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Eldaimovey in ruins... Schultarian Research Center Destroyed

Schultaria Prime
24-05-2004, 04:52
OOC: This is an official news report stemming from the “A clash of worlds…” RP.


Schultaria Prime's unofficial 5 year celebration of "First Contact" Day, once a joyous celebration of the nation's technological and social achievements, has become a somber occasion throughout the country.

At 15:45 today, the Defense Forces of Schultaria Prime detected weapons fire from 8 unknown contacts in the general area of the Eldaimovey Advanced Research Labs (EARL) some 150 kilometers northeast of the city of Schultaria Prime. The craft that were identified as aggressive appeared to have a blatant disregard for the safety and security of Schultarian civilians and government property, opening fire on a crowd of 75,000 revelers celebrating and randomly assaulting various research labs and apartment buildings on the outskirts of the laboratory complex. Though official reports on this incident are scarce at the moment, most predictions place the number of dead and wounded at roughly 500 to 750 people.

In a desperate effort to dissuade the aggressors, the flight controllers in Eldaimovey's Aerospace Division attempted to contact the craft signaling friendly intentions, but no response was received from the enemy craft. As the craft continued random sweeps along the complex, the SDF scrambled 50 fighters to confront the vessels. Within 10 minutes from initial contact, the bulk of the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing quickly approached the conflict.

As the first few groups prepared to engage the unidentified craft, a Proketsan class rocket carrying a new manned spacecraft prototype exploded. On board the Proketsan some 500 metric tons of liquid Oxygen and highly refined Ethanol ignited and detonated with the force of 6 kilotons of high explosives. As of now, very little is still known about the aftermath of this catastrophe, but damage reports from the Schultarian Government place the entire Eldaimovey complex as a complete loss.

Initial satellite photographs have estimated that the extent of the damage resides in a 7 kilometer blast path from the main launch gantries of the Eldaimovey Aerospace Division. Early estimates place the amount of severely damaged or destroyed structures at 90 to 95% of the entire complex and a loss of some 8,500 employees and visiting research dignitaries. While exact monetary damages are currently unknown, most government agencies place the value of property lost at roughly $2,500,000,000,000; however, the loss in competent researchers, engineers, and skilled technicians to the Schultarian Nation is almost incalculable.

"It's a loss beyond words," said Director Joan Covey in an emergency press conference just 1 hour following the attacks, "With this cowardice, not only has Schultaria Prime lost its greatest source of pride, but our nation might be set back as far as 20 years in all fields of science. We will prevail in this time of darkness, but our once bright future is now very uncertain."
Schultaria Prime
24-05-2004, 16:23
BUMP for greater international response.
24-05-2004, 17:16
(tag, we'll be back soon)
24-05-2004, 18:50
Telegram to Schultarian Gov't at approx. 0200 the next day:

The Corunian government would like to extend it's condolences to Schulteria Prime. It's been observed that Coruinian Industries have had business with your nation in the past. For this reason our administration would like to extend any aid possible to help recover from this loss. First and foremost, we do not wish to see such an attack be repeated. Our flagship aircraft carrier, the CNS Coruna, accompanied by two support destroyers (50% of our meager fleet), to help guard your waters from these ruthless aggressors, are in transit. They should reach your nation within the NS week. Medical supplies will also be on board the ships to help deal with casualties. Inform us if there is anything else we can supply you with.

(OOC: This is my first serious RP so take it easy on me.)
24-05-2004, 18:54
Hattia sends our condolences to SP.

We would like to send humanitarian workers and also, we would also like to dispatch 1 of our Hat Guard Civil Defense divisions. With the permission of the government of SP, of course.
24-05-2004, 18:58
His Isselmerian and Nielander Majesty's Government (HINMG) wishes to extend its condolences to the government and people of Schultaria Prime in this time of trouble. The people of Isselmere-Nieland are ready and willing to offer whatever assistance Schultaria Prime may require.

Sincerely yours,

Sir George Fredericks, KL, MP, CS
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development
United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland
24-05-2004, 20:30
24-05-2004, 20:33
Corunian ships have arrived and wait in international waters for permission by the Schulterian gov´t to enter Schulterian waters. If their presence is undesired then they shall be turned around immediatley. However, if the medical supplies on board can still be utilized, the ships shall wait in international waters for Schulterian vessels to collect them.
Spacer Guilds
25-05-2004, 02:40
It is clearly impossible to feel what you and your people must be at this time. Therefore, let us say only that we sympathize. We had high hopes for your nation's first steps into the abyss.
If we may still attempt to draw some amount of good from the anniversary of our first meeting, would you be opposed to our sending a second delegation?

~Governor of Arêtê
Schultaria Prime
25-05-2004, 08:00
A Message from Director Joan Covey...

I wish to personally thank every nation concerned enough to send aid; your actions mean a great deal to our nation and its fallen citizens. As of now, all current nations requesting entrance to Schultaria Prime to assist our bereaved families and destroyed equipment have been granted thus far. However even we, the Government of Schultaria Prime, do not fully know the extent of the damage to Eldaimovey's infrastructure although we are fully certain it is completely destroyed.

The destruction of this laboratory complex is more than just a loss of personnel and material, but rather a deliberate attack on the very center of Schultaria's creed of "Go forth and spread throughout the universe". Eldaimovey, at the time of its destruction, was the home to over half of all Schultarian PhDs in Physics, Medicine, Computer Sciences, and Mechanical Engineering; needless to say the loss of such experienced people to our nation will be disastrous.

Once again, thank you all for your concern. It is comforting to us that there are many who are willing to help in our time of need.

-Director Joan Covey
Schultaria Prime
25-05-2004, 15:32
BUMP for more international support.
The Fedral Union
25-05-2004, 15:39
We would like to wire you $110 billion aid package do you accept ?
Schultaria Prime
26-05-2004, 06:46
The United Socialist States of Schultaria Prime is grateful for any and all aid that has been offered thus far.

We thank the Nation of The Federal Union for their offer of generous financial assistance. It will be an absolute necessity to our nation, as many of the facilities in Eldaimovey were completely leveled and we will have to rebuild from scratch. Official government estimates place the material losses of the entire research complex at $2,750,650,000,000, so financial assistance is critical for our nation at this time.

Thank you all once again.
26-05-2004, 11:18
Schultaria Prime,

We currently have approximately $89 billion Tarqysian Marillions in reserve. From this we would like to donate $85 billion TM (or $76.5 billion USD) in one 'lump' foreign aide denomination. We currently have, annually, $5 billion+ TM targeted to 'savings.' We can convert $5 billion TM of this into an annual Foreign Aid package that will activate this year. Data on your individual Foreign Aid package will be placed within our annual budget and on our Directorate of Finance/Foreign Affairs webapges. If this is unacceptable, let us know.

In sum, you can expect at least $5 billion TM per year indefinitely and this year (on the RL date of 26MAY04) you will receive $90 billion TM. This Foreign Aid package can only be terminated with the consent of your government and ours - working in concert - and we will constanly be updating your national finance committee if there are any changes to Foreign Aid package.

We realize that this is amount is devastatingly trivial in comparison to what is needed and we further realize that any monetary or un-monetary contribution will never replace the lives and sentiment so tragically lost. We can only hope it will help bring about a somewhat speedier descent back to 'normalcy.'

We will begin transfer of funds. If you confirm you do not want/need this, transfer will be terminated the next fiscal year. (RL days = Tarqysian fiscal years/years in general).

Godspeed to revitalization,

Dr Orla Galway & Skyee Denver
Director of Finance/Director of Foreign Affairs
Commonwealth of Tarqys
26-05-2004, 11:48
Schultaria Prime,

We have recently 'tweaked' the budget: After calculating funds from a much flooded Scienctific Research and Development item, we are now able to provide $30 billion TM annually.

Thus, your new figure for this first year is $115 billion TM.

Foreign Aid Budget Item (!A125)

This budget has not yet been completely revised but your Foreign Aid package should not change yet again.

Thank you,

Dr Orla Galway
Director of Finance
Commonwealth of Tarqys
26-05-2004, 15:59
The Corunian Gov't would also like to make a contribution of $50 Billion to help rebuild. The money will be wired to Schulteria Prime through yearly $10 billion donations, should it be accepted.
A note regarding our ships in your waters: Some gov't officials in Coruna feel that the defense provided by our three ships in your area is almost farsical compared to your defense capabilities. If the Schuletrian gov't feels the same way then the ships shall return home. However, if our ships are providing a valuable service than they can remain there for the next two NS years, provided that they are allowed to make berthe in your ports when necessary.

Schultaria Prime
27-05-2004, 06:46
To the Nation of Tarqys

We thank you immensely for this generous aid you have given our nation; even though we know that your country is in financial straits right now, any amount helps. Your dedication and committment will be remembered by our nation for quite some time.

The Nation of Schultaria Prime is a bit embarrassed to receive this huge portion of your hard earned savings, even though you are willing to allow us such aid. In the interests of not bankrupting your nation at a future date, you may reduce funding if you so need. Thank you once again for your generosity.

-The Schultarian National Assembly

To the Nation of Coruna

Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity towards our nation and its grieving people. The donations and committment of half of your seaborne forces are admirable gestures indeed, and we thank you on behalf of the government of Schultaria Prime.

In regards to your navy: We thank you for your committment of your military forces to our defense; it is very comforting to know that there are nations willing to come to our physical assistance in the face of such danger. However, we also respect the sovereignty of your vessels and their corresponding actions; our nation is willing to allow them to stay provided that your government has no orders to pull them back to home waters, and we will not impede their actions in any way.

-The Schultarian National Assembly
Schultaria Prime
27-05-2004, 07:06
A BUMP for more international support.
Outer Heaven MK II
27-05-2004, 07:06
Bah, I can't believe that Schulataria is leeching off other Nations AGAIN. You did it with Indra, so they gave you Advanced Technology, and now you're seeking aid from my rightful attack to wipe out all your leeched technology. While I may not be able to stop you Schulataria, I will never be content with what you are doing. And so, you are an enemy from now on.
Schultaria Prime
27-05-2004, 07:10
OOC: Uh... yeah... You might want to read the ENTIRE first RP, The Beginning of a Dream..., before you come to such audacious conclusions. After all, we (Indra and I) did not come to any agreement, and while my general tech level is roughly 2100, my space tech is still ~1980 or thereabouts.


Sorry, I've had a very stressful day at work today and this was the last thing I wanted to read in this post; I would assume that this would be placed in the RP portion. Schultaria Prime did not advance nearly as much as you would proclaim (Though 30 years in the space of 5 is quite a bit), but very little occured between Indra and me. A small diplomatic exchange was all, NO TECHNOLOGY.

Damn, I hate being guilty by association.
Outer Heaven MK II
27-05-2004, 07:36
I have read your RP, but still, you did advance quite quickly thanks to Indra, and Indra is a Mortal enemy of mine. And seeing as you two have worked with each other in the past, I see you as an enemy, that's why I attacked, but I also attacked for other reasons.
27-05-2004, 08:59
Schultaria Prime,

While we have - perhaps - given your nation a fairly large 'chunk' of our funds, we are still 'sitting pretty' and we feel advancement of peaceful technology must be encouraged. Thus, we are willing to sacrifice large national savings in order to ensure Schultaria Prime's future.

If things get better, we will be adding to the Foreign Aid package. However, we will strive very hard to make our promise of not diminishing the annual amount of Foreign Aid to Schultaria Prime.

Outer Heaven MKII, being a third party to past events, we are curious as to what other reasons you have for attacking Schultaria Prime. Firstly, this is for curiosity. Secondly, this is to ensure that the nation of Tarqys does not invoke aggressive actions from Outer Heaven MKII in the future.


Dr Orla Galway
Director of Finance
Commonwealth of Tarqys
27-05-2004, 17:24
To the Schulterian Gov't,
We are glad to be of assistance during these dark times for the Schulterian people. In light of the aggresive rhetoric coming from the nation of Outer Heaven MKII, we here have decided that the stay of our ships will be extended to five years until the administration has decided what course of action to take iagainst these hostilities. We do not want war, but we are willing to the peace of our allies above all else, at least for the moment.
Thank you for allowing the ships use of your ports, as that makes the job much easier for our troops. Any request for further Corunian troop involvement will be considered.


To the Gov't of the Outer Heaven,
The administration, as does the gov't of Tarqys, would like to be informed of the circumstances surrounding the attack as well. Know that any information you give us will be follwed up on. We make this request only to better understand the situation.
Also know that any attack on our ships will be considered an act of war. We do not wish to become entagled in this conflict, however any Corunain loss of life will not be taken lightly.

27-05-2004, 23:19
The Commonwealth extends our deepest sympathies in this unprovoked attack. Such an act on an unarmed research center is horrifying at best, especially with the loss of personnel. Parliament has approved a $75 billion aid package to be sent to Schulataria Prime at the earliest possible date. We will also send some of our reasearch on Physics and Aerodynamics. Though most of this data is geared toward weapon research, it can be beneficial in other ways.

*Information wired*

Should you so request, we shall immediately send a brigade of peacekeepers to the striken area, along with a HazMat team to begin cleanup. Our leading securities contractor, SecTech, has agreeded to provide a detection and protection system for any future research complex, free of charge of course. Included are a set of motion detectors, infared and heat-detecting cameras, screening package, and encripted locking system.

Sincere condolences,
Prime Minister Bolash
Indra Prime
28-05-2004, 05:59
With the events that have occured at your research station, Indra Prime will be there to support the rebuilding of your research facilities to a level far superior to what you have had access to. And we will make sure this will bever happen again to you. OHMKII will not disturb you again, if Indra Prime can help it. The agreement will have to be decided on at a later date as we are in the process of eliminating a few hostile enemies. But you have our support.
Relandil And Haraenv
28-05-2004, 08:12
31-05-2004, 02:49
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Schultaria Prime
31-05-2004, 06:48
"We personally thank every nation who has come so far as to declare their support towards rebuilding this facility. Our nation has recently secured a loan worth approximately $600,000,000,000 to begin immediate clearing and reconstruction of Eldaimovey.

From all of us in Schultaria Prime, we are deeply indebted to each and every nation who has given us aid thus far. Your actions will not soon be forgotten by this country and it's eternally thankful people."

-Director Harlen Damien
31-05-2004, 08:38
the Dark Empire some what feels resonsible for the destrution of your Research lab, as such we offer a Sum of 160 Billion Cr (80 billion USD) that you do not need to pay back in anyway, as long as it is used to rebuild and fund research at the new lab.
we would also like to offer a large shipment of Endor Steel for the rebuilding of any such labs, endor is 3x stronger then any earth metal tho it is 3x heavyer we will also send labor to work with the Endor and other things that might be needed.

Emperor Horrar Sith
31-05-2004, 19:47
To the gov´t of Schulteria Prime,
Seeing as five NS years have passed without incident, the Corunian gov´t feels that our ships are no longer needed in Schulteria Prime. The 3 ships shall depart for home at the end of the NS year. Any requests for them to remain will be considered. May the friendship of our nations last long.

Very respectfully,

To the gov´t of Outer Heaven MKII,
Due to your failure to come up with an explanation for your actions, they shall be considered, along with your intentions, suspect. In future dealings with you, we shall consider your nation untrustworthy. Any attempt to repair these relations must come from your nation, as the Corunian gov´t views you to be totally at fault for this incident.

01-06-2004, 04:24
IC: Corunian warships begin to head home after their few NS years stay in Schulterian waters. A collective sigh of relief came from the inexperienced crew of this new Navy when the order was recieved to head for a domestic port.