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Conservative Patriots State of the Union:

Conservative Patriots
24-05-2004, 03:53
::Prime Minister Nikitov sits in an armchair, and speaks clearly into the microphone::

I am back this week to talk about the state of our republic. With the expansion of our borders to include Tongianian, Zumbia, and Ungian, our economy thriving. Many of our citizens are moving out to our 5 geographical regions as well (northern, southern, eastern, western, and central). And the power we already hold over 3p0x1, die judentoten, and das furer. Our military has expanded tremendously, and tasted victory. We now hold a 19 division strong army, 25 battle group navy, 14 air wings, plus our police force has grown to include the Special Police Unit, and the Palace Guard. All are under the supervision of our Border & Homeland Defense Guard while stationed at home. We also have armed our Youth Corp to strengthen it to 3,000,000 boys between the ages of 8-17. Our Shirt Ninja Unit has grown to 10,000 and our Grey Eagle Corp has grown to 20,000 - most of whom have signed up to do hard labor building homeland defense structures. We also aquired and FREED 200,000 Pakastani men and offered them asylum, and citizenship if they serve 10 years in our Foreign Legion. Much of our work force consistes of women, children ages 5-8, prisoners, and elderly. and yet our economy is strong as ever. This IS a Glorious Nation. God Bless Us ALL!!