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Free elections vetoed in Bohravia, mass unrest ensues

24-05-2004, 02:59
Last night the Bohravian Parliament unanimously voted No to free elections, which had been proposed for next month by the Legislative Assembly last November.

The news was a shattering blow to the hopes of a people clinging on to dreams of a better life in the turbulent totalitarian dictatorship.

As soon as the announcement was made at 8.45 this morning by Vice-Premier Vladek Zagorsky at the steps of the Republican Palace in Kremajsz, the capital, the throng that had gathered at the scene broke into loud, inconsolable sobs; others screamed anti-government slogans and a mob of 30 people set fire to cars and a food stall whilst angrily demanding that the country's veteran ruler General Anbar resign. A detachment of the National Police was soon on the scene, with 21 of the dissidents arrested and three others hospitalised with internal injuries from being savagely beaten with batons.

"Will we ever be freed from this nightmare?" lamented Tomas Zuvarek, a 21-year old university student. "What kind of life is it to live under the thumb of such monsters? The government has to accept sooner or later that change is necessary; reforms are necessary...unfortunately I don't see it happening for a long time yet, if ever.”

Ana Khumanova, 31, echoed those sentiments. "They promised us free elections...for the first time in over thirty years. And what do they do? They break their promises and play their own people for idiots! A government should serve its people; serve the nation...not the other way around."

Emil Pilatus of the fledgling, outlawed National Conciliatory Party said "Sooner or later the international community will have to intervene on our behalf. We the people cannot do this alone. We are tired and nearly broken from living our lives with danger everyday, and the rich are too comfortable with their lot to want their rule to end. But we, the people, cannot let that happen. Therefore I, on behalf of the Bohravian people, call upon our neighbours to do whatever it takes to run these rats out of town for good!"

At midday Zagorsky addressed the growing mob and vehemently stated the finality of the parliamentary decision. A further 45 demonstrators had by then been taken into custody and 17 others released.

No government officials were available for comment after Zagorsky’s midday address.
24-05-2004, 04:48
News Update: Martial Law Declared in Bohravian Capital!

At 4 PM today the Bohravian Government declared a state of martial law in the capital, Kremajsz. Following this morning's events, Major Wurmesky of the armed forces emerged from the Republican Palace, announcing:

"On behalf of the Bohravian Government and His Excellency General Anbar, I publicly declare Kremajsz to be under martial law. Fifteen minutes from now the city shall be sealed off until the agitators cease and desist in the name of the law. Until they are willing to show cooperation, we shall show them none. We shall put down this insurrection using the maximum extent of force, whatever it takes."

He also revealed that rioting had broken out in the central business district and the city's eastern quarter; over 100 people were running riot there at present, he said. However news crews were prevented access to that scene for 'security' reasons.

Nevertheless the rioters who ran amok in the city's main boulevard now numbered around 150, and were being pushed back by about 15 regular units of the National Police and 45 units of its riot-control division.
Riot police stand guard on one of the outer city's main streets.
A riot-control officer brutally bashes an unarmed demonstrator.

As declared, all roads to and from the city were being blockaded from 4.15 onwards. The National Guard are expected to be brought in soon to quell the riots.

More updates to follow....
26-05-2004, 01:59
News Update: Rioters Cease; Order Restored

After nearly two days of riotous havoc in Kremajsz, order was finally restored to the Bohravian capital last night after leaders of the region's biggest trade union urged the rioters to give up and instead voice their grievances to the government verbally and with civility. Their call was eventually echoed by leaders of the underground political parties.

A spokesman (who refused to be identified) for the Grivaria (the region/province in which Kremajsz is located) Workers' Union said, "We and I am sure most Bohravians demand democratic reforms both politically and socially, but we also realise this is NOT the message we want to be sending across. It is a sad day when you see your hometown being ravaged like this also because it gives rowdies and anarchists an excuse to go round acting like primitives. This is not the image our country wants to be sending abroad, but sadly is.

"We applaud and thank the general public for coming to their senses and ceasing hostilities but we now urge them to instead voice their dissent in the right way. And yes, more than likely the government will ignore them regardless, but in the end it's a matter of principle. You do things the right way in life. And what has transpired over the last two days is a perfect example of the wrong way to go about it."

An estimated 850,000 khrona worth of damage was caused during the riots with 74 people killed, 347 seriously injured and so far 384 people arrested for taking part in the carnage. It is believed over 100,000 people participated in the riots over the two days.

Foreign Minister Zlatko Nemechek had this to say in the wake of the riots' end, with a veiled threat to foreign diplomats:

IC: "The Bohravian Government would like to announce that the situation has now been resolved. We shall let this be a timely reminder to our people that any dissent against all that our country holds dear shall be swiftly put down. To foreign, imperialist revanchists who may have been 'champing at the bit' to assist these fools among our populace in their ill-fated venture, we have to say only this: the sovereignty of not only our nation but also its political system is something that can and will not be compromised, ever. In any case we applaud our neighbours and other nations in their wisdom to stay out of our affairs. We can only hope they will continue to do so in the future."