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The Periphery Nations

24-05-2004, 05:22
There is a collection of Rim Worlds in far reaches of known space, on the fringe of civilization. These worlds are the Periphery Nations, the outcaste, the rejected, the unwanted.

The region of The Periphery Nations is a place for those nations that society has rejected. The confederated region will not put a hand in individual nation politics, but the nations within the PN have the Benefit of a collective of friends that will back them in any decision, and will gladly defend honor, glory and territory.

Join the Periphery Nations, you wil not be disappointed.

The Periphery Nations requires a 20% population enlisted in the armed services in order to protect the region, and the individual nation. The composition of those forces is up to the individual.

This region also serves as a home for Mercenary and Rogue states between 'jobs'.

Send The Periphery States a telegram for more information, diplomatic issues, and other topics.