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New metal alloy invented

West Moon
24-05-2004, 03:50
Today, the scientists of West Moon have created a new type of metal. It is a supermetal. It's a glassy metal.
This metal can't be torn and it can't be cut. Not even with wire cutters.
A steel ball dropped onto a piece of the new metal bounced very high for a little over two minutes.
This metal is made of an alloy of zirconium, titanium, nickel, copper, and beryllium. The metal can bend but it can't crack nor can it be dented.
It behaves in similar manner to plastic. Except that it can't be burned.
We call it metallic glass (also known as amorphous metal).
Now we can build lighter and stronger versions of everything. Including pocket knives, M16s, fighter planes, cars. You name it.
It has three times the strenght of conventional alloys while being lighter than them.
You can shape it in the same manner as you would shape plastic.
By the process of injection molding.
It can be turned into a foam as well. You can't do this with other metals or metal alloys.
A sandwich made of two sheets of amorphous metal flanking amorphous foam would be strong, light, insulating, fireproof, bug proof, rust proof, sound proof, and very difficult to penetrate even with bunker busting bombs.
The new metal will cost $15 a pound (its rl cost).
We have already begun producing amorphous alloy ammunition for use in M16s AK 74s and other rifles.