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Skeelzania demands TFU to withdraw from Gamma Quadrant

24-05-2004, 04:20
OCC: This isn't a guarentee of war TFU, I'm willing to open negotiations with you.

Planet Solomon, Spoot System, Gamma Quadrant

The assembled nobles murmured amongst themselves. Being members of Skeelzanian Ziad, officially their job was to assist the Grand Prince in the governing of the country. However, the summoning of the Ziad was a rare occurrence, as the Grand Prince tended to steam-roll them if they ever disagreed.

The rumbling came to an abrupt stop as the Grand Prince emerged. Dmitri Skeelzot was in his mid-50s by now, but his 6’4’’ and FS dress uniform still made him imposing. Taking up position behind podium, he began his speech. “Nobles of Skeelzania, I welcome you. I have called this meeting of the Ziad to address an issue of paramount importance, not only to Skeelzania, but to the quadrant as a whole. Seven years ago, the Federal Union launched several fleets from the Alpha Quadrant. The goal of these fleets was to explore, colonize, and rape the quadrant of her resources. However, through diplomatic and other means, Skeelzania and her allies managed to halt the Federal advance. But as long as these colonies remain, they will be threats to use; stepping stones for which the Federal Union can use to seize the rest of the quadrant.

For the good of Skeelzania, nay, the Quadrant, I hereby demand the following of the Federal Union:

1. The complete withdrawal of all military forces, both space and ground, back to Federal territory in the Alpha Quadrant. As long as these forces remain, they will be a threat.

2. The granting of full autonomy to all Gamma colonies. The settlers of these planets deserve to be free of control from far off Sol, just as our forefathers desired.

3. An apology to all the peoples of the Gamma Quadrant, for the Federal Union’s blatant act of imperialism. For no matter how you spin this incident, it is nothing more than Imperialism in its most basic form.

If the Federal Union ignores these demands, if they continue to oppress the border worlds, Skeelzania will be forced into military action against the Federal Union in order to free the Gamma Quadrant of outside control. We give them 48 hours to respond to our demands.”

OCC: The “48 hours” is strictly for RP purposes, take as long as you like to respond. However, I do ask that if you refuse these terms, please post it so I'm not left hanging, waiting for a RP. Don’t ignore this TFU, since you didn’t ask use when you came charging into the quadrant.
The Fedral Union
24-05-2004, 14:08
:? What sytems i gave 12 of my sytems to corpsac and allies(witch are ignoreind for blowing up my suns witch is god mod to me )
And you can attack me with out crossing in to his space...
24-05-2004, 23:37
24-05-2004, 23:39
OCC: The nice thing about hyperspace jumps is that you don't have to travel through realspace to get anywhere. I could simply go "under" CorpSac space and pop up in yours. But if you gave most of the systems to him, I might have to hammer out a deal with CorpSac...