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Gramal/Weyr Peace Accords (Alies of Weyr and Gramal only.)

24-05-2004, 05:33

President Victor Gramal and High King Alicia have come to an agreement and terms of peace between the two nations of Gramal and Weyr. The signing of the peace treaty and also the collaboration of all of Weyr's allies will be held at the capital city in the Kingdom of Weyr. President Gramal will give his speech now on the matter:

"Good evening. As you all know, our two nations have been in conflict for over the past few weeks. With the meeting of Weyr's High King, we have come to a settlement and have decided to sign a cease fire and peace treaty. The signing of the two will be held during a spceial session of the Weyrian High Council. The terms of agreement have come to as follows:

1) A Gramalian naval and army base will be built on Weyrian soil to sustain Gramal interests in the nation and will be allowed to only remain operational for four years.

2) A cease fire will be signed accordingly at a conjoined special session of the Weyrian High Council and a meeting of all of Weyr's allies and also of the Chiefs of Staff, Defense Council, and The President of Gramal.

3) A peace treaty will be signed also at the conjoined special session of the Weyrian High Council, Gramal Command Members, and Weyr's allies.

These terms of alliance and peace will be signed in hope that the future of our two nations will not be threatened again by petty differences. The High King and I have come to these terms of agreement after many hours of deliberation and careful consideration. With the signing of the cease fire, all armed forces near and around the waters, fields, and skies of Weyr will be pulled back and be put into passive stances. The blockade that has been present at the Weyrian shorline will be lifted and the armada that has been formed at the Beta Aurigae VII Fleet will be sent back to the Gramal Naval Headquarters at Dixon and into safe harbor where all ships will only patrol our waters in respect to the treaty signings. Once the two treaties have been signed, then an immediate disarmament of the border defense system know as "The Wall" will commence, the doorways that lead to the Gramalian cities wil be reopened, and "The Wall" will be no more than a international landmark. Ladies and Gentlemen, I say to you, let us accomplish this so that we may build a better future for our two nations. One of peace and prosperity, one of understanding and brotherhood, and one of complete and total friendship. Let us all remember that every step that we have taken opens a new chapter in our lives. Let us now begin this new chapter, so that we may build our future!"

President Gramal,the Chiefs of Staff, the High King Alicia of Weyr, and the High Council of Weyr will meet at the Weyrian capital city in an attempt to end the conflict on the borders of the two nations.
25-05-2004, 02:28
The silvery helo touched down on the landing pad of Councuil Hall -- a tall skyscraper whose upper half was nearly always swathed in clouds. Now, it was covered in gloom, the last rays of the setting sun sinking below the western horizon. From the helo pad one could see most of the capital city of Wye stretching down below, coverig much of the mountainside. The River Wye was a silvery-black line. Countless lights from windows and cars twinkled and shone in the deepening dusk. Council Hall was built on the highest point of the city.

"Welcome back," Brigadier-General Elton Gran nodded as Alicia jumped down onto the hard concrete, followed by a slightly-slower Neverille. The entire meeting was already on the 'net, along with President Gramal's speech.
"Any problems?" Alicia asked.
"Nothing extraordinary," Elton Gran replied. Alicia, Neverille, and the Brigadier-General entered the building, followed by two aides. "The Council will convene as soon as everyone arrives."
The Council Hall was eerily silent -- it was late and most of the workers had gone home.
"Prepared, ser," one of the aided stated. "Unless they bring a few hundred people to the talks, we will be able to accomodate them."
"Good," Alicia smiled.

Council Hall was not only the place where the High Council also housed the offices of all the counsellors, as well as the many agencies that provided various government services to the people. High Guard Court and Tower of Kings, tall skyscrapers in tehir own right, were really only small extensions of the massive Council Hall.
25-05-2004, 16:47
A convoy of stretch limos and SUV's headed for the Huron Airport. Each one of the vehicles waved the flag of the nation. But inside one of the vehicles sat President Victor Gramal, the leader of the Armed Republic. "So, first foreign visit for over a decade. Hopefully we'll be able to show some of our strong points at the peace accords. What was the name of the peace accords anyways?'" asked the president.

"Treaty of Wye, sir." said Chief of Staff General Alexander Yard.

"Ah, yes. Hopefully this will be a good one for the record and history books."

As the president was speaking, the convoy pulled up to the plane that would take them all to Wye. Huron One was the name for the plane. It was the Presidential Aircraft. "I hate flying. But this is the only way."

The President, his staff, and the Defense Ministry COuncil stepped up into the plane and the door was shut. Seconds later Huron One was on it's first diplomatic mission since the Fifty Year War.
25-05-2004, 18:23
". . . tracking inbound aircraft from Gramal."
"Unidentified craft, please provide ID and proceed to Landing Strip Alpha-4."
"Looks like the President's arrived," the com-tech grinned after sending the message and shutting off his mike. After days of inactivity, air traffic was once-again picking up.

The column of vehicles stretched for nearly four miles -- one of the several leaving the Gramal-Weyr border. Tank treads kicked up dust and bits of asphalt and concrete. Older trucks and jeeps spit out clouds of exhaust fumes. All of them were bound for different parts of the Kingdom, where they would be officially disbanded. At each crossroads, companies would split off, heading for their own home cities.

The border checkpoints were again resuming their normal status. Officially, each was supposed to be manned by a single squad (20 men), whose only job was to note the number of persons passing through in order to keep a current sensus of the total number of persons within the country.
San Texario
26-05-2004, 03:19
A convoy of 6 vehicles, all black cars, made the way to the precedings. In one car was General Nick Wright, Major General Adam Brown, and Brigadier General Juan Catalos, with a driver. In the other 5 were each 4 security members armed with AK74U Metal Modernized and USP Match pistles, wearing black suits and ties, reflective black sunglasses, and earpieces to be able to communicate to one another and the generals. They arrived at the place of precedings, and entered the lobby.
26-05-2004, 16:27
OOC: Okay. Guns are not needed here. Only pistols provided by the secret services of your country are allowed. Weyr is providing security for these talks.


President Gramal looked out his window as Huron One started to decend to the runway. Weyr was a beautiful place. Especially the riverfront area. He smiled.

"Maybe someday Gramalians will be vacationing on those shores." he said turning to Drab.

"Maybe. But unless Weyr and her allies sign these treaties then we're back to square one." said Drab staring out of the window.

The President became straight faced and watched as the plane touched down. Once the plane taxied to the end of the runway and came to a stop there was a crowd of press swarming the area. "They just love foreign diplomats don't they?" he laughed.

He stepped out onto the stairs leading down to the tarmat and the questions bombarded him. A convoy of black cars pulled up waving the flag of Gramal. He smiled as they pulled up. This was the convoy to the talks. He was very proud.
26-05-2004, 17:11
OOC: Proceedings will take place at Council Hall. Security to be provided by Weyr City Watch, High Guard, and The Tower.

The crowd swarmed around Huron One, kept back by High Guard armed with regulation 'casters -- shotgun-shaped black rifles. Flashes and camera lights interspersed from the crowds. The sound of jet engines could be heard -- Wye International was the largest and busiest airport in the nation.

A red carpet stretched from the large black limousine to the stairs, flanked by more Guardsmen. Two alchemists of The Tower stood at the bottom of the stairs, along with Consul-General J. W. Gibbs.

"Welcome to Weyr," Gibbs inclined his head. He was a slight man, dressed in a black suit. His silver-gray shoulder-length hair wavered slightly in the slight wind. The two Alchemists, arrayed in azure-blue trench coats and bearing no weapons visible or hidden, watched the crowd. "Ser Alicia regrets that she could not meet you in person; unfortunately, there have been problems with some of the Regional Councils that could not wait."


There were a number of people within the Entrance Hall of the Council Hall skyscraper. Some were government employees, others were tourists or visitors. A group of high school students walked in, past the flanking Alchemists and City Watch, and into one of the large elevators that were located behind the oval reception desk behind which sat a dozen receptionists.

"No weapons are permitted within Council Hall, Generals," Alchemist Erin Shun held up a hand. Her job was to meet the representatives coming in for the talks. As all alchemists, she had no weapons. An alchemist was a weapon all by him/herself. A silver chain was the only rank insignia on her azure trench coat. "Your escort will have to leave their weapons if they are to proceed."

The measure was enacted after a religious conservative brought in several RPGs and exploded them at a High Council meeting, killing over five hundred observers and counselors.
San Texario
26-05-2004, 18:09
"I am sorry, sir. But, by enacted law number 478, dated, by San Texarian reckoning, August 12, 134 AU(After Unification, all diplomats are to have armed guards with them at proceedings. There are to be at least 5 guards armed to each representitive at a given time. These guns are standard. I'm sorry, but as it is our secret service it follows our laws. What we can do, is keep 2 guards armed inside the proceedings for each of us. The others will remain outside, but 9 of them will need to be armed by country law. Those are my terms accept them or we will leave," said General Wright. He ordered his guards to safety his guns and called forward the five biggest guards, who were the strongest and most capable of defending themselves with their hands and their Match's, "We will submit to you are AK74U's and 5 Matches, and the ones armed will have them safetied unless ordered by myself, Major General Brown, or Brigadier General Catalos."
26-05-2004, 21:37
OOC: There are 20 SS from San Texario [4 per car, 5 cars]. You are taking 5. The other 15 are outside?

"That is acceptable," Alchemist Erin Nash consented. She was sure she'd get flamed by the Colonel afterwards, but Alicia's orders were to make sure all the delegations were at the proceedings. She tapped the small azure crystal pinned to the breast of her azure trenchcoat.

"Captain Nash here, get the San Taxario reception down, over," she said.
"Stet," a voice came from the crystal.

The lobby seemed to be slowly filling up, although no-one lingered there for long. The sound of many footsteps echoed off the high vaulted ceiling, merging with the murmur of voices.

Moments later, six persons -- three alchemists in azure trench coats and three guards in darker, navy-blue trench coats -- approached the San Texario delegation. None of them were armed, in observance with the code of Council Hall.

"This is Lieutenant Sanders," Captain Nash indicated a tall alchemist, who uinclined his head for a moment. "He will be your giude and guard during the proceedings. If you have any questions or requests, he is the one to ask."
26-05-2004, 21:38
27-05-2004, 00:17
OOC: My SS gaurds are armed with standard issue 10mm Semi-Automatic Glock Pistols, each with safetys. As also a law in Akita-Ryuvius, the gaurds must be kept armed at all times. Unlike San Texario, however, there have been only 2 SS gaurds asigned to each delegate, general, or any important person whatsoever. However, the President has 7 SS guards, each armed with the standard Glocks. If you wish, 1 of each VIP's SS guards may turn in his/her weapon, but stay with the VIP in the precedings. The President's bodyguards, however, only 4 guards can turn in their weapons. They also must stay with the President in the precedings. There are a total of 30 SS Members there, 2 for each of the 10 delegates, 7 for the president and 3 drivers for the Limosines. The SUVs that follow are merely escort cars that will stay outside the Council Hall during the whole procession. So, thats a total of 13 SS armed, and 17 SS 14 unarmed (The 3 drivers will also remain outside).
The black Limosines pulled up with heavily bullet proofed and tinted windows, with Akita-Ryuvian flags flapping on the front right and left corners. A Helicopter hovered overhead, totally silent except for the inevitable sound of swishing air(OOC: the helicopter is another escort, although it will leave as soon as all VIPs are confirmed inside). Most spectators did not see the helicoper before it was gone.
San Texario
27-05-2004, 02:55
The six guards accompanying the delegates submitted their AK's and followed in. The other 14 stayed outside and took in surroundings, while listening to the six inside on the layout of the way to the proceedings. If any danger arose, they wanted to be able to get in and out as fast as possible.
27-05-2004, 05:30
President Gramal smiled,"Thank you for your welcome." He shook the mans hand and proceeded to the limo. Behind the President his staff followed. General Alexander Yard, Admiral Harold Duran, and Defense Minister Henry Drab stepped out from the plane followed by twenty of the Secret Service Ranger Core. The SSRC were an elite unit of the military. Their duty was to protect the President at all costs. They were in full military dress with slight changes. They had two Colt .45 Berettas. Standard issue. They moved to flank the President and his staff.

The President looked around at the press and waved his hand in the air. He stepped inside and moved to the back of the limo. Shortly afterwards his staff followed and the SSRC climbed into the seperate hummers provided by the Gramalian military. The convoy left and the Weyrian Consul-General radioed through the net that the President was on his way.

The Council Hall was in an uproar. The net message that Gramal's President would arrive soon was an incredible disturbance. It told all of the foreign diplomats, that have never met the man, that they would soon get a good look at the leader and his staff. The peace talks would begin soon.
27-05-2004, 18:11
OOC: Just some general info -- Council Hall consists of three parts. One is the actual hall where the Council convenes. The second is the offices of the counselors. The third part takes up over a hundred floors of the building and consists of various government services and departments.

And on another note, your weapons won't be of much help if anything happens [which it won't]

"Nash here, get the Akita-Ryuvius reception down, over," Erin Nash said, tapping her crystal again.
"Stet." The crystals were set up so that only their bearer would actually hear what was said unless configured otherwise.
She held out her hand towards the Akita-Ryuvius delegates as they entered through the open glass doors that were nearly two floors tall.

"Gramal delegation coming in," Consul-General Gibbs's voice patched through Erin's crystal. She normally woukld not have heard the message -- her crystal was configured to only accept a small number of 'waves'-- but this one had probably been sent over -all- official 'waves'.

The Gramal and Akita-Ryuvius receptions exited from the same elevators just moments later. Each was composed of six ersons -- three Alchemists of the Tower in azure trench coats, and three Highj Guard in navy trench coats.
"This is Lieutenant Lers. He will be your guard and guide for the duration of your stay here. Any questions or requests should be addressed to him," Captain Nash indicated a somewhat stout alchemist, who inclined his head for a moment.
"If you will follow me, I'll escort you to the Council Chamber." he led the Akita-Ryuvius delegates towards one of the elevators.


Council Hall was not just a place where the High Council met. It was also a place where most of the many government agencies and services had their central offices. Much of the occupied space had nothing to do with the High Council.

The three dozen elevators going up to the thirtieth floor could comfortably fit twenty persons. Where a delegation could not fit into one elevator, the escort would split and occupy two (or three) elevators. teh elevators themselves were like any opther office elevators -- with azure-green walls and sliding doors on two sides. A slight humming could be heard as they accelerated.


Each of the two delegations now within Council Hall had been led up to the twenty-ninth floor, which was once the second-highest floor in the building. The elevators exited onto a wide reception area, where several dozen people milled around before tall, open brass doors. Through the doors could be seen the actual Councuil Chamber.

The Council Chamber was a large semi-oval hall with a vaulted ceiling. Four tiers rose around the curve. The flat sidewas empty. With seating for the several hundred counselors and a few thiousand observers, it was an impressive chamber. There were few decorations, save for the antiquated crests of the High Council, the High King, he Tower, and the Kingdom of Weyr carved into the arm-rests of the comfy chairs of the chamber.

_/ \_
/_____ \
| \ \
| \ |
|| | |
| / |
|_____/ /
\_ _/

Here's a bad representation.
Beta Aurigae VII
28-05-2004, 01:03
Beta Aurigae VII
28-05-2004, 01:05
OOC: sorry about not posting guys but between hockey games, finals at school and the forum not working to well with my PC i haven't had a chance to post. okay anyhow i will have 3 representatives to participate in this conference. The Governor General, Admiral James MacCloud, and General Leclerc. All representatives will have 2 SS assigned to them. The SS will be armed with 2 H&K Expert sidearms and combat knives. I will have 15 special forces outside with the San Texario bunch, they will be armed with OCIW Assault rifles and H&K Expert sidearms.

IC: Anyone with an exceptional eye could see 5 helicopters approaching the center one bore the Flag of Beta Aurigae on the side doors the other 4 were Reaper gunships. As the formation of helicopters carrying the Beta Aurigae VII delegation approached the Council building Governor General Stanley Molotov looked out the window and saw the Council building for the first time.

"Impressive," he remarked to the rest of the delegation in the helicopter. They all nodded in agreement.

As the helicopter touched down and the dorrs opened the Reapers stayed airborn as ordered in case of any threat. Two men in dark suits and sunglasses stepped out and took up postion on either side of the door. The Governor General came out first followed by Fleet Admiral MacCloud resplendent in navy dress and various medals adorned his uniform. Next came the General also in formal military garb. They started to the door surrounded by their SS bodygaurds.

"I don't know why we need so many bodygaurds," said Stanley under his breath to the other two men in the delegation.

"Neither do i sir," replied Leclerc, "but you know how uptight the Secretary of Defense gets when you make a diplomatic visit."

"Yes, but damn two per person i thought i was crowded by bodygaurds at home, this is getting rediculous," commented Stanley as they reached the doors and stepped into the elevator to ascend to the Council's floor.

After a short elevator ride the delegation and their gaurds stepped out and walked down the corridor toward a large door that led to the Council Chamber.

"Man I feel like I'm going to the principle's office," said MacCloud.

"What?" said Stanley

"You know sir the principle's office this kinds of reminds me of the corridor that led to it at my school." replied MacCloud as they reached the door and were welcomed by the Weyrian reception party.
28-05-2004, 02:20
OOC: Heh. Sorry for the lack of quality of my posts. Haven't been feeling too well . . .

All delegations are already on the twenty-ninth floor except for Gramal, which is still en route.

Erin was too hassled to notice the Beta Aurigae delegation pass by.
" . . . heavies coming in, intercepting . . . " she heard over her crystal.
Apparently, someone had decided to act on one of the many threats made against participants in the talks. Perhaps it was best that the San Texario, Akita-Ryuvius and Beta Aurigae delegations were already out of the lower levels.

Tank treads kicked up bits of asphalt and concrete as four A1M1 tanks rumbled along Court Park East -- a large avenue that separated High Guard Court from the large square park that was surrounded by the three major government buildings -- High Guard Court, Tower of Kings, and Council Hall. Council Hall was on Court Park North; Tower of Kings was on Court Park West.

The tanks were perfectly legal, until the moment they parked alongside the delegation cars and opened fire on the Entrance Hall of the Council Hall skyscraper.

Had the large glass doors been closed, the shield protecting Council Hall would have flared into effect. Open as they were, the building was defenseless, or so it appeared.

The first four shells soared above the scattering crowd within the Entrance Hall, impacting against the far wall with the banks of elevators. Masonry and shell fragments scattered in all directions. The tanks did not get to fire a second time.

Erin was already sprinting towards the closest Abrams. High Guard swarmed from High Guard Court. Erin skidded to a halt, slammed the palms of her hands together. The lead tank's barrel drooped, white-hot, melted, before the captain collapsed. Other three tanks suffered the same fate. High Guards picked off the tank crew as they emerged from the hatches.

The Itorin Clan, whose insignia was etched onto the ruined tanks's sides, would pay in blood.


Refreshments were set up outside the doors leading to the lower tier of the Council Chamber, as they always were at High Council meetings.

The three delegations currently in Council Hall were led into the Council Chamber, a large cylinder with four tiers of seats, each tier capable of seating perhaps a thousand people. The lowest tier was reserved for the Counselors. The other three were for spectators and observers. The small stretch of wall opposite the lower entrance was empty of any seats, and was completely flat. A single podium was placed there, beneath a large projection screen.

Counselors and visitors were slowly coming in and taking their seats.

The delegations were directed to the first two rows of the first tier. These were designated for special participants at High Council meetings. Anyone not of the High Council who would speak at meetings was seated there. Currently, the two rows were empty.

The delegations were told that the Gramal delegation was en route, and that the High Council would convene in perhaps a half-hour. It was implied that they were free to wander around the building until then.
San Texario
28-05-2004, 03:00
Three SS guards jumped out of the way of the four shells, all of the outside guards unsafetying their AK's and aiming them at the tanks watched the Weyr security forces destroy the tanks with quickness. All, but one, who notified inside security, "This is Dan DeGenaio, attack from four A1M1 tanks. One shell from each in the back wall of the entrance hall. Elevator banks damaged. Unsure on state of elevators. Requesting that two of your inside guards explore the floor and check for threats," he said, pressing his earpice down to talk. He then took out a long-range cellular phone, "This is SS DeGenaio calling from the High Council building. I want you to dispatch 2 Raiders and 5 Bolts to the area as fast as possible and I want them at the ready in case of emergency," he called into the nearest C-135 with helecopters.
A few minutes later, 7 helecopters flew into the nearest spot they could land at to be able to get to the Council Hall.
Beta Aurigae VII
28-05-2004, 18:58
The Beta Aurigae special forces made for cover as the tanks opened fire. there guns were unsafetied the moment the tanks pulled up to the council building. firing as they ran the commander yelled into his communicator and relayed the situation to the Beta Aurigae SS inside.

"We have 4 A1M1 tanks out front that are opening up on the building secure the Governor General!" he shouted into his communicator. "Wait it's okay," he said as the tanks were disabled after their first shots, "the Weyrian security took care of them with ease. Okay men back to your positions and safety your weapons," he ordered hopefully this would be the only incident there was at the talks. And even if there were anymore the strange but efficient Weyrian security should be able to handle it.
29-05-2004, 03:35
President Gramal looked out the black tinted window and watched as the city of Wye moved by. After only a few minutes, the Council HalL came into view. It was a magnificient building and reminded him of the Capital Building in Huron.

He looked at his staff and smiled,"Some piece of architecture, huh?" They all laughed and stared out their windows. Soon the convoy came to a stop in front of the massive building. The turmoil in the streets though was hard to get around. "Looks like security has already had some problems." said Defense Minister Drab. "I hope that there are no others. I hate for us to have come so far without a word into this matter." said General Yard. The President nodded and watched as the Weyrian security stepped up to the Presidential Limo. He noticed the coats of the security guards. As the door opened the President stepped out and thanked the man. He looked up at the building and his staff soon followed him up the stairs. The SSRC(Secret Service Ranger Core) jumped out of the hummers and proceeded to flank the President and his staff. Inside the lobby it was total chaos. They quickly made their way to the elevator and began to ascend to the floor where the High King and her nation's allies were waiting. Soon the proceeds of the peace talks would begin.

OOC: Okay guys. Sorry for the delay in posts but been very hectic. I'm out of town but have internet access. ALthough it may be awhile between posts. Please be patient. Thanks.
02-06-2004, 16:03
Captain Nash placed her hands on the damaged back wall, eyes closed in concentration. With a burst of static, the stone and metal seemed to bend, then right itself into its original undamaged form. Shadowsiders chuckled, getting on with their business – the Shadowside was a permanent war zone in most respects anyway. It didn’t appear that anything else was damaged – it would take more than a few shells to break a full meter of patterned [magickally reinforced] concrete and steel.

"Ask if we can borrow some of those choppers to get these tanks out?" Erin told one of her subordinates, reffering to the San Texario forces.


“The High Council will convene in ten minutes,” this day’s High Counselor’s voice boomed through Council Hall. The High Councilor was randomly chosen every day.
All the diplomatic delegations were escorted to their places at the lower two rows of seats of the bottom tier of the Council Chamber. Alicia was already there, sitting near the center at the space reserved for the high king, along with the Consul-General and Alchemist Neverille. There was more than enough space for all the foreign representatives and their guards and escorts.


“The High Council will now come to order. The first case is Armed Republic of Gramal v Kingdom of Weyr, with San-Texario, Beta Aurigae VII and Akita-Ryuvius as secondary participants on Weyr’s side.” The High Counselor – a young man of no more than twenty spoke from the podium at the front of the chamber. He opened a folder before him, and scanned it briefly before resuming.
“First item: that an immediate cease fire shall take effect between Weyr and its allies, and Gramal.
“Second item: that a military base shall be constructed by Gramal and operated for a duration of no more than four years, at which time it shall be put up for revision and/or extension, at a location to be determined; at which time it shall be put up for revision and/or extension. The aforementioned items have been decided upon by the High Council.
“Items for debate – the exact wording and specifications of the Gramal-Weyr peace treaty; and the specific location of the military base to be constructed by Gramal. Are there any additions to the items for debate before the High Cojncil proceeds?”
03-06-2004, 05:45
OOC: Back from my vacation. Glad you guys are still posting.

IC: The High Council Hall doors came open as President Gramal, the SSRC, and his staff walked down the rampway to the seats that were reserved for their delegation. Cameras flashed and the man at the podium stopped suddenly and stepped back for a minute. Victor looked at Alicia as he began to sit down at his seat. But he hesitated, and looked around. He turned to Minister Drab and made his way to the stage where the podium was.

He looked around the hall as Drab and two SSRC came to flank them both. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Citizens of Weyr, High Council Members, Your Highness, Weyrian Allies, and honored guests. Today we embark on a historical mission of peace and prosperity. May these accords bring about understanding and a full committment of each nation's forces and industries to create and preserve a union that will hopefully last centuries. I only ask that you put aside each and every one of our petty differences at this occassion. Think not of ourselves as seperates from individual nations but think of ourselves as brothers and sisters of one planet trying to perform a noble and rightous thing in preserving peace and prosperity for all mankind. Let us hope that years from now our future generations will ensure that this peace will last and that our nations will grow to one another. That our children will frolick together in friendship and without a unwavering eye as to what we are, but to as what we have become. That they will look at what we have accomplished in the past and let us set ourselves a firm hold into history books when we take up these pens and sign these treaties to ensure that the vision of peace and friendship is a reality. Let us build this great world based on love, compassion, and understanding. Let us lay aside our arms and embrace each other in brotherhood. We all know that our nations have had differences in the past, but remember that those differences are just that. In the past. Let us instead look forward at what we can accomplish together as a united front for peace and prosperity for all. I speak to you now as not a leader of a great nation; but as a human being asking others to set aside what torment, anguish, and down trodden thoughts are in our minds and in our hearts to ensure that our future generations do not faulter, do not waver, and do not cease to exist because of these petty diferences. I ask that you look at the people at these talks today and look at them as your brothers in friendship. Look at them all now and see the compassion that lies deep within each others hearts. Speak with them as if you would a neighbor on your street at home. Shake hands with them as if your life depended on it. As if our future depended on it. Let us look ahead and stare straight on towards our future!"

He stopped and the hall came into an uproar as they all stood and clapped their hands. Cameras flashed as the President walked away from the podium with Drab and the SSRC in tow. He looked at Alicia and took his seat. He smiled as he received handshakes from the people behind him and watched as the future of two great nations unraveled before him.
07-06-2004, 00:30
The Council Chamber came into an uproar, then died down. There was an old saying in Weyr: "If it's too good to be true, it's probably a lie".

"The comments of President Victor Gramal have been noted. For those who are here the first time, there is a 'net crys installed into the back of the seat directly before you. Are there any further comments before we proceed?" the High Counselor asked, stepping back to the podium, his face as impassive as always.
09-06-2004, 03:42
OOC: Sorry for the delay guys. Computer has been on the fritz and Had to reformat my hard drive.


Victor looked around and noticed a lot of security. He leaned over to Drab,"Do they really need all these SS officers? Kind of ridiculous don't you think?"

Drab nodded and repeated the President's concerns to General Yard. There indeed was a lot of security.

Gramal looked at the man who stepped back from the podium. "He looks impassive don't you think? Sort of like he's in a zombie-like state. I wonder if everyone here is like that."

He and Drab laughed. He turned to look at Alicia and she seemed to have either heard him or read his mind one or the other. He smiled at her hoping not to alarm her.

"I hope they get this thing over quickly. I hate this type of thing." Yard said speaking to Drab.

"Don't worry, Alex. We'll have you back at your base and in your camo in no time." said Drab.

Yard chuckled. He did miss the battlefield. At least the border skirmishes gave him some room to stretch his legs. He hated being cooped up inside of a country with nothing to shoot at but coyotes.

"What about the tanks outside? I wonder if we'll have another attack again." Victor asked Drab. "Mr. President, if you wish I can have a few gunships chopped to patrol the area around the building." Yard offered.

"That's fine, Alex. See what you can do." Yard nodded.

He whipped out a communicator from his pocket and made a call into the Defense Ministry.

As soon as the general gave in his call, four Comanche helos were enroute to the Council Building.

"Mr. President. I have four helos on their way now, sir."

"Good. Keep them ready just in case." He turned his attention back to the stage. Hopefully he wouldn't have to use them.
09-06-2004, 04:24
OOC: No biggie. Hope everything works out.

"No additions at this time," the High Counselor stated after some time.

"The treaty to be signed into effect today shall be as follows:

"Article 1: An immediate cease fire shall take effect between the nations of Gramal, Weyr, San-Texario, Akita Ryuvius and Beta Aurigae VII. No reparations shall be damanded from any nation that will sign this treaty.

"Article 2: The blockade of the Weyrean coast by Gramali forces shall be lifted. The navies currently present in Weyr's waters shall be permitted to depart without hinderance or histility.

"Article 3: The border between the Armed Republic of Gramal and the Kingdom of Weyr shall be demilitarized to the utmost possible extent.

"Article 4: Restrictions on trade and travel between the Armed Republic of Gramal and the Kingdom of Weyr shall be lifted to the utmost possible extent in order to promote future cooperation between the two nations.

"Article 5: The Armed Republic of Gramal and the Kingdom of Weyr shall exchange embassies in order to promote understanding and communication between the two nations.

"Article 6: A naval and army base shall be constructed by the Armed Republic of Gramal on the territory of one of the following Regions. In the south: Southport, Ralin's Gate, Southwedge, Deseret. In the north: Massif, Northwedge, Miner Downs, Shun'el, Peninsula. The said base shall be under the jurisdiction of the Armed Republic of Gramal for a period of no more than four years. During that time, the Armed Republic of Gramal shall have full control of the territory upon which their base is buit for three miles along the X, Y, and Z axes from the said base's borders."

"Are there any additions or reductions to the document before it is put to vote?" the High Counselor asked finally.
09-06-2004, 05:46
"Yes," General Yard stod up,"I have a addition to this."

He stood up and walked out so everyone could see him.

"I ask that The Wall remain militarized. For national security purposes only. I don't want any rogue units of Weyr entering our fields without us being able to defend ourselves."

He took out a piece of paper from his briefcase,"I hold in my hand a signed notification of this by all the members of the Gramalian Congress, the President, the Defense Ministry Council, and the Chiefs of Staff. It reads thus:

In case of the event that the rogue units and clans not wishing for the signing of these two treaties to commence then the nation of Gramal here by declares that the fortification known as The Wall shall remain militarized to ensure national security. No matter what the cost it may ensue upon the peace accords to take place on this day, the fortifications shall remain militarized to ensure that the nation is not threatened by any of these rogue units or clans wishing to destroy the peace process.


Gramalian Congressional Members
Defense Ministry Council
President Victor Gramal
General Alexander Yard

He paused for a moment,"This addition shall be made or else the Gramalian Congress shall not sign the treaty."
09-06-2004, 15:48
There were not a few murmurs at the document presented by General Yard. The point made was valid, however.

Alicia was bored. These meetings always took to much time. Of course, there weren’t many objections or any filibustering thus far, which was a surprise. “This is actually going quite fast,” she leaned forward, speaking to General yard after he finished reading the document and sat down.

“Article 3 shall now read as follows:
The border between the Armed Republic of Gramal and the Kingdom of Weyr shall be demilitarized to the utmost possible extent. The extent of the demilitarization on either side of the border shall be placed under the discretion of the said borders’ respective nations,” the High Counselor stated.
10-06-2004, 06:08
"Maybe you didn't understand,son." said Defense Minister Drab as he stood up.

"We don't want a demilitarization at all. We want it to remain militarized for our national security. As our congress has stated, they will not sign this treaty if this is not allowed."

Yard stood up,"I agree with Minister Drab. If this is not possible then I have no choice but to withdraw my support for the treaty."

The President looked up at them both and he knew they meant well but he looked at Alicia and wondered if she would say anything.

"The military base is also another issue. I want our SSRC recon teams to move in on these regions and observe the locations from a human stand point. I don't want our forces on hostile or otherwse rogue clan territories. That is another resolution that I wish to add." Drab pulled out a piece of paper from his jacket pocket,"This is a written addition that must be added to the treaty. It is signed by myself, General Yard, The President, Congress, and the Defense Ministry Council."

He handed the paper to the young man and they all sat down.
Beta Aurigae VII
10-06-2004, 15:49
Governor General Stanley Molotov who was sitting with the other two Beta Aurigae delegates was watching with a look of concern on his face.

"This is getting out of hand," he said to both the General and the Admiral, "the demands of Gramal are only going to lead to another conflict between these two nations."

"I agree sir," said the General, "but how can we make sure it doesn't lead to another war? I don't know about you but the next time I step on this soil I don't want it to be with an assault rifle shooting at Gramali troops."

"The feeling's mutual General," replied Stanley, "I think it's time Beta Aurigae VII spoke up and tried to help out."

The Governor General rose out of his chair and said in a loud booming voice that made the murmuring die down almost immediatly.

"Counselor, if I may speak? It seems to me that the nation of Gramal however unintentionally is setting the stage for another conflict between your two great nations. These talks were meant to be talks of peace they should not be poisoned with talk of keeping the militarized borders and radical groups. This treaty was meant to be one for the bettermeant of both of your nations, it is slowly turning away from that meaning. By keeping the Wall operational and the border militarized it is opening the door for armed conflict on both sides. The proposed revision made by Gramal out of fear should not be approved, these two nations need to show trust in each other or they can never be at peace. Gramal is afraid of reprisals from radical groups in Weyr but they make it seem that there are no such groups in Gramal that would do the same thing to Weyr. What they need to learn is that there are always these types of groups, it is a fact of life and if they continue to fear them then they will never be able to get the most out of themselves and their nation. Therefore i urge both nations to revert to the original terms of the treaty for both their sakes. My General sitting behind me and the Admiral on the other side of him do not want to have to return in a few months to engage in another conflict. Add the revisions if you must but believe me when I say that they will only lead to death for your two peoples, Weyr is willing to take the next step toward peace Gramal, the question is are you?"

Stanley heaved a large sigh as he sat down amidst more murmuring.

"Not a bad speech sir, but it was a bit long winded," said the Admiral.

"Let's just pray that it works," replied Stanley.
10-06-2004, 17:50
"Mr. President, the treaty leaves the 'utmost extent' decision up to you. If you demilitarize one person or a thousand, that makes no difference to the treaty," Alicia said, standing up. "Nor would we care what you do inside your own borders."

There were already four Counselors lining up to speak, but she had the power to go before them.

The treaty was worded this openly for two purposes -- to make sure Gramal did not gain too much influence in Weyr, and to make sure Weyr did not have to get involved in Gramal's internal affairs.

"Where you place your base is up to you. We've never prevented anyone from entering or traveling inside our kingdom." Alicia finished. These outlanders were always the same, she reflected, sitting down. They felt they had to spell everything out, as though words would protect them.
Beta Aurigae VII
10-06-2004, 20:15
Post Deleted
Beta Aurigae VII
10-06-2004, 20:15
These outlanders were always the same, she reflected, sitting down. They felt they had to spell everything out, as though words would protect them.

was this directed at my last post or was it just a general comment
10-06-2004, 23:08
OOC: General comment.
San Texario
12-06-2004, 06:26
General Wright stood up, and said in his loud voice, "I am in agreement with Aurigaean delegates. Complete militarization won't be needed for defense against clandestine orders and such. Gangs and the like are part of most nations. What with the focusing military on your wall and your base, it could be, quite possibly, that a street war of your own may erupt. If I may refer to the Books of First History, Volume 2, 'It took an outside force to gain numbers, but an inside force to gain stability,'(OOC: San Texario History Note: Part of speach made by Tex Gruntis I, 25 years after the Unification of the desert clans. History Books: Pre-Unification History Vol. 1-5, Books of First History Vol. 1-3, Book of New Beginnings, International Spread Vol. 1-6 (Incomplete)). The militarization of it completely would take away from what can be predicted, internal instability.
13-06-2004, 04:21
OOC: Sorry for the delay. Computer troubles.


"So what the Aurigaen General-Governor is saying is that we have internal problems? Our police are marchign through our streets fuly armed with M-16's and patroling day and night. They ensure there is no violence. Our social policies prevent any violent activity. There are no rogue groups in our country for Weyr to worry about. But as I recall wasn't a rogue military clan of Weyr's the first to attack the building?! You, sir, have no right to make a statement on the internal stability of our nation! If it were up to us we would have invaded Weyr on the second day and making it so your forces couldn't even get a single shot off!" shouted General Yard. He had turned red in the face.

"Sit down, Alex." said the President.

Yard sat down as he stood up. "Look, another conflict would lead to only more bloodshed. Now the base that we wish to build would have to be based on defensive positions. We do not want an open field so that we can be shot at with ease. Another point is that what General Yard said was true. You have no right to judge our social and internal capabilities as a nation. We have a police station for every street in every city in our nation. This ensures that there is absolutely no gangs, drug lords, or any criminal related cartels inside our nation. The Wall acts as a buffer to keep out rogue factions that would inpose these thoughts into our people's minds. I believe that the rogue faction military group that attacked this building only hours before these talks proves that Weyr, not us, have internal instability. Therefore, The Wall will stay militarized but only as a sentry unit. It will only be used for purposes of screening the visitors entering both of our nations. We don't want criminals entering Weyr and we don't want criminals entering Gramal to flee from prosecution. Now the resolves of the treaty still stand for debate. But as far as I am concerned they are needed to help and defend both of our nations. Period. No 'if's', 'ands', or 'buts'. Another note. The position of the base must be located near a major waterway and also General Yard, Minister Drab, and Admiral Duran want a complete layout of the areas where the base may be located at. This is to ensure effectiveness in our affairs. If this is not possible then we have wasted our time in coming here and discussing this when we could be out there killing each other's sons. Which as you all know has turned pointless thus far. As you all remember in the Swamp Recon Incident, all but three Gramalian SSRC recon members were killed in an attempt to survey the area. As well as fifteen Bolts from the Weyrian allies. This in turn became the second biggest incident. Where as the 'First Strike' operation inacted upon the ammo depot being retro-fitted for new use by the Weyrian government, was completely destroyed and all of the soldiers there we killed. I believe the death toll was one hundred fifty dead. Compared to the Swamp Recon Incident this number is staggering. Consider your options. War and more death, or peace and control."
San Texario
13-06-2004, 04:56
Wright remained standing, "That is not what we're suggesting. But what you are suggesting is possible conflict now. You are being a tyrant right now. We have already said this. We held back most of our army to ensure defense for Weyr. What you are threatening is complete invasion of Weyr, which I will do everything in my power to prevent. Full militarization of the Wall isn't needed to defend against rogues. Unless of course you are planning to invade when all forces leave Weyr leaving it open," he said and sat down and turned to his security guard, "Contact the head on the outside. Tell all forces to turn around and land at the former command center. I want the place set up for temporary purpose,." he said


The head of security outside made a call on his phone and ordered the forces back to the airfield at the Command Center. Some of the artillery was set up to defend the area as well as the moveable AA guns. Regular infantry patrols started up as well as fighter patrols.
13-06-2004, 08:46
"Mr. President. Satellite reports are sayng San Texarian forces are beginning patrols again." said Yard.

"What's this about? You're beginning patrols again? This is an act of war. I am sorry Alicia but if this man continues to pursue these measures I will be forced to return to Huron and discuss war with our congress. This will not be tolerated. And as far as me being a tyrant goes. Threats and name calling like that will get your nation hurt, sir. Don't threaten me with war. We are fully ready for it. Your so called coaltion is nothing compared to what only ten thousand of our troops have been through durign the war between Yrubdarb and Namitnef. The one where we fought off a million man army with only 10,000 troops and keeping them from destroying a city? You're nothing. So go ahead. Mobilize. And these talks will end now." President Gramal said as he stood hands pressed on the table. "This will get you no closer to peace. If you want to resolve or amend our additions then so be it but if you so much as mobilize another unit of men we will crush you and all who oppose us. That's total war. Do you want that?"
Beta Aurigae VII
13-06-2004, 14:24
OOC: Gramal do you realize the implications is you declare war on Weyr? Your were complaining in the war thread about how you were so outnumbered, if you declare war on Weyr there will be no troop limitations which mean s if San Texario, and I have to pull our entire mlitary out to hel p out Weyr then so be it. But you are looking at over 20 million troops from me alone and probably at least double that from San Texario. God knows how many Weyr has also. I'm not trying to threaten you, all im trying to do is show you what you are getting into if the peace talks fail.

"This is quite enough," said Stanley who stood up again this time a bit less calm than before, "The objective of these talks are peace not war. By saying there are no problems with any of the afore mentioned items then you are being complacent and one day it will come and bite you in the rear end probably in the form of assasination. All it takes is one wrong decision that a group of people don't like and you have a huge problem on your hands, my predecessor is six feet under because of one such decision. No nation is perfect that is a fact of life deal with it. I made no assumptions about your internal stability I was just stating a well known fact that no matter how hard you try eventually someone will oppose you."
San Texario
13-06-2004, 17:16
13-06-2004, 20:46
OOC: I feel a war coming up . . .Remember that there's a little thing called logistics. Transporting even a hundred thousand troops somewhere requires at least a week. We got 100,000 troops that can be deployed within two NS days. And that's not a secret. Afterwards . . . we'll contact the 300,000 men and women who are wait-listed to join the High Guard, tell them to bring their own weapons and arrive in their own companies, and send them off to the front. ;;^-^.

"Our clans are perfectly legitimate businesses . . . " one of the counselors spoke.

"The object of this council is to discuss the proposed treaty. It is _not_ to debate the internal stability of anyone's government," the High Counselor stated. "If any person here feels he cannot stay _on topic_, they will be requested to leave." He paused, as Alicia stood up.

"First of all, we get at least one clan trying to demolish Council Hall every month. Those are the stupid ones. The powerful clans aren't suicidal enough to try to attack anyone except weaker clans. I know . . . I've been there," Alicia said. This would be seen as a message to the clans -- we want the heads of those who attacked us today.

It was common knowledge that she was once the effective head of the powerful li'Illorin clan, which controlled half of Wye's Shadowside sector, and had interests in most of the other major cities. Many of these interests were perfectly legitimate. The others . . . Of course, none of the clans bothered with drug smuggling, not when drugs were legal and you could buy a bag of cocaine in the street.

"Second, it's your business what you do inside Gramal. The treaty asks that you demilitarize as far as you feel is possible. We're not adding a special section clarifying that any further." She would have already thrown the entire Gramali delegation out if it wasn’t required of her to get as few people killed as possible.

“If you want a layout of Weyr, you can get an atlas from the bookstore downstairs in the lobby. We were planning to build a naval patrol base up north. It’s on an outcropping at the mouth of the Sene River and commands the river and the land around it, and you can have it for the next four years.”
14-06-2004, 15:02
President Gramal stood up,"You will all have to excuse me and my fellow delegates. We do not wish to war with any nation. As far as the base at the north, you can have it. We want a base built by Gramalians. Not one handed to us. No offense to the council, but the atlas that you are giving us is totally a lack of knowledge of your own lands. We want detailed three-dimensional layouts of the lands so that our operatives in the fields can survey the sites using their hand helds. Or we could do it our way. Full SSRC recon teams, satellite imagry, and SR-71 flyovers. That's our way. You can do it yourself or we can do it and it will take three years to survey the entire country and the areas and then you would have to put up with us an additional three years for the building of the base. Overall your nation would have to accept our control of that area and your government would have to live with us for a total of ten years. No offense but I don't think anyone wants us in this nation longer than these talks. I will sign the treaty. But the mattter of the base still remains unclarified."


Look man. 20 million trops is an incredible number that you brought up inside your head. No self respecting nation has 20 million troops on hand, that and the limitations on Weyr and I by our region limits our military. Try a lower number.
Beta Aurigae VII
14-06-2004, 15:39
OOC: actually gramal 20 million is a reasonable number as it is less than 2 percent of my total population. real nations armies are usually 5 percent with all their reserves.
14-06-2004, 18:28
"As per request, we will add the conditional statement to the relevant section, to be put up for debate at the appropriate time. Will there be any more additions?" the High Counselor asked. "If not, then the High Council will move on to the next stage."
San Texario
15-06-2004, 23:50
OOC: Grr! 3rd try for this. But ok, my activity will be decreasing. I am doing a lot of work in the next 2-3 weeks, with my regular job for the summer starting the week after next, and also working as a sound system tech.

"We have withdrawn all but what we need to make sure nothing happens for the time being."

OOC: Too lazy to make good post.
Edit OOC: THe gig is over, so I will be on more the next week...but then iI got day job.
19-06-2004, 02:00
"That's acceptable. Now can we please move this along. I have to be at the funerals tomorrow of the lost SSRC Recon team members and also the launching of our first four starships. I hope that this wouldn't take long." said General Yard.

"I agree."said the President as he sat down. "It's time for business now and not politics."
19-06-2004, 19:19
OOC: Erm . . . *rolls 1d20 -8 to determine success* . . . of article 6. It's not passing. Not after the 10-year thing. Roll = 8 @_@ 8-6=2

[code:1:54c3718bbe]"Article 1: An immediate cease fire shall take effect between the nations of Gramal, Weyr, San-Texario, Akita Ryuvius and Beta Aurigae VII. No reparations shall be demanded from any nation that will sign this treaty.

"Article 2: The blockade of the Weyrean coast by Gramali forces shall be lifted. The navies currently present in Weyr's waters shall be permitted to depart without hindrance or hostility.

"Article 3: The border between the Armed Republic of Gramal and the Kingdom of Weyr shall be demilitarized to the utmost possible extent. Neither the Armed Republic of Gramal, nor the Kingdom of Weyr, are obligated to comply with this article.

"Article 4: Restrictions on trade and travel between the Armed Republic of Gramal and the Kingdom of Weyr shall be lifted to the utmost possible extent in order to promote future cooperation between the two nations.

"Article 5: The Armed Republic of Gramal and the Kingdom of Weyr shall exchange embassies in order to promote understanding and communication between the two nations.

"Article 6: A naval and army base shall be constructed by the Armed Republic of Gramal on the territory of one of the following Regions. In the south: Southport, Ralin's Gate, Southwedge, Deseret. In the north: Massif, Northwedge, Miner Downs, Shun'el, Peninsula. The said base shall be under the jurisdiction of the Armed Republic of Gramal for a period of no more than four years. During that time, the Armed Republic of Gramal shall have full control of the territory upon which their base is built for three miles along the X, Y, and Z axes from the said base's borders." [/code:1:54c3718bbe]

"942 Counselors are present at this time . . . "

"Article 1 is up for vote . . . 891 to 29 . . . pass."

"Article 2 is up for vote . . . 876 to 8 . . . pass"

'Article 3 is up for vote . . . 549 to 341 . . . pass"

Article 4 is up for vote . . . 799 to 201 . . . pass"

"Article 5 is up for vote . . . 920 to 6 . . . pass"

"Article 6 is up for vote . . . "

And here's where everything goes to hell . . . Alicia commented silently. After president Gramal's remarks, whatever support she was able to patch together overnight evaporated. On the other hand . . . it’s probably for the best . . .

"I call violation of Contract," a counselor stood up.
"State violation," the High Counselor responded quickly.
"Article II, Section 1: We the people grant the government stewardship of the land, neither to sell nor to trade but guard and protect."
"Northwedge Region seconds violation. . . "
" . . .
[[Insert a whole lot of support against the last section of treaty]]
"Chaleni Region challenges Victor Gramal on his ability to uphold the treaty,"
"State gerunds for challenge," the High Counselor responded again. Counselors were going one after another, sometimes starting before the previous person had even finished.
"I call attention to Victor Gramal's statements as to the actual time he wants his forces within the Kingdom . . . contradictions to his commitment to peace . . . demands of concessions . . . "

[[This goes on for three hours]]

"Will the President Victor Gramal make statements in his defense before the last article is put up for vote?" the High Counselor finally asked, after the Council Chamber had quieted at last.
21-06-2004, 19:44
Alicia stood up as soon as the High Counselor was silent. "I propose that this council approve this treaty, if only as a sign of good faith in our neighbors. Even if this document will fail, at least we won't be blamed for not trying to come to an arrangement of peace. Let's let Gramal build its base and hold it for four years, and let them station their forces here for the next ten. At least this way we will not be blamed if the treaty is violated and there is war."
San Texario
24-06-2004, 20:24
Maj. General Adam Brown stood up from the delegaton, "I don't see why only Gramal can occupy for this next segment of time and others can't. If my information is correct, this was an agreed peace treaty, not a surrendering document. I fail to see the reasons of occupation," he said and awaited response.
24-06-2004, 20:36
"All-right, I'm not here to watch Weyr get dismembered. Articles 3 and 6 are out, permanently." Alicia stated. "We can't enforce article 3, and article 6 violates our government's Contract. We sign this without them, and everyone goes home happy and at peace."
26-06-2004, 03:15
OOC: Ok. Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted. Life, work, and the military have been conflictign with any free time I have.


"Whoa." General Yard stood up,"You're not going to let us build the base? It was mine and President Gramal's understanding from your 'King' that we would be allowed to build this base. Not to mention when the President gave his speech on the day that they both met that this very same council approved all of the terms. To go back now would be a misinterpretation of the terms of agreement. Not to mention this would force us to rectify certain clauses in our Consitution about the lives taken of our soldiers. I will read the article from which I speak of:

Article IV-Section III-Soldier Pentence

All soldiers killed in action during skirmishes between any opposing force against the Armed Republic of Gramal shall be given pentence. The violaters of this clause shall be charged with High Treason and handed over to the Gramalian Supreme Council which will judge them on their crimes during the time which there was no complete declaration of war.

General Yard took off his glasses,"The clause means that if you do not wish to allow us to express our influence upon your lands, then the soldiers that were killed must be given pentence for the injustice that was caused upon them and their families. This in turn would be asking for us to 'clear cut' the area they were killed in by 'bringing in' and trying the alleged violaters by the Gramalian Supreme Council. This council is made up of four Defense Ministry Council members and four Joint Chiefs of Staff and one civilian. The alleged will be allowed a defense council. They will be tried for High Treason against our nation and dealt with severely. But that is only if our influence is not allowed and thus your word will be no good to us. The third article is for our defense use only. Not to act as a threat. The Command Room or as we code named it 'The Vault' will be closed and only used during emergencies. Now, Alicia, I believe due to the nature of these talks and that your allies are having seconds thoughts. I believe that we are wasting our time here. If this is the way that your nation conducts politics, then I will be forced to council the President on not signing this treaty and our two nations going back to the way they were. Except for one change. Our defense platforms in space our now operational. I don't want and I'm sure President Gramal doesn't want more bloodshed between us. But if the base is not included in the treaty as talked about during the meeting between your 'King' and our President then there will be more bloodshed, and this will be a surrender conference instead of a peace conference."
San Texario
26-06-2004, 04:23
"Careful, General. My men are standing by and from the maps and data already collected, Weyr is pretty small. We have some good men out here and if you do feel that you need to further threatin Weyr we won't hesitate to bring in more troops. If my memory serves correct, it was a rogue clan that killed your men. The only hostile action by official military was your planes shooting down my choppers. Don't give me this 'your nation is responsable for rogue actions by groups in your borders' bull," said Wright, standing. He sat back down and whispered to Brig. Gen. Juan Catalos, "Get outside. I want you to contact MHC I want the 2nd full ground division ready. Infantry, artillery, jeeps, low flying choppers, the works. Then I want you to contact our commander of the 85,000 troops in western Weyr. Tell them to be ready to move out ASAP. And get into one of the car, take 2 guards, and oversee the current defense. Go now."

Juan got up and left the room and went back down to the lobby, and outside. He pulled aside two of his guards that remained outside and told them the situation. He got into an SUV, and went on the phone in there to MHC and the troops in Western Weyr. The guards got into the car and they began driving back to the holdings.
26-06-2004, 05:34
"That's exactly what I'm talking about. The base and The Wall is to ensure that these 'clans' don't threaten us again. And the only reason we shot down your choppers is because you sent them on us. You fool. It was you who sent them to shoot down our planes trying to protect our men. So consider that the next time you spout off. And I also demand that the next time you try to whisper something to someone that you turn off your com crystal. I am sorry, Alicia. But if they are showing hostile actions while the President, myself, and the rest of the staff are present inside your borders then we shouldn't even be here. This is threatening our national security. Mark my words, General. Don't threaten us and if I get a single report from our command center that your troops have moved then I will pull ourselves and the President out of these 'talks'. So don't push your luck. Or may God save you for your incompetence." said General Yard standing with the entire staff and the President beside him.
26-06-2004, 06:10
"This council stated it would -consider- the terms," one of the counselors shouted. "It would have been psossible until you said what your real plans were."

"We can't sign Article 6 because it violates the Contract." Alicia answered, "The last time a member of my government violated the Contract, we got a half-century of civil war."

"Your soldiers fired the first shots here, and were not even supposed to be within Weyr's borders at that time. If your idea of national defense is sending in soldiers at the slightest provocation, and then complaining when they get killed, then these talks are over, because this government will -not- tolerate naked aggression on such level. There was absolutely no reason for you to have began military action in the first place; and there is no reason for why you should have any influence over our affairs now."
San Texario
26-06-2004, 15:26
OOC: If I was using a crystal I would have RPed taking one. I didn't, because that is not how I do my talks. I do not keep on a live mic with me everywhere so my every move is heard. It is not up to you to say what I do and don't have.

IC: "I went there because there was hostile action that I was checking out. I had no intention on shooting yours or anybody elses men, until I knew who attacked. Had I seen that they shot at you I would have defended your troops. Had you shot at them, I would have attacked your troops. And don't go naming my intentions. I have 13 armed guards outside, if I wanted to do anything HOSTILE against you then I would have sent them in to kill you. But I don't want to do anything hostile. My intentions are, and have been since the start of this, to defend Weyr. Your 'acts of war' are merely saying you want grounds to invade. We all know that nobody supports wars that are for ficticious reasons."
Beta Aurigae VII
27-06-2004, 04:10
OOC: Gramal, San Texario could eat you alive militarily if he wanted to you would stand no chance. so if your don't want anything to happen to either yours or San Texario's nation i suggest both of your stop throwing threats around and resolve this thing peacefully.

IC: Stanley stood up and said in a loud calm vioce so he could be heard over the uproar.
"Gentleman please, resolve this issue now and stop thorwing threats at each other. I have a nation to run, I have been at this conference for weeks and i have had it up to my neck with petty bickering. If a decision is not made within 4 days Beta Aurigae VII will withdraw from these so-called talks of peace. BUt rest assured that if war breaks out i will be back even if its only to pick up the pieces."
27-06-2004, 05:26
President Gramal looked around and motioned for his staff to sit down. He put a hand on Yard's shoulder and pushed him down.

"I agree with my staff that the violation of a recon team that was authorized by myself to...execute..certain plans needs to be reprimanded. But because this violates your Contract then I would agree that the base is unreasonable. Instead. I am asking for an amendment to the article. The base, instead of being on your lands, will be in your waters. A floating island constructed inside your border but a good safe distance so that it just touches your line would be acceptable. This base would harbor only a small detachment of five hundred SSR's. The rest of the base would be used as only a HUB of repair and refueling. This would inturn be only used to give supplies for our ships and then send them on their way out of your borders. No landing craft except for two Chinook helos for replenishment teams from Huron and Dixon. Also it will act as a transfer point for all diplomatic relations between our two nations. Now here is the big question: Will this work?"
27-06-2004, 05:51
High Counselor: "Opposition to the new proposal?"
Counselor 1: "Do we have jurisdiction over that?"
Counselor 2: "According to International law . . . "
Counselor 1: "Screw international law"
Counselor 2: "Then . . . no."

High Counselor: "Up for vote, Article 6: The Armed Republic of Gramal shall be permitted to construct a military base 10 miles off the Kingdom of Weyr's shore, 10 miles marking the edge of Weyrean national waters as identified by International Law. The said military base shall be occupied by no more than 500 SSR, shall have landing space for only 2 Chinook helicopters, and shall be employed solely as a repair, re-supply, and refueling station, and as a transfer point for diplomatic relations . . . 455 to 399 . . . pass. Will there be any more additions to the treaty before it is signed?"
27-06-2004, 07:23
"High Counselor, I wish to add a article to the treaty." said Defense Minister Harold Drab for the first time during the whole conference.

"The article I wish to add asks that:

1. An embassy to be built in all national capitals involved in these talks
2. A representative of Gramal be allowed to visit Weyr every month for diplomatic relations and vice versa for Weyr.
3. A memorial service be held for all of those who have died during the skirmishes.
4. A International Cemetery to be created on a location to be decided by the High Council and this delegation."

"I second the motion for the new article." said General Yard
San Texario
27-06-2004, 15:13
"I support both articals," said General Wright, standing up and looking to his parnter, Major General Brown and waiting.

"I support them too," said brown, standing up after a few seconds.

"You have our opinions. I urge the Counsel of Weyr to pass this article. IT seems very reasonable."
27-06-2004, 17:33
"Voting . . . 877 to 102 . . . pass. Anything else?"
Beta Aurigae VII
16-07-2004, 15:59
ooc: sorry guys my internet hasn't been working well lately.

IC: before the vote was taken for the last articles.

Stanley was finally relieved that things were moving along again. When the proposal came from Drab he stood up and spoke after the San Texario delegates.

"I also approve these last two articles. The area for your embassy will be sectioned off immediatly and the location will be sent to you via telephone."
17-07-2004, 19:46
OOC: To the extent of my knowledge, Gramal will not be able to participate in NS for the forseeable future. I refuse to publicly post the reason he gave me over TG . . . I'll be assuming that he has a military base starting as of 1 NS year after this thread is over, and never mention it again in RPs until he gets back . . .

"Well then," Alicia stood up. "Looks like we have a peace treaty."
San Texario
21-07-2004, 02:57
"Well then, on the behalf of the nation of San Texario, the San Texarian Army, and Tex IV, I would like to say thank you and congratulations. I appoligize, but I must leave with most of my delegation. Catalos will remain with four guards to represent," said General Wright, and he and Brown walked out, leaving Catalos with four guards.