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Expansion of Space Program

Monte Ozarka
24-05-2004, 03:24
The GDMO has always relied on foreign contractors for our space and satellite needs. However, we feel that it has come to a time when we should be self-reliant. Thus, the GDMO is currently undertaking a massive expansion of its fledgling space program. Nearing completion is development on a project known simply as "Spring". We have shrouded this undertaking in secrecy for security reasons, but we now announce that it is the development of a launch vehicle with which we may put cargoes into space. The finishing touches are being put on it at a top-secret location, but it shall be unveiled soon. The world will soon know our nation to be a space power. (ooc: not future tech. i'm strictly confined to orbit around the earth.)

Stay tuned for future developments

ooc: this is just to develop and update our technologies and various systems.
24-05-2004, 04:37
Miss Vice Minister,

We applaud your recent efforts to enter space. You will eventually find that, as on Earth, you have "friendlies" and some "not so friendlies". We would like to extend to you an invitation to accept our protection until the day when you can protect yourselves.

A partial list of our Space Fleet:

1 Orbiting Space Station (second under construction)
5 Midway Class Heavy Cruisers
3 Nakota Class Carriers
5 Achilles Class Heavy Attack Cruisers
5 Peregrine Escort/Medium Fighters
5 Akira Class Heavy Cruisers
1 Hutet Class Flagship/Assault Battleship
5 Prometheus Class Multi-Vector Attack Cruisers

The above represents roughly 1/3 of our Space Fleet.


Lord Quetz, Protector of the Father World, Xeraphian Federation, in the name of King Alaric
Monte Ozarka
24-05-2004, 06:55
Thank you, Lord Quetz, for your generosity. While our space program is being built we would gladly welcome any sort of protection you may be able to provide. In return, call upon us if you should ever be in need of aid on Earth.

--WILHELM VON NIEMANN, Baron of Kaligny, Minister of Defense for the Archduke Philip IV of the Grand Duchy of Monte Ozarka