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Open RP-Dictatorship v Democracy in Former Sovatecan Empire

24-05-2004, 03:57
Sovatecan News Network (CNN for Former Sovatecan Empire) Report

"Sovateca City, United States of Sovatec (USS)

Here in the bordertown of Sovateca City between the Kingdom of Former Sovateca (KFS) and the USS, KFS regulars opened fire on soldier from the USS and attacked the city. Defenses have held so fa. . .wait, whats that? (MP-40 fire) They've broken through!!! (More MP-40 fire, with Thompson fire) Holy ****! (Sniper bullet goes through reporter, into the camera)"

We here in the USS need help to fight against this evil, expansionistic rogue state. We call for help from Democracies everywhere! We must crush the KFS and install a puppet government. For Democracy!!!

President Sand
New Washington
United States of Sovatec
Former Sovatecan Empire