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Jovian Military Technology breakthrough!

24-05-2004, 05:27
Military researchers in Jovus have made revolutionary discoveries in weapons technologies that they are offering to sell to other nations. More weapons will be available for purchase as they are developed.
(Note: All prices are listed in Mandrens, the Jovian currency. There are 20 mandrens to an American Dollar.)

Magnetic Acceleration Rifles:
Length: 28.3 inches
Loaded weight: 18 lbs
Ammo type: Aluminum armor-piercing slugs
Price: 20,000 Mandrens
The breech-loading single-shot magnetic acceleration rifle (AKA railgun) is a prototype weapon designed to use magnetics to fire a 6-inch metal spike through solid surfaces without losing velocity. It is capable of penetrating up to eighteen feet of solid concrete. Each one is equipped with an infradred scope for the purpose of seeking human targets through solid surfaces. It has an optimum range of 1500 meters.

Personal Plasma Cannon
Length: 38 inches
Loaded weight: 45 lbs
Ammo type: Processed argon gas.
Price: 35,000 Mandrens
The Personal Plasma Cannon is a hand-carried weapon that uses highly-energized plasmic gases as ammunition. When fired, it produces a stream of intense energy capable of melting through steel tank armor in seconds. It has an optimum range of 400 meters.

Combat Automaton
Price: 100,000 Mandrens
The Combat Automaton is equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun and an automatic frag grenade launcher. It is titanium armor plated and comes with an advance IFFR (Independent Friendly Fire Recognition) preinstalled. Their programming consists of GPS-based waypoint selection, so they are best used as support for ground troops, rather than as actual task forces. Also, they run off of a uranium microreactor, so they require a replacement core once every fifty years.
Something Down
24-05-2004, 05:28
I'll take them all.
24-05-2004, 05:32
im guessing these are all future tech?
24-05-2004, 05:37
They're made using advanced forms of currently existing technology. They're also prototypes, so they have some bugs to work out as well...
24-05-2004, 06:26
25-05-2004, 23:15

Personal Flamethrower
Length: 19.4 inches
Loaded weight: 21 lbs
Ammo type: Compressed RED gas
Optimum range: 50 meters
Cost: 50,000 Mandrens
The personal flamethrower takes technologies used in World War II and Vietnam and propels them headfirst into the new millennium. Instead of heavy back-mounted tanks filled with napalm, this model uses small canisters filled with a specially processed volatile substance code named RED gas, which burns at three times the temperature of napalm. The flamethrower itself also packs a range far greater than classical vintage flamethrower and since RED gas ignites upon being exposed to air, there is no butane muzzle-ignitor required for operation. Various safety countermeasures include a special leak-proof loading system to prevent the RED gas from escaping and causing an explosion, and an enclosed armor-plated canister chamber to prevent stray bullets from penetrating a loaded canister.

RED gas is extremely volatile when exposed to air, but will not explode when in a vaccuum, even when the canisters are shaken, kicked, dropped, beaten with baseball bats, or otherwise jarred. If the canister is penetrated, however, a considerably large incendiary explosion will occur. The Jovian government does not take responsibility for any deaths, mutilations, sterilizations, or any other casualties caused by improper use of the Personal Flamethrower.
26-05-2004, 23:14

Bipedal Tank
Cost: 50,000,000 Mandrens
The Bipedal Tank is a revolution in armored combat. Rather than using tank treads, this versatile vehicle uses a pair of 12-foot anthropomorphic legs for mobility, which gives it the distinct advantage of enhanced terrain navigation. Huge numbers of sensors combined with special frictionless ball-and-socket joint-servomotors give the Bipedal Tank an unparalleled level of maneuverability and allowing it to enter areas that tanks cannot, such as particularly rocky terrain or past barricades. Like the Combat Automaton (see above), the Bipedal Tank uses a Uranium microreactor that must have its core replaced after roughly fifteen years.

The device is still in its early prototype stages, and thus is not combat ready at this time. Future speculations include a modular weapons system (allowing interchangeable weaponry and equipment) and amphibious designs.