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Some of these products could easily get their own thread, but I dont want to resort to that!
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Japanese Antarctica
25-05-2004, 01:53
I'd like 1 Singing Fish Plaque.

Total is $30.
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Order confirmed, delivery in 1 day.
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About the Mass Treatment System, under Brown's Gas-

How 'large' a scale are we talking about, here? I would like to keep Tarqysian drinking water as pure as a 4 year old. Would this be the way to go? If this is the case, we may purchase a facility for our cities. What is the capacity of this system? Basically: how many people stand to benefit from one system without overloading it?

We look forward to your reply.


Dr. A D Wirth
Director of Urban Development
Commonwealth of Tarqys
25-05-2004, 04:01
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25-05-2004, 04:39
The large scale facility can act as the center for a very large industrial complex, or in the case of water treatment as a source of fresh water for up to 30 million, but to be safe 25 million is the advised number. Naturally a lot of this depends on how far you are willing to take untreated water to be treated, and how clean the pipes themselves are. What you may want to do is get a couple of these at a major pumping source, then less advanced secondary treatment facilities closer to where the water is needed.
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tag, if i can get on the forums tomarrow i'll order some of that cola.
Western Asia
26-05-2004, 06:18
WAAMA, a private corporation within Western Asia that is fully licensed to make military purchases of heavy equipment for import, is interested in obtaining 'sample units' of the following systems for testing and evaluation purposes:

2, R427 Assault Skater@$2.5 Million= $5 M
4, R7150-A Anti-Aircraft Drone@$1.2 Million= $4.8 M

2, R-103 'Wind Wraith' Urban Combat Drone@$6 million= $12 M
3, R-821 Autonomous Artillery Vehicle@$2.5 Million= $7.5 M

Total Costs: $29.3 M

We would also be interested in the suspension and chassis designs of the R-821 AAV, with the purchase of blueprints being one possible conclusion.

Thank you for your service.
27-05-2004, 02:54
Very good, the order will be shipped within 1 NS month.

The drive systems on the autonomous artillery vehicles are interesting developments. They consist of four sets of treads, all with independent suspension, powered by a decentralized driveshaft. This configuration allows the AI that drives it to manuever with much more skill than human drivers, and also serves to distribute recoil from the guns extremely well. It may be possible to incorporate the system into a human driven vehicle, but that would require a small AI to monitor the road, as no human driver could get used to controlling 4 seperate suspension and track speed variables at once and still steer.
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Also, thats not what google says (
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28-05-2004, 07:52
1000 Imp Close Range Missile Units (380 mill)

100 Personal Submarines (300,000)

Total: 380,300,000
28-05-2004, 08:04
Moozimoo: Very good choices, order confirmed, delivery in 1.5 NS months!