanced. Adjacent to a military base. Located in Rostov, ARSB. Operates numerous mag-lev rail lines into the heart of the capital city of Rostov.

Stavropol International- One of the better airports. Underwent massive remodeling last year and is fairly new. Located in the Stavropol district, ARSB.

Soviet Bloc International Gateway- Newest international airport, currently under construction. Will replace Rostov International as the most advanced and largest airport. Will be located in the central district of the ARSB.
24-05-2004, 07:19
Grand Duke Hans Frederick V International Airport: Primary international airport for Hamptonshire City. Located 20 miles from the city center. Only airlines and airplanes owned and operated by Hamptonians are allowed to use GDHFIA.

Hamptonshire City International Airport: International Airport used by foreign owned/operated airlines. Located 40 miles the center of Hamptonshire City.

HDC International Airport: Primary international airport for the city of Seaburg.

Governor George F. Allenby Memorial Intl. Airport: serves the greater metropolitan area of Seaburg.

Sir Adolf Easton Memorial Intl. Airport: Serves the city of Port Easton.

Count Wessex International: Serves the city of Wessex

Prince Edward the Wise Intl. Airport: Serves the city of Unity Pass.

George Meade Intl. Airport: Serves the city of Antietam.

Royal Memorial International: Serves the cities of Yespani and New Hope.

Admiral Ezra Iddelbroc Intl. Airport: Serves the city of Port Victory.

Duke of Terryton Intl. Airport: Serves the city of Harrkona.

New Paradise International Field: serves the city of Portshire.

Duchess of Quenstalof Intl. Airport: Serves the city of New Hannon.

[Updated as of 14 Feb.]
24-05-2004, 07:21
Magna Casa Capital Region
-Magna Casa International Airport First Airport in Aequatio: 4 Concourses, 8 Terminals, 32 Gates.
-Bomfy Memorial International Airport Largest Airport in Aequatio, contains 140 Shops, 24 Restaurants, 8 Hotels and a Casino.:12 Concourses, 52 Terminals, 260 Gates.
-Pendleton Memorial International Airport: 8 Concourses, 32 Terminals, 128 Gates.

Arrio Mega City
-Arrio International Airport: 9 Concourses, 42 Terminals, 210 Gates.
-Heart Memorial International Airport: 6 Concourses, 27 Terminals, 81 Gates.

San Allimos Mega City
-San Allimos International Airport: 6 Concourses, 12 Terminals, 60 Gates.

-Attica International Airport: 4 Concourses, 8 Terminals, 32 Gates.
-Alpine International Airport: 6 Concourses, 12 Terminals, 60 Gates.

-Domus International Airport: 4 Concourses, 8 Terminals, 32 Gates.

-Aurunca International Airport: 4 Concourses, 8 Terminals, 32 Gates.
24-05-2004, 15:56

List your airports here!
24-05-2004, 16:11
Cat City Aerospaceport is the only civilian airport in Feline. Fast maglev trains and pneumatic tubes connect cities from there.

There are military airbases scattered around the country, however. And does this not belong in Nationstates forum?
24-05-2004, 17:03
Guca City International. Used for military traffic and also has areas for civilian flights.

Sipud Fortress. Airport Military Airforce only. Over 15 miles long and contains 4000 bombers and 2700 fighters.

King Edgar Falthar International Civilians airplanes only.
24-05-2004, 17:21
The Airports of the Kingdom are as follows. Does not contain local airports

Riyadh International Airport Largest airport, 50 square km. Capable of handling 20illion passengers per day. 500 Terminals. Primary National airport for all international and local travel.

World Hub International Airport Located in Riyadh as well, it is primarily for foreign dignitaries and is also used to fly AQAX missions to scan for terrorist activity and enemy militaries.

King Adam Military Base Primary National military airbase, used for all air force strike teams and bombing missions. Holds 20,000 aircraft.

Jeddah International Airport Majestic international hub. Not as active by any means as Riyadh International, nor as large. Services some international flights to regional partners mainly. Located in Jeddah.

Adam City International Airport Airport for Adam City. Nations second largest airport, used by about 10 million daily.

All airports are equiped with advanced anti terrorism defenses, multiple advanced Patriot defense systems, and all are adjacent to some military base of sorts, most housing tanks. Riyadh contains a military base housing 200,000 troops, and the King Adam military base houses 500,000 troops in addition to the aircraft.
24-05-2004, 17:33
Mardelli International Airport (largest and only one of 2 airports in our country) Primary National airport for all international and local travel also is used to scan for terrorist activity.

Tenille Airport (local airport in the middle of Brunkenstan) in the city of Tenille. Is mainly for local and regional flights. Was mentioned in Time Magazine last year as one of the world's best airports
24-05-2004, 18:04
Dushanbe Int'l Airport (DUS) the oldest airport in Tadjikistan and home to Tadjikistan International Airlines, rebuilt in 2003 to become the most modern airport of Central Asia. 28 million passengers/year use this airport to get to their destination.

Aini Int'l Airport (AIN) This airport is mainly used for cargo transport by Zeravshan Cargo airlines, 2 terminals are available for passenger transport that goes up to 1.4 million passengers/year.

Penjikent Int Airport (PEN) 3rd most important airport of Tadjikistan, 5.7 million passengers use it every year.

Khujand Int'l Airport (KHJ) This airport lies in the north, its the best way to get trough the Dardar pass if you go to another city in Tadjikistan. And about 9.8 million people realize it every year.

Murgab International Airport (MUR) the only airport in Eastern Tadjikistan and thus an important link to the outside world for the citizen of the region, 14.7 million people use it every year to get in or out of the Pamir mountains
24-05-2004, 19:35
The Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad has technically only one international airport. The Capital (Lassic) is the only place that international flights can land and they must land at Lassic International Airport.

The size of Lassic (well over 100 square miles and a ppulation of nearly 200 million) means that Lassic International Airport have 4 brainches, each named for the corner of the city it inhabits, these being the SouthWest,SouthEast, NorthWest and Northeast corners.

So, if you are flying in from the NorthEast you would land at Lassic International Airport, NorthEast.
Five Civilized Nations
24-05-2004, 19:39
#tagged for later post of 5CN major airports...
24-05-2004, 19:42
ViZion, have you decided on Doujinshi International?
24-05-2004, 19:47
24-05-2004, 20:23

Lantana International Skyport, LIA. Please inform me if the airport code LIA is already in use.

A $36 billion (in Tarqysian Marillions) wonder, LIA is the only commercial/civilian airport in The Commonwealth of Tarqys - major, free rail links and highways provide all necessary travel.

Currently, we await response from TWA regarding opening operations at LIA. They are bidding for gates/concourse for their exclusive usage. We welcome all international airlines. We promise exclusive, individual gate numbers per airline. Contact us via TG, please.

6 Concourses
Five Runways
No Maximum Noise Limit
34 feet Elevation
Underground rail link between Concourses and main entrance

Important Frequencies -
LANTANA GROUND: 125.9 [0000-2359]
LANTANA TOWER: 124.1/257.8 [0000-2359]
TARQYS APPROACH: 124.9(101-245) 124.5(069-100) 125.4(246-341) 128.9(342-068)

The runways are as follows, going North to South:

27R/09L - 11,750 feet

27L/09R - 11,750 feet

31/11 - 8,600 feet

26R/10L - 11,780 feet

26L/10R - 11,780 feet

The Lantana Air Corridor is an important sector of sky, due to the placement of Tarqys in the North Atlantic. Maps of Tarqys ( Go to this link and scroll down where you will find maps on the left column.

Here is the page linked with a schematic of LIA (

LIA is also fitted with advanced DOPPLER radar to detect any pesky shifts in the Atlantic winds. Additionally, LIA has a large hangar depot, where High Flight ( is based.

Once again, if you're an international airline and would like to open operations in LIA, please contact us.


Dr. A D Wirth
Director of Urban Development
Commonwealth of Tarqys
25-05-2004, 02:12
25-05-2004, 02:16
Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Eliat
25-05-2004, 02:20
ViZion, have you decided on Doujinshi International? Yip
25-05-2004, 02:20
Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Eliat
*blinks* umm... ok... info? Location? Etc?
Japanese Antarctica
25-05-2004, 02:21
New Edo International Airport
Japanese Antarctica's sole international airport. It is very small but accomodates all types of passenger aircraft. It receives an estimate of only 20,000 passengers yearly. However, Japanese Antarctica has recently begun a tourism campaign, initially without success.
25-05-2004, 02:49
Egypstan Airways International wishes to expand its locations. TG me if you are willing to let us begin traveling to your airports.
25-05-2004, 02:50
Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Eliat
*blinks* umm... ok... info? Location? Etc?

they are real life cities and can handle any civilian aircraft available. The accomadations are up to the airlines in each terminal
Jeruralem has 6 terminals
Tel Aviv has 4
Haifa has 3
Eliat has 3
25-05-2004, 15:51
25-05-2004, 16:10
Nicksia International Airport: The largest city in Sarzonia also has the best-developed airport in the country. Airlines from all over world land in this southern city.

Woodstock International Jetport: The nation's capital has a facility that befits a small city's, not one with 591,000 people. The city's mayor and city council are in intense debate about how to improve the Jetport.

Northern Sky Airport: In the northern city of Portland, this airport doesn't generate much traffic, but as the city grows and Sarzonia becomes more prominent, officials in the city hope that it generates tourism revenue.

Roger Daltrey Airport: In the city of Townshend, this airport is the most beautiful of any in Sarzonia. It's also the newest, and it is near the city's attractions, including its pristine beaches.
Scandavian States
25-05-2004, 16:34
Alexandria Int'l
The largest and most modern airport in the nation in the tourism hub of the Imperium. Approximately 100 million travellers come through this area on jumbojet and SST alike. This airport is home to Pharoah Airlines and its fleet of SSTs plus the Imperium's two Sub-Orbital Transports.

Stockholm Int'l
The second largest airport in the Imperium is an annex of Stockholm's large interceptor base. Around 60 million travellers come through this airport every year.

New Edinburgh Int'l
The smallest international airport in the Imperium is also an annex of an airbase that is slightly smaller than the one in Stockholm. This airport averages about 20 million passengers a year.

Canton Int'l
The third largest international airport and a favorite of many passengers because of its proximity to two Imperial Navy fleet bases, it isn't uncommon to see naval patrols with the huge dreadnaughts and superdreadnaughts of the Imperium or even the occasional naval exercise between the Third and Fourth Fleets, if a passenger is lucky. Because of the fact that Canton is a major business and tourism hub, it is estimated that about 40 million passenger come through this airport every year.
26-05-2004, 07:04
26-05-2004, 12:01
The Democratic Republic of Anime-Otakus currently has three International Airports.

Argama International Airport

Situated in the centre of the capital city of Otaku-ka (which is in the north of the Republic), the Argama is the first International Airport built within the Republic. It serves around 70 million passengers yearly, and is home to the state-owned Anime-Airways, with its fleet of 20 Boeing 7E7s and 7 Nuerva-class space shuttles. In addition, the mass driver facility and the spaceport of Helios is also situated in the same compound

Yami-to-Hikari International

The second airport, it lies in the city of Neo-Shibuya, in the southwest of the country. 10 million passengers come through yearly. This airport is home to a further 5 Nuerva-class space shuttles.

Shizuka International

Shizuka International, as its name implies, is a small, quiet airport in the southeast of the country, within the city known as "Yume" (Dreams). It usually serves helicopters, but has the potential to grow in the future, thus the "International Airport" designation. It also can support 3 Nuervas.

In addition to these 3 International Airports, a total of 100 smaller airfields lie scattered around the country.
12-08-2004, 20:43
Communist Rule
12-08-2004, 20:45
Lenin International Airport, Communist Rule, Moscow. Only International airport in the nation for security reasons. Very modern.
New Zambuda
12-08-2004, 20:56
Emirate of New Zambuda

Keita International Airport (Capital)
14 concourses-300 gates each
12-terminals-200 gates each
10-cargo terminals

Carnival International
20-concourses-350 gates each
14-terminals-250 gates each
14-cargo terminals

Emirate Internatinal
22-concourses-400 gates each
16-termianls-300 gates each
24-cargo terminals
Emirate International also is the home base for both Emirate Express and Emirate Airlines.

Emirate Express Home Airport
100-cargo terminals
Access to Emirate International

North Bay Island Airport
This airport houses the government's planes and only recieves foreign dignitaries. It is also the only government owned military base in New Zambuda.

All airports are connected by high speed rail networks.

Your friend,
Sheik Mon
Prime Minister
12-08-2004, 20:56
Revolution International Airport: Ostow, Eastern Hattia

This is the largest airport in the nation, stretching out over about 15 miles, servicing about 250 passenger planes an hour. It is also home to the state owned Haton Air Transport. It also serves as the capital's main airport, as the cities of Ostow and Haton are essentially one city.

Severnaya International Airport: Severnaya, Southern Hattia

The 2nd Largest airport in the country, it functions as the airport for the city of Severnaya and about 100 miles around it.

Leningrad International Airport: Leningrad, Northern Hattia

The 3rd largest airport in the country, it also functions as a military airbase.

Not mentioned are the thousands of small airfields scattered around the country, as air travel is often the most efficient mode of transportation.
The Island of Rose
12-08-2004, 21:14
Rosian International Airport: Located in the City of Rose, it serves as the Island's main Airport, it is all the busiest Airport in the Island of Rose. It also keeps the Government's personal Jets maintained.

Roska International: Located in Roska City, it's the 2nd largest Airport, it's also home to an Airbase and Naval Base since it's so close to the river.
12-08-2004, 21:36
Zachara Imperial International Airport -- Located in the United Empire's capital, Zachara Imperial International Airport services the highest amount of flights in and out of the United Empire. Security through the teeth. All passengers are screened against a database of people. All passengers *must* have valid ID that matches the database or they are rejected.

Rilos Imperial-Colonial International Airport -- Located in the Colerican Colony of Rilos, the airport services the highest amount of flights in and out of Rilos. Security through the teeth. All passengers are screened against a database of people. All passengers *must* have valid ID that matches the database or they are rejected.

Keystone Major Imperial International Airport -- Located in the Colerican state of Keystone Major, the airport services a high amount of flights in and out of the United Empire. Security through the teeth. All passengers are screened against a database of people. All passengers *must* have valid ID that matches the database or they are rejected.

Michigan-Wisconsin Imperial-Colonial International Airport -- Located within the Colerican Colony of Michigan-Wisconsin (Earth II), the airport services all major international flights in and out of the colony. Security through the teeth. All passengers are screened against a database of people. All passengers *must* have valid ID that matches the database or they are rejected.

Colerica Imperial Airport/"Airport Thra" -- Located within the Imperial Palace in Zachara. Services international flights for government officials only. Imperially-owned and Imperially-operated.
12-08-2004, 21:55
Belfast International Airport
Located close to the capital this airport isd constantly expanding due to trhe rapid rise of routes by principle Celtayoshi airline Air Celtayoshi. Security is state of the art, with visible security provided by the Belfast Police, and more secretive security proived by the Celtayoshi State Police. Rapid rises in tourism to Celtayoshi have seen over 300,000 people pass daily through its doors. Ultra modern facilities ensure a pleasant wait for flights, which are rarely delayed due to airport problems.

West Celtayoshi airport
Due to the size of Celtayoshi thsi airport has become important for nation state travel, also serving as an important regional airport. Its facilities are due a major overhaul, construction on new facilites are due to take 5-10 years to complete and will include hotels, bars, restaurants, massive waiting areas, larger check in areas, and more secure customs department.

Imperial Airport
Constructed during the beginings of Celtayoshi imperalism this airport serves around 100,000 daily and has a twice hourly flights to belfast international for international flights. Located in central Celtayoshi.
12-08-2004, 22:11
Commonwealth International Airport- The busiest airport in Granzi and a major airliner hub, it services an approximate 400,000 customers from around the nation everyday. It is located 40 miles outside of Granzi City, surrounded by the densely populated Lyre Valley. The main terminal buildings recently underwent an expansion, adding an additional 80 gates and modernizing the existing facilities. A new electronic data system was installed, allowing airport security to conduct the flow of traffic while minimizing delay.

Hestoa International Airport- 20 miles outside of Hestoa, it recieves 200,000 passengers daily, mostly from the northern islands. A major renovation added 2 concourses, and 50 gates, and enlarged the runways. A portion of the grounds are devoted to military aircraft, as the airport also acts as an airbase for the Army.

Boralis International Airport- The third largest airport in Granzi, 180,000 customers pass through its gates every day. An older facility, it is slated to be replaced by a new airport under construction with almost double the capacity. Located next to the water, a protected harbor also allows seaplanes to land near the inner city.

Milano International Air Terminal- The newest airport in the Commonwealth, it only recently opened 2 years ago. Since then, its flow of traffic has steadily increased, gradually replacing Veroni Intl. as the largest airport on Island Merigo. With flights both to Granzi's overseas territories and to the other islands, Milano is expected to become the one of the fast expanding air hubs in Granzi.

Athios International Airport- On the other side of the island from Granzi City, this airport recieves most of its traffic from the local area. 90,000 customers pass through the terminal daily, mostly to flights inside Granzi. Expected to expand due to increased development on the western shore.
Alejandro Rey
12-08-2004, 22:18
Alex International Airport- Alejandro Rey's largest airport located in Southwestern Alex City, with 20 Terminals with 100 Gates each. All of this is connected by a small light rail system called Air-Rail. Also inside the airport there is a small office complex, shopping mall, hotels and subway and commuter rail system. Over 300,000 people travel through this airport every day. And it serves a City of 1,000,000 people.

Alex City International Airport- Another large airport located in Alex City it is a brand new airport in Northwestern Alex City made to relieve the traffic of Alex International. It has 10 Terminals and 50 Gates Each. Over 100,000 people on average travel through this airport daily. It contains a monorail and two hotels.

Capitol Airport- A small airport in Central Alex City with three terminals with 20 gates each. Around 10 thousand people on average travel through Capitol Airport, and it is connected to the city by subway. It serves regional flights to various places around the country.

Juan Jose Frias International Airport- A large airport in the outskirts of Frias City, it has 10 terminals and every terminal has 70 Gates each. It has a large shopping complex, and a hotel. Around 250,000 people on average travel through this airport daily. And it is connected by commuter rail.

Costa Del Sol International Airport- A large airport serving the famous beach city of Costa Del Sol. It has 15 Terminals with 100 Gates each. It has many hotels, large shopping complex and a monorail system. It is connected to the city through a large bus terminal and soon by a subway stop.
New Cnaan
12-08-2004, 22:37
People's Airport of Cera Tellan (PACT)
Situated in the novo-cnaanite capitol of Cera Tellan, PACT is a dull-looking, though robust and efficient, airport. It accepts flights from several other nations as well as local transit, especially to the distant Abdaria City in the south and the Trotskigrad airport in the far north of the nation. Connected by several rail lines (and a maglev line under construction) to the Cera Tellan city proper. Has a large military section attached, mostly used for air defence and military transportation.

Abdaria City Transport Hub
Mainly a cargo airport, but boasts a passanger terminal as well. Situated in the Abdarian desert at the southern tip of New Cnaan.

Leon Trotski Memorial Aerodrome/Cosmodrome (Trotskigrad)
New Cnaan's main sattelite launch facility as well as a modestly-sized civilian transportation airport. caries mostly local traffic.
13-08-2004, 09:26
Toronto International Airport (Earth II)

Flies direct to many international destinations, principle earth II airport for Celtayoshi, like a smaller version of my Belfast international.
Corpulent Sorrow
13-08-2004, 09:46
Libitina Memorial Airport Corpulent Sorrow's only major airport so far, built in memorial of one of its leading pioneers in aerospace engineering. A relatively small airport, its runways are often overrun by dying ravens, as the airport was unknowingly built over an ancient raven's burial ground.
Above is the link to a photo of the main building of the airport on one of the raven-free days.
13-08-2004, 10:44
Douglass International Airport: The worlds largest airport located outside the capital in Houston. Many airlines call this airport a major hub and is home to Dhabian Airlines and Bose Cargo the nations largest cargo and second largest airline.

Freeman International Jetport : Located in the second largest city of Florence it is the nations second largest airport with over 580,000 flight out of this airport a year. The airport is home to the nation’s largest carrier Intercontinental Airlines . The airport is under construction to help handle more aircraft.

Washington Beach International : This is the nations third largest ariport and it is the second newest. Located in the fastest growing city in the country Washington Beach this airport is home the fast growing airline Pacifica Airways. This airport generates heavy traffic, but as the city grows and Washington Beach becomes more prominent, officials in the city hope that it will gat money to expand the airport to handle the millions of tourist a year.

Worth Regional Airport : In the city of Greenville, this airport is the most beautiful of any in Dhabi. It was built to despair into the back ground and this airport does just that with gardens and shopping this airport was the key feature in designing the rest of the nations new airports.

Lakeview Regional Airport : In the city of Lakeview, this airport serves it peruse in the nations second fastest growing city this airport will be replace with in the next 2 years as the city and country raise money and find a airline to makes this airport a hub of the nations new airports.
29-08-2004, 22:23
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29-08-2004, 22:32
James W. G. Ford International Airport, Zen City, Boxtopia.

Ford Airport has two terminals. T1 is inter-regional, and T2 is international and domestic. Each terminal has 40 gates. PAX traffic is 600,000+ per day.
30-08-2004, 00:07
Theodore Roosevelt International Airport- The main airport of Socialistlandia. Located in the largest city, Franklin (pop. 5,137,496), Theodore Roosevelt International Airport services flights to 88,902 NS countries in 527 regions. Just completed in 2001, it is estimated that between 900,000 and 1.2 million travelers walk through its gates every day. The airport includes such airlines as:

Warzone Australia Airways, Socialistlandia Airlines, Automagfreek Express Travel, Rejected Realms Airlines, North-South-East-West Pacific Airways, Extinct Nation Escape Travel, and many more. It also services space travel to 5 Space Sectors. Pictures:

Space Sector Airplane:

Airport Hallway:

Walkway To Space Travel Area:

Roosevelt Airport is also under round-the-clock security.

Socialistlandia Airport: A medium-sized airport, with 100,000 to 102,000 people walking through every day. It offers travel to 107 countries in 4 regions. It is also under round-the-clock security since a bomb threat in late 2002. Located in Upper Socialistlandia (pop. 434,000). Round-the-clock security.

Countrywide Airport: A small airport, with 42,000 to 48,000 people walking through everyday. Travel to 11 cities in the country, including Franklin, are available there. Located in Roberton (pop. 104,000). Security runs round-the-clock.

Stevenstown Private Airport: Very tiny airport. 477 to 804 people walk through every day. A launching area for private airplanes and private space airplanes. Most of the people who walk through are usually celebrities or private airplane/space airplane pilots. Located in Stevenstown (pop. 84,000). Round-the-clock security.
30-08-2004, 00:10
OOC: Oops, for int'l airports only. Oh well, those are Socialistlandia's airports.
30-08-2004, 00:20
Oops, forgot one:

Central Hub Airport: Located in the center of Socialistlandia, Central Hub Airport (acronym: CHA) is the 2nd largest airport in the NS world. Between 5.1 and 6.3 million people walk through it every day. It services 100,092 nations in 605 regions. Space travel is also available to 17 space sectors. Located in Socialistlandia's fastest growing city, Hub City (pop. 1,055,972). Services such airlines as fast-growing Independence Day Airlines and Budget Airways, among other airlines as Opal Isle Airlines and Boxtopia Airways.
24-09-2004, 07:01
Evil Woody Thoughts
24-09-2004, 09:25

Four parallel 3800 m runways, two Shagagopia terminals, three Interregional terminals.

Anyone want landing rights, TG me (nation: evil woody thoughts).

Edit: The national airline is Evil Woody Airlines; it flies mostly 767's and 777's due to the remote location of the Shagatopian region, apx. 600 miles ESE of the Canary Islands. However, Evil Woody Airlines does utilize 757's for service within Shagatopia.

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The Phoenix Milita
24-09-2004, 09:52
Newark Liberty Airport - Location: Northern New Jersey, 3 major Terminals w/ 30 gates per 5 minor, 10-15 gates per, the main concourse houses one of the largest shopping centers in the tri-state area, other features include a dual 30mm gatling turret for terrorist and cruise missile protection.

Chicago National Airport - Location: 1/4 mile from Chicago, IL 12 major 6 minor terminals w/ 20 gates each. Primarly used for travel between major Phoenix Milita cities and as FedEx/UPS secondary hub, however does recieve some international flights. Subway linked to shopping and cultural centers.

Phoenix International Airport - Location: 2 Miles outside of Phoenix, AZ Featuring 30 Terminals w/ 40 gates per terminal and 7 minor terminals over 1 million passangers a day pass through the airport which is our largest, subway link to the rest of the city

Flagstaff Regional Airport - Location: Flagstaff, AZ 1 major terminal w/ 27 gates, 7 minor terminals 15 gates per, FedEx and UPS hub, does not support large jumbo jets such as the 747 so doesn't get many international flights, international concorde flights do refuel there often tho, high speed subway links to Luke AFB and Phoenix International Airport

San Diego International Airport - Location: 1/2 mile from San Diego,
20 terminals with 30 gates and 5 minor terminals with 5 gates ea. Main hub for travel, intntl air mail and UPS shipping overseas, linked via mono raill to rest of the city.

Honolulu International Airport - Location: Honolulu, HI
5 major terminals + 3 minor, 20 gates on all terminals, contains the largest most diverse shooping center on the island, maglev train links it to the rest of the city
25-09-2004, 17:43
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23-10-2004, 05:28
Neo Tyr
23-10-2004, 05:44
Kyrall International: The major airport of Neo Tyr, sponsored by Kyrall Air. It has 20 terminals with around 300 gates. The airport in built over the ocean near Kyrall, and cost a major sum of money, however it has started to change the 'dirty outlander' pyche of Tyrinians and makeing tourisim actually become a true feild of work.
23-10-2004, 05:46
Timiocato Santo Ragazzo International Airport (TSR)
National hub and largest airport, flagship airport for AeroPacitalia

Timiocato Veterani-Nazionale International Airport (TVN)
Older, smaller airport and former hub; alternative to TSR

Timiocato Paridagora International-Industrial Airport (TPG)
For industrial and economic traffic only

Nortopalazzo Centraliterra International Airport (NCT)
Second-largest airport in the country, central region hub and secondary hub for AeroPacitalia

Nortopalazzo Agritsa-Aforandiki International Airport (NPA)
Charter airlines airport only

Mandragora International Airport (MGI)
Third-largest airport in the country, east region hub

Sambuca International Airport (SCA)
Fourth-largest airport in the country, vacation traffic is the primary source of passengers

Amita International Airport(AMT)
Fifth-largest airport in the country

Puntafora International Airport (PFA)
Sixth-largest airport in the country

Il Monterio Mussorado International Airport (IMM)
Seventh-largest airport in the country and the northern hub

Athalone Demokratia International Airport (ATD)
Eighth-largest airport in the country and the Caribbean hub

Saronno International Airport (SRO)
Due to Saronno's close proximity to Mandragora and Timiocato, and despite it being the third-largest city in Pacitalia, Saronno's airport is not very large. It is still ninth-largest in the country but does not handle any real amounts of traffic compared to TSR, TVN and/or MGI.

Lucifora Citta-della-Satani International Airport (LCS)
Aptly named for being in the City of the Devil. Tenth-largest airport.

The twenty-seven other international airports are as follows:
Puerta Vallarta (PVA)
Cancona (CCA)
Murago (MGO)
Nogales (NLS)
Pegrolisia (PGA)
Capagatta (CPG)
Sambradana (SBD)
Mavrogenidia (MVG)
Tanapieras (TNP)
Positano (PST)
Xerxia (XXA)
Molybenida (MXY)
Estoreggione (ERG)
Macchiadora (MCH)
Acapulccia (ACP)
Mayando (MYD)
Mazatilano (MZA)
Culiacano (CUL)
Guadalaggiare (GDL)
Campecchio (CCC)
Meridagora (MER)
Oachaca (OAC)
Collimata (CLL)
Iucatano (IUC)
Citta Victoria (CVC)
Timiocato-Isolamunicipa (TII)
Febrius (FBS)

Pacitalia's airports handle over 17 billion passengers annually, with an income of almost 20 trillion douros.
The Irish Isle
23-10-2004, 06:00
Dreknium International Airport (DIA)- Located in the capitol city, on the southern most edged, Dreknium International is the largest airport in The Irish Isle. Catering to all international airlines as well as several foreign country liaisons, Dreknium International has 35 terminals and on average sees 500,000-750,000 people per day pas through its doors.

New Dublin International (NDI)- Located in the heart of New Dublin, NDI is the newest and second largest of The Irish Isle’s international airports. Incorporating the latest in shopping, dinning, and security, New Dublin International is the main airport for political refugees, foreign tourists, and potential immigrants. On average, New Dublin International sees more than 1.2 million foreign immigrants per day.

Derum International- The smallest of the international airports in The Irish Isle, DIA only sees about 1.2 million travelers per work week (5 days, 240,000 travelers per day). However, Derum International is poised to expand within the year due to the growth of their business sector and the relocation of Island Airlines, Ltd. headquarters to Derum as well as the birth of several smaller airline companies.

UPDATED 10/23/04
23-10-2004, 06:44
Lynyrd Skynyrd International Airport (LSI):
Based in the Evinsian Capital District, this airport is the hub of all of Evinsia's airlines. It is not large, but is the largest airport in Evinsia. Ironically named after a band that was killed in a 1979 plane crash.
23-10-2004, 19:49
26-10-2004, 21:34
27-10-2004, 00:48
Jasarian International Airport (JIA)- The largest airport in Jasariana. It is located in the capital city, Jasariana City. The Headquarters of Jasarian Air and HCJ Airlines are both located here.

Scharrolton Bay International Airport (SBA)- Jasariana’s second largest airport. Located in Scharrolton Bay City on the northern coast, this is where the headquarters of SkyBlu Airlines is. Most foreigners fly in here.

Jensen International Airport (JSI)- The third largest airport in Jasariana. It is located in the eastern coastal city of Jaxz City. JaxzAir has its headquarters here.

Lohan International Airport (LIA)- Fourth in size and the newest by far. This airport was just completed last year. It is located in Jayre, on the southwestern coast.

Jaim Esch International Airport (JEI)- This is the fifth largest airport in Jasariana. It is located in Jaim Esch.

The seven other International Airports are:
Baker International (BIA)
Killian International (KIA)
Zacha International (ZIA)
Kilburn International (KBI)
Hugo Bay International (HBA)
Ahelmich International (AIA)
Dent Ft. Fye International (DFF)
27-10-2004, 00:52
I am a new country, but the contruction of "Flying Int'l" should be done in 8 years time *having no idea of what it will be in NST* It shall be located in the northern region of Whogives, it shall provide as easy access to all of the countries in Game World Network region...until they get their airports up.
Random Kingdom
27-10-2004, 00:58
The only international airport in Random Kingdom is:

Confusion City/Kingdom Aviatary International Airport [CKA]

Home to the Ray of Hope, this relatively small airport is the only international airport in Random Kingdom. Located in the heart of Confusion City, the capital, flights set off around the region of The Golden Hills, and between Random Kingdom and its rightist colony Sweatshoponia in the South Pacific. The airport is always open to accept new airliners and routes.

CKA no longer exists because of an ICBM attack on the capital. The original info is kept above for whatever reasons.
27-10-2004, 01:31
Godulan Centrail Aeroplex

Located at the geographic central point between the 25 capitol metropolises of the Dominion upon the Godulan Expanse (the central plateau of the nation), Godulan Central is a sprawling megaplex of terminals, concourses, runways, and... construction sites. Turns out that Godulan central is having massive sections of its infrastructure converted into what appears to be a Starport.

Allowing for the construction, launch, and berthing of well over one hundred space-capable ships of frigate size or smaller, the new starport promises to provide an unmatched speed and reliability to Godulan trade efforts, while maintaining the more mundane aircraft accomodations.
16-11-2004, 20:45
16-11-2004, 21:05
Name Change

Imperial Airport, Celtayoshi, is now called Németh Central Celtayoshi Airport [NCCYA] after Premier Németh of Celtayoshi.

edit: when he dies it shall become the Németh Memorial Airport
18-12-2004, 05:56
12-02-2005, 01:24
*two months later* bump!
Unified Bubnor
15-02-2005, 01:49
Thomas D. Cordery International (TCB)

Very Large Airport under construction to serve the capital. Will, when finished, encompass over 1000 gates and eight terminals.

Bubnor City International (BCB)

Smaller, Older Airport, currently serves the capital, woefully under-equipped for the large numbers of people who travel in the Unified States.

Andal International Airport (BAI)

Newly opened airport to serve the nation's largest city.

Pilsen International Airport (PXB)

Will, when opened, be the largest airport in the nation.
15-02-2005, 07:56
Essembra International Airport

Kore Universal Air/Starports
21-03-2005, 03:27
29-09-2005, 16:29
16-11-2005, 05:52
16-11-2005, 07:31
Khodrokis International Airport - Located 30 miles northeast of the Khodrokis city center, KX is a relatively old but newly renovated airport. It features a multitude of takoff and landing approaches, so that pilots are rarely kept waiting. As with all Khodrozi structures, there is a very roomy fallout shelter beneath it, because life is unpredictable.

Vhaz'Ruti - Originally built on top of a plateau overlooking the Eastern coast, the V'R is mostly infamous for having the shortest runway in all of Khodros, which cuts off abruptly to a 200-meter drop. It is customary for pilots to throw several passengers and their luggage off each plane before takeoff. Lately news stations have successfully pushed for cameras to be affixed to the cliff face to provide juicy footage of any accident.
Democratic Colonies
16-11-2005, 14:12
Lexa Doig International Airport (

Once one of the busiest air traffic hubs in the West Pacific, Lexa Doig International Airport is once again open for business after two years of renovations and reconstruction. Featuring the latest in security and passenger processing technology, as well as automated air traffic control and runway management systems, Lexa Doig International Airport is the safest, most convenient, most advanced airport hub in the region. Over 400,000 passengers per day are expected to move through Lexa Doig International once airport operations reach thier normal level.

Lexa Doig International now boasts two concourses for domestic flights, four concourses for international travel, and two concourses for super-large capacity aircraft for a total of 500 commercially available gates, starting at $120,000 US per gate.

International Concourses A, B, C, D
The International Concourses are home to over a dozen fine shops and restaurants, as well as a number of casual retailers and dining establishments to serve the last minute needs of air travellers. A number of attractions to make our traveller's experiences more pleasent have been put in place, including an authentic Gemini Space Capsule on loan from the All Colonies Muesum on display in Concourse A, a complete RAF Spitfire from the Battle of Britian in Concourse B, a muesum worthy brontosaurous skeleton in Concourse C, and an abstract art exhibit and Native American inukshuk display in Concourse D.

Super-Large Capacity Concourses Blue, Red
With specially designed enlarged gates available, each gate at the Concourses Blue and Red is capable of recieving and processing larger aircraft of the super-large class, such as the Airbus A380 and Antonov An-225. Restaurants and shops are available in this area, and like in the International Concourses, displays and exhibits have been set up to create a more pleasent air travelling experience. Concourse Blue has the retired Colonial Space Shuttle Pathfinder on display with an educational exhibit detailing the history of spaceflight, while Concourse Red has a retired SR-71 Blackbird aircraft on display with an educational exhibit detailing the history of experimental aviation.

The Lexa Doig International Airport is being hearlded by architects and artists alike as one of the most attractive, luxurious airports in the West Pacific. Built to offer fast, efficent ground service so that passengers and aircraft can take off and leave with as little effort as possible, in the most pleasent surroundings possible, Lexa Doig International strives to be the new golden standard in airport hubs for decades to come. Neither international airlines nor thier passengers shall not be disapointed by the ground facilities at LDI.
21-12-2005, 06:35
21-12-2005, 06:44
Juliana Airship Port - Airport exclusivly for airship use. Terminal A-D for international shipping, Terminal E-H for international travel. Concourse Two for domestic flights

Kingdom International - For Fixed Wing Aircraft. Concourse A for international flights, Concourse B for domestic, and Concourse C for shipping.
Sniper Country
21-12-2005, 07:32
Sniper Country International Airport

Located in Stalk Lane, Sniper Country, the largest city in the nation, Sniper Country International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world. Boasting sixteen runways and four towers, Sniper Country International Airport is also one of the busiest airports worldwide, with a rate of 100,000 arrivals and departures per day. Away from the airport itself, but still one of the most integral parts of the airport, are the two Sniper Country International Airport TRACON (Terminal Radar Control) facilities. Sniper Country International Airport is currently the only known nation in the world to have two constantly dedicated TRACON facilities. It is widely said that the airport's Air Traffic Controllers are the absolute best in the world.

NOTE: These claims are made in a realistic sense, not an outrageous one such as ViZion's largest airport.
02-11-2006, 08:20
02-11-2006, 08:41
Cantinople International Passenger and Freight (CAN)

This Airport is mainly geared to international cargo traffic but does still have a Vibrant international passenger trade it is quite large as it also has close ties with Cantinople Port, the sea transportation hub of Bazalonia. Based in the city of Cantinople

Fauxhan International Airport (FAU)

Bazalonia's biggest and largest passenger Airport. It is quite archetectural but you can easily get lost in it's myriad of Concourses. Based in the city of Fauxhan

Leaping Bazalope Airport(LBA)

Bazalonia's smallest international Airport but don't let that hinder you. LBA is a very well designed Airport that efficiently uses the limited space it has. It's runway has been extened on a pier out into the bay for those aircraft that need it.
20-01-2007, 07:41
Al Ramir
20-01-2007, 08:18
Husaam Udeen International Airport
Located in the city of Al Ramir, this is currently Al Ramir's only international airport. Currently, it is in the middle of a major growth spurt. Two other international airports are under construction throughout the country.
20-01-2007, 08:20
N'Djili International Airport, Kinshasa, Zaire
20-01-2007, 12:04
Theeb International Airport

Theeb International Airport is a large complex on the north coast of Vetaka's main and largest island. The airport has 4 Runways with 3 Terminals with 10 gates each. It is a relatively new complex with it only being built 3 years ago.
All Diplomatic and Sensitive traffic passes through Theeb Military Airbase.

Helgan International Airport

Helgan International Airport is located on the south coast of Vetaka's main and largest island. The airport has 3 Runways and 2 Terminals with 5 gates each. The Vetakan Government currently has Helgan under review. Pending on the outcome of the review. Helgan could dramtically increase in size.
Edward City
20-01-2007, 13:50
Edward City Son Sant Joan International Airport

The ECSSJ Airport is a large airport composed of 5 terminals and 126 doors and 8 parking garages.It receives annualy up to 40 million passengers.
20-01-2007, 19:03
***As-salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah***

All Neighbouring Countries.

The Holy Qudrath Minister of Works & Transport.

Re: International Airport.

The international airport in the Holy Empire is situated in the out skirts of the capital city. The airport is situated in the Arafat Lake. Its on a man made island.

The Holy Qudrath Imperial International Airport.

Yours Humbly,
The Holy Qudrath Minister of Works & Transport.

Endorsed By:
The Holy Emperor of Qudrath.
The Holy Qudrath Minister of Foreign Affairs & Relations.
The Holy Qudrath Minister of Regional Strategic Defence.
The Holy Qudrath Minister of National Security.
20-01-2007, 19:25
Each Major Dian City has air capacities, that serve both Military and Civil Functions. The infrastructure department in coordination with emergency services and HRD run the airports. ICCD also operates a number of aircraft carriers that can serve as landing areas for some commercial aircraft during emergency or other situations. Most of the airports are located outside the cities proper area to avoid crash and noise pollution issues. Principality has atleaast one landing strip or areas dedicated to emergency landing of aircraft as well as helipads. Most airports are connected underground by rail services.

There is a general no fly zone inforced in some areas.

The Largest Airports (what would be equivilent to an internaitonal airport can be found in the following places)

Lacus Prae Operates three seperate airports one in the north LPN, one in the south LPS and one dedicated to private flights (no commercial flights) LPW in the west of the city, serving most high profile business and diplomatic flights. That facility also has an active airwing attached to it. LPN and LPS have four terminals each, LPW has only one 'private terminal' but also has an administrative terminal (only open to dian state employees such as military or other personnel)

Palamos has one major international airport located outside Palamos City (Urbs Palamos) This is located on the inland side and is termed PI. It two terminals.

West Lakes has a major airport with 4 terminals, it is connected by highspeed rail to central lakes, as central lakes has an enforced no flyzone, no flights can enter the centrallakes area without special military clearance, as such this airport serves Westlakes, and in general the lakes region minus east lakes (which is connected to LPN by highspeed rail.

East Farland International (EFI) Serves all of east Farland and is located outside Ponterra (a major industrial and commercial area in farland. ) it has 3 terminals. (one of which is open only to materials (aircargo/mail etc..) The other two terminals are opened to mixed traffic.

West Farland Internatinal (Sentus Airport SAI) serves West Farland and is located outside Urbs Sentus. It has two terminals one which is open only to cargo and reserved chartered flights. The other terminal is open to leased air services.

Intracircumcordei has only one major airport, located outside the the Coastal Capital maris populi. The airport has 4 terminals.

Xian has one major airport - which has two terminals.

Smaller regional airports most of which can accomodate 700 series sized flights are located at many other areas. Lacus Praes airports are the busiest in ICCD, West Lakes is second in air traffic. Palamos has lots of traffic but the majority is domestic from other parts of the empire.

In addition to ICCD's domestic airports, Dian Enterprise runs a number of airports located outside of ICCD. These are not listed here but may be in the future.
21-01-2007, 00:39
Altanar's three largest airports are as follows:

King Olen International Airport - This airport is located in Altanar's capital, Ael Khalas. It has three terminals with a total of 43 gates. Three gates are reserved for government use, and seven are reserved for the national airline, Royal Altanari Airways. This leaves 33 gates open for assignment.

Nalioka International Airport - This airport is located in the city of Nalioka. It has two terminals with a total of 35 gates. Three gates are reserved for government use, and seven are reserved for the national airline, Royal Altanari Airways. This leaves 25 gates open for assignment.

Celavan International Airport - This airport is located in the city of Celavan. It has one terminal with a total of 25 gates. Two gates are reserved for government use, and four are reserved for the national airline, Royal Altanari Airways. This leaves 19 gates open for assignment.

There are also smaller regional airports in each of Altanar's provincial capitals.
26-05-2007, 06:56
The only two notable, usable airports within ViZion at this time are:

Antibarber International - an airport that handles roughly 1,000 civilian travelers per day, this airport is in a sad state of disrepair in the Angolian claim.

Lymar Regional Airport - An airport that, dispite its nation, actually is an international airport serving 500 civilian travellers per day.
26-05-2007, 12:28
The Sasha International Airport ('s largest Airport, with 28 Terminals, and 10 cargo terminals. I can accommodate 100 million people.

Lexer International Airport-Was destoryed during the nuke attack, currently being rebuilt.

Gameston International Airport-Greal's 2nd largest Airport and largest Military Air force base.
Brutland and Norden
26-05-2007, 14:25
Here are our major international airports:
Province of Brutland
Brutland International Airport/Aròporto Internaziona Brutelliense ~ Crebbia, Brutland City, Brutland
Timberland International Airport/Aròporto Internaziona di Marchòcchiese ~ Poole, grant ( of Timberland, Brutland
Province of Norden
Airport of the Republic/Aròporto di la Repubblico ~ Dastamone, grant of Desantorica, Norden
Ronvalle International Airport ~ Cercello, grant of Anza, Norden
Suciana-Trefini International Airport ~ Suciana, grant of Trefini, Norden
Union Territories
King Kyle I International Airport ~ Dorzano, grant of Tonzivibbia, Union Territories (This is the airport serving the country's capital)
09-11-2007, 11:01
John Wilson International Airport: Named after President John Wilson, who led Vitolia into a major boom - economically, population, and so forth - this airport serves as the first and only airport and international airport in the country for civilian usage.
Flaming Souls
09-11-2007, 11:05
Red Mountain International Airport is the largest airport in Soulia, if not the world. It is named for the majestic Red Mountain which is visible from the front entrance.
09-11-2007, 17:53
New Zevkhay
-Liberty Airport
-Freedom Airport
-Peace Airship field
-Prosperity Airship field

Polianapolis International
Milkavich International
Il'vi International
Ol'vi International
16-12-2007, 19:25
I presume you mean just Major international but not all the international ones.

I like to say West Avie International is my major airport with East Avie International coming in pretty close behind. They are the same size.
11-05-2008, 08:45
18-05-2008, 02:38
Seven airports in the republic are designated international gateways:

Arugula International Airport (AGI) - located just outside the national capital Arugula in west-central Ruccola

Porto Verde International Airport (PVD) - the international airport of the main northern port city of Porto Verde

Scalogno International Airport (SLG) - outside Scalogno, the largest city in the south of the country

Chasiupoli International Airport (CSP) - serving Ruccola's fourth-largest city, Chasiupoli

Timsuano International Airport (TMN) - serving the country's fifth-largest city, Timsuano

Somuisa International Airport (SMU) - serving the nation's sixth-largest city, Somuisa

Montaglio International Airport (MNG) - serving the republic's seventh-largest city, Montaglio
18-05-2008, 02:56
Burtilana International Airport (BLA) 6 runways, situated in between Burtistan and Big Burt, next to River Paradise.
Suddamn International Airport (SDN) 4 runways, situated just south of South Suddamn.
18-05-2008, 03:25
Scandar City International (SCR)--Main Airport going in and out of country

New Chicago International (NCO)--Airport on other side of country

Delany Airport(DEY)--Currently in the process of being built (completion early 2009)
18-05-2008, 03:53
Opum International Airport(OPU/LTOI)- The second largest airport and hub for X-Airlines

San Valentino International(SAV/LONI)- A medium sized airport has service from most Lurikastani carriers, international flights to large cities around Texas (our region)

Mikhail Petkov Galatic Spaceport(MPS/LMVU) The largest airport in the world, also serves as a spaceport. (Located in Zorg the new capital.
25-10-2008, 08:43
25-10-2008, 09:11
Jaya Sthaanam International Airport
The largest airport in Niraamaya and also the only major airport in the west of the country, it serves 2 million people within 12 hours.

Badass Mofo Airport (OOC: No, I am not joking.)
Created by the military, it houses the majority of the fighters, bombers and helicopters in Niraamaya. The name was chosen by generals to boost morale.

Rentusera International Airport (Closed)
Originally created in 1948, It was destroyed during the Liberation War of 1966, in which Rentusera was wiped off the face of the Earth and Niraamaya took its place.

IMF Airport
Created in the new city of Nirdhana Duhkhaalayam for International Medical Foundation airplanes to land. It is half the size of JSA.

Jiivita Sthaanam International Airport
The only major airport in the east of the country, it serves 2.5 million people in a day.
25-10-2008, 09:14
(OOC: You can make that name official, IMF Airport...)
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Miami Shores
02-04-2009, 10:12
01. Miami Shores International Airport MSIA.

May update in a new post later on.

Minister of Transportation, Carmen Sanchez, Cuban origin.
National Council of Ministers
Hispanic Republic of Miami Shores.