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Lammashta stumbles onto the idea of infrasound

24-05-2004, 03:17
While performing standard experimentation in a laboratory in Lammashta City, several scientists and technicians were forced to leave as severe cases of nausea and disorientation occurred. Officials thought at first that some sort of gas had leaked into the ventilation system, but a thorough examination turned up negative, and the engineers themselves fell ill while testing the facility. The building was evacuated for fear of terrorism, and Lammashta City Police were called in to investigate. What they found has caught the attention of Republican Government officials. One of the fans in the building's main ventilation shaft had been installed incorrectly, and seemed to lack the sound normally generated by these devices. Upon being allowed back in, engineers discovered that the fan's motor was making a sound so low that it was completely inaudible by ear. The sound generated was roughly 12 cycles per second, and the ventilation shaft was acting as an amplifier, transmitting the inaudible signal throughout the building.

Further research is expected to get underway to try and adapt this to the battle field. Scientists estimate that the frequency that caused their suffering can be lowered to a point to cause instantaneous immobilization and possible death to the enemy.